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What is best bakery that delivers?

Hello :)

I want to send some fresh and sweet goodies for my sister's birthday today. I live in new york and remember an internet tycoon's podcast / interview last year talking about some amazing spot in Seattle that has the best cookies / cakes in the country. I looked for Best Seattle Bakery on Google, but it wasn't Cafe Besalu or the ones on the lists that came up, although they look like a decent option. She lives by bowdoin place. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Mar 02, 2013
sneferu in Greater Seattle

Best fried chicken in NYC?

Charles is wayyy overrated. They have good sweet potatoes and decent mac n cheese. Fried chicken dry and i went for a second helping when a new batch came out and it was still dry and rather bland. Cornbread was weak and the sweet tea was average. The spot on 1st avenue between 6 and 7th was the best I've had, though not everything on that menu is par excellence. Just the collards and fried chicken. Not cheap, but far better than Charles.

Dec 31, 2007
sneferu in Manhattan