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new middle eastern restaurant in lambertville

tried Moustache, the new middle eastern restaurant in lambertville. came at an ideal time when someone in my family gave up meat. food was very good, clean, nice service. the turkish coffee was great.

Jul 30, 2008
raisse in Mid-Atlantic

Breakfast or brunch on the way to Hershey from NJ

i don't know where in jersey you are from. best brunch place around is rats or ratz in hamilton, nj. best best best but not cheap. otherwise, meil's in stockton, nj is excellent.

Jul 30, 2008
raisse in Pennsylvania

Recommendations for Family Wedding Dinner?

go to slate blue in doylestown. food excellent, service impeciable. no place in new hope area for sure. we know. we starve here. if you need a personal chef, let me know. i know a great one.

Jul 24, 2008
raisse in Pennsylvania

Steak Fries

I am an insane woman--worse than someone with PMS--looking for Steak Fries. Doesn't any place in this world serve them anymore? I absolutely love them and can't find a single place that makes them. Just plain steak fries--no cheese, no sauce, just the little guy from the dirty underground.
I will go to Philly, Bucks County, Pa. and Hunterdon/Somerset Counties NJ to satisfy this craving. I go to new places and this is the first question I ask them. NO one has them!!!!! Help please!!!!

Jul 24, 2008
raisse in Pennsylvania

Mother's in New Hope

Mother's now has a brand new menu with some excellent choices. Food extremely fresh, well prepared by two new chefs-Michael and Seth. Don't be shy-give it a try. Nice to see things are changing and getting sooo good there now.

Jun 08, 2008
raisse in Pennsylvania

Villagio in Lahaska

I had the pleasure of dining at Villagio the other night with a professional chef. All the tables are big enough to sit comfortably without feeling like sardines. We were right in front of the open kitchen which gave us a chance to see how things were working.
We hadn't brought BYO because we didn't know if they had a license for liquor. The manager brought over two glasses of wine on the house for us. The brought out a tray of olives, roasted peppers, and mushrooms with our bread which was delicious. This was probably the best bread I ever ate!
They changed silverware between appetizer and main course and water glasses constantly filled.
The food was excellent--far better than any italian place in Bucks County for sure. We started with clams de zuppa. The clams tasted like those right out of the bay. They were wonderfully cooked with just the right amount of garlic and wine. The sauce had to be devoured with plenty of bread. I had veal francaise while my dining companion had another veal dish. The veal was as soft as butter. The dishes were served with potatoes and a fresh vegetable which wasn't over cooked but crunchy. All through the meal, the waiter was attentive to our needs. He was very outgoing and friendly and struck up a conversation with us at the appropriate time instead of disturbing our meal.
I highly recommend this place to anyone who is used to the finer italian dining scene. I plan on going back once a week for dinner.

Jan 01, 2008
raisse in Philadelphia