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Gioia Burrata at Angelo's Deli (Long Beach)

Bristol Farms on Bellflower Blvd. in Long Beach also has the Gioia burrata on Tuesdays and Fridays for $9.99 for the 1 pound tub.

Sep 05, 2007
Charmie in Los Angeles Area

Michael Smith's in Kansas City?

Thank you for the feedback! I appreciate the tips on what to order and the first-hand account/review. I hope to try it when I arrive in town.

Michael Smith's in Kansas City?

Looking for a decent place to have lunch after my flight arrives and wondered about this place. Any reviews to be shared? Thanks!

Pete's Cafe on Main St (downtown)... LOUSY service!!

I've had the same experience at Pete's--slow, lackluster service, food we did not order being served to us--when it wasn't even busy (even more frustrating). I could only imagine what would happen when the dining room is full! I don't understand the repeated recs for this place. The food was decent, but when you factor in the price and the poor service, it is not worth it.

Mar 06, 2007
Charmie in Los Angeles Area

Shanghainese in Orange County?

I pass by here all the time--what dishes are good here besides xlb?

Feb 21, 2007
Charmie in Los Angeles Area

Best Burger in LA?

The Teri Avocado burger at Rascal's--yummmm!

Oct 30, 2006
Charmie in Los Angeles Area

Sunday brunch/lunch near Long Beach Airport?

We are meeting some people (group of 8 total) before my sister and her family fly out that afternoon (in 2 weeks). Anyone try the brunch at the Marriott? I would love any and all suggestions, chowhounds!

Oct 21, 2006
Charmie in Los Angeles Area

Sansei in Waikiki Marriott--should I hold out for Maui?

BTW, I am not visiting Maui anytime soon, so should I go anyway?

Sansei in Waikiki Marriott--should I hold out for Maui?

What are your experiences? I'm visiting Oahu (and not Maui) on my next trip to Hawaii and wondered if I should use my limited time to dine elsewhere (where?) and wait to eat at Sansei when I do visit Maui. I'm looking for fresh fish (sushi, sashimi, etc.) and great preparation and service. Can Sansei in Waikiki deliver?

Big Island Eats

Sadly, the Ocean View Inn had been closed for about a year. According to my Mom (who lives in Kona), the owners wanted to retire, and not having anyone to pass on the restaurant to, they decided to close it. The other two places, Teshima's and Manago's, are still open but they are quite a drive from north of the airport (Kohala), esp. with the traffic going south at the end of the work day. Both restaurants are definitely local institutions though as they have both been open for decades. Yes, decades. Mrs. Teshima is in her 90's and still goes to the restaurant every day. There must be other "cheap" options in Kailua-Kona, but since I don't live there anymore, I can't vouch for any. Wish I could be of more help!

Good lunch places near MSP airport?

No, I haven't left for my trip yet--I'm leaving on Thursday! Thank you very much for the suggestions and for the directions--all very helpful. It looks like I have lots to choose from, which has me very excited! I guess I'll be keeping the rental car since we want to pop over to St. Paul and see some things that are not in the immediate downtown area. Thanks for the heads up on that as well.

Good lunch places near MSP airport?

Thanks for the suggestions, esp. the detailed directions, MSPD. Your three suggestions sound great and would you believe, are the kinds of places I had in mind, although I am open to just about anything. I'm going to print your reply and see what we feel like eating when we arrive. I def. want to try the ice cream and have read a few threads on the subject. Thanks again!

Good lunch places near MSP airport?

I'll be arriving at MSP at 12:30PM on a Thurs. We'll (my husband and I) need to pick up our rental car before heading to Rochester, but was I wondering if there are any places you'd recommend for lunch near the airport or in the direction of Rochester?
Another quick question: After Rochester (for a family reunion) we'll be spending a couple of days in the Twin Cities. We are staying at the Marriott City Center. Do we need the rental car? We plan to do some sightseeing (and dining, of course) in MPLS and St. Paul proper. Thanks!