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Anyone tried Z-trim fat replacement?

I've tried Z-trim, and no, it doesn't have the laxative effects of an Olean (the WOW chips stuff) product. Unfortunately you also can't fry in it -- it's a water-based gel, and lends itself best to dairy based items where creamy mouthfeel is important. That said, you supposedly also can bake with it, though I haven't tried that yet.

If Z-Trim wants their product to be successful, they're going to have to spend more time developing better recipes. As you mentioned, the ones they currently have on their website from "Stella", their chef, are poorly written, and poorly constructed overall. Too many of the baked goods recipes are based around cake and cookie mixes, and they really don't sound that appealing. For real fun, try searching for Z-trim on YouTube. Stella's glee at saving you 5 grams of fat and 60 calories by replacing an egg with Z-trim, while dumping 4 tablespoons of oil (48 grams of fat, 480 calories) into some boxed brownie mix, is priceless :)

Mar 07, 2007
jodikins in Not About Food

Substituting blanched almond flour for almond paste?

I have a couple of holiday cake recipes that call for almond paste (one is a light fruitcake, the other is rainbow cookies), but I have 2lbs of blanched almond flour that I bought from Surfas last month that I was hoping to use up.

Is there any way that I can substitute blanched almond flour and sugar for the almond paste? Any idea what ratios would work?


Nov 15, 2006
jodikins in Home Cooking

Neiman Marcus Cookie recipe- I know the legend is a lie, but is the cookie good?

I also had a very negative experience with this recipe -- it came out dry and somehow missing some depth of flavor. The dough itself was dry (which should have been my warning sign), the cookies were just awful despite the fact that I'd used my good Valrhona in it. Oatmeal and grated chocolate are great additions to a good chocolate chip cookie dough, but this was just a bad recipe to begin with. I ended up throwing out the dough after baking only two sheets of cookies.

You might want to play around with substituting some blended oatmeal for some of the flour, and adding grated chocolate to one of the Alton Brown chocolate chip triumvirate of recipes The Thin, The Puffy, and The Chewy:

Jul 12, 2006
jodikins in Home Cooking