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Kid-Friendly in City Center / Rittenhouse

I would recomend Parc. I can't comment on the other listed restaurants since I haven't been to them. We took our 3 month old son there for a ~5-6pm reservation. The restaurant wasn't busy at that time. The staff was very accomodating to us. By the time we left 2 hours later the restaurant was busy and noisy. So even if your little guy gets a little fussy no one is going to hear it, unless they are within a couple tables of you.

Jul 12, 2010
mondog1 in Philadelphia

Looking for Beef Bourguignon besides Parc

As the title states I am looking for alternatives to Parc for BB. We've been there, done that. Wonderful experiences, but didn't know if there are other options that are just as good or even better.

Jun 08, 2010
mondog1 in Philadelphia

Best butchers/sources of great meats in Philly region

I've been trying to find a source of high quality steaks in the region, but can't seem to find great filet and other meats.
I'm up for driving for great service and selection.

Jan 11, 2010
mondog1 in Pennsylvania

Where to find open face turkey & mashed potatoes in philly

We are trying to find good options for a traditional open face turkey sandwhich with stuffing and mashed potatoes in the philly region? I saw at the reading terminal market a very good looking meal, but I ate lunch before I saw it.
Ideas or options?

Aug 23, 2009
mondog1 in Pennsylvania

Driving from Phil to Pitt - where to eat lunch?

Carlisle is your last chance to eat something decent before you head towards Bedford.

Jun 10, 2009
mondog1 in Pennsylvania

johnstown PA eats

The best restaurant in Johnstown is Surf and Turf. I used to eat there frequently with my aunt and uncle when I attended IUP. The prime rib there is the best i've ever had. I miss that place, brings back good memories.

Jan 31, 2009
mondog1 in Pennsylvania

Best Pizza in Delaware County PA

Uncle Nicks in Upper Darby is very good!
Don't waste your time or calories on Brookline Pizza or if you'r in the mood to be called a liar and over pay for your pie go to Bravo's pizza in Havertown on W. Chester Pike. I'll eat Pizza Hut pizza before going there again.

Jan 21, 2009
mondog1 in Philadelphia

Restaurant Recommendations for Lebanon/Hershey PA

Where did you end up going to?

Jan 20, 2009
mondog1 in Pennsylvania

Restaurant Recommendations for Lebanon/Hershey PA

Hotel Hershey you can never go wrong with.
A&M restaurants haver really good subs for lunch
Blue Bird Tavern in Lebanon is pretty good
There's also a new(er) restaurant in Lebanon at the corner of 8th & Cumberland St. I read good reviews of the place in the local paper.
Also there is Niko's which is just a block south on 8th st on West Lehman st is also a very good choice.
Trattoria Fratelli

Dec 21, 2008
mondog1 in Pennsylvania

Top Chef Premiere (spoilers)

How much did you expect from the kid that was still in culinary school? When I heard he was still in school I hoped that he would lose, plus it made the show look dumb for putting an rookie in with seasoned pros.

Nov 13, 2008
mondog1 in Food Media & News

BBQ in Philadelphia area

How about Tommy Gunns? Sounds good but haven't been there yet.

Nov 13, 2008
mondog1 in Pennsylvania


My wife and I belong to BJ's. We have found many good deals there. They got us in with the free membership deal also. I saw BJ's was rated to be the best of the costco's, sam's and BJ's by consumer reports I think.

Nov 05, 2008
mondog1 in Chains

Suggestions on Breakfast in the Main Line area, no Philly

I'm looking for some good suggestions for places to get a good Breakfast in the Main Line area. Currently the only good place that I know of is Nudy's. Great food, but we're needing a little variety.
How is the Radnor Hotel's Brunch?

Nov 03, 2008
mondog1 in Pennsylvania

Cahill's Fish & Chips, Lebanon PA

I live in philly and I eat out more than you do. I never have a problem finding restaurants that serve good food for lunch for less than $10. I lived in lebanon for 25 years so I know what I'm talking about. IF you think lebanon is expensive try philly.

Nov 02, 2008
mondog1 in Pennsylvania

Giampino's? Luncheon in Havertown/Broomall area

My wife and I have eaten Giampino's several times. The food has always been VERY good, esp the salmon and chick parm

Jan 01, 2008
mondog1 in Pennsylvania

Lancaster next week...Are we on the right track?

You have to go to Hyden Zug's in East Petersburg. This place is very good. They offer a lunch and dinner prix fix menu. Colonial themed, VERY upscale

Jan 01, 2008
mondog1 in Pennsylvania