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Here is a thread on another board that has lots of BBQ wisdom for the area:

Afghan Kebab on Old Keene Mill in Springfield, VA

I have never eaten at this Kebab house, but can tell you it smells great from the outside. The reason I know it smells great is because I have waited in line for the place next door, which is called Jaxx - a great place to see live bands (If you can believe it, Ace Frehley from Kiss played there a few weeks ago). The reason I haven't been to the Kebab house yet is because I always seem to be running a bit late when I go see shows there, but I will make it eventually.

Sabang Indonesian, Wheaton

I think the Burmese restaurant Looloo is thinking of is called Myanmar near Merrifield at 7810 Lee Hwy # C Falls Church, VA 22042. The Indonesian place I really like to go to is called Satay Sarinah in Alexandria at 512 S Van Dorn St # A, Alexandria, VA.

I know it isn't in Maryland, but the food is great and the people are as nice as can be.

Hope that helps!