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Is Ngoma Still Open?

Wanted to go to Ngoma, the African restaurant on Wilshire near La Brea. Their phone is disconnected, but their website is still up. Does anyone know if they're still in business?


5358 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Apr 13, 2010
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Lunch truck or taco truck for party

Does anyone know of a lunch truck or taco truck that will come to a private home in Encino for an hour or so to feed about 30 people?

Jul 16, 2009
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Tre Venezie -- worth it?

Haven't been out there in a couple years, but last time it was excellent. Especially the house-smoked pork chop.

Mar 28, 2009
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

best bbq takeout in los angeles right now

We had Dr. Hogly Wogly cater a party about 18 months ago. They charged $50 for paper goods and provided two servers, whom we tipped but otherwise did not have to pay.

Don't forget the brisket.

8136 Sepulveda Blvd
Van Nuys, CA 91402
(818) 782-2480

Mar 10, 2009
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Selling Tap Water as Bottled Water.... [moved from Los Angeles board]

We drank tap at Osteria Mozza three weeks ago and were not charged for it. Can't speak for the other restaurants.

Mar 06, 2009
jeffrey in Not About Food

Need takeout help-Highland and Melrose

I second Verrazano's. They're on the east side of La Brea, a block south of Melrose. The Fresca (fresh mozzarella and basil) is our new favorite pie.

612 N La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 933-1744

Jan 23, 2009
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Hostess Cupcakes - Did They Get Smaller or Did We Just Get Bigger?

On a whim, the wife and I bought a box of Hostess cupcakes over the weekend (regular ones, not the 100 calorie snack size). We both agreed that they seemed about a third smaller than we remembered from our grade school days.

Does anyone know if Hostess reduced the size of their cakes over the years, or are we just now used to larger cupcakes and muffins from local bakeries?


Oct 13, 2008
jeffrey in General Topics

Cynthia's (Post Cynthia)

Anyone been to Cynthia's on 3rd lately? Has it changed (for better or worse) with Cynthia no longer there? Anything worth trying besides the fried chicken and cobbler?


Aug 28, 2008
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Madeo or il Grano

Went to Madeo last year for a birthday dinner and was very disappointed. Menu and decor haven't been updated since the 80's. Most of the food was salty. And the prices are about 50% higher than they should be, all things considered.

Haven't been to Il Grano.

Jul 10, 2008
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Bagels in Hollywood

Another vote for Bagel Broker.

Jun 02, 2008
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Chosun Galbee or Dong Il Jang?

Planning a birthday dinner for 12 on a Saturday night. Any suggestions vis a vis food, atmosphere, price, etc.?


May 09, 2008
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

R23 - Did not live up to Expectation

Went to R23 about two weeks ago and had a nice dinner. Sat at the sushi bar and enjoyed everything we tried. Only complaint was that the price points for sake were a bit high.

Apr 23, 2008
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Spring - when a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of Jelly Beans (not Jelly Bellies!)

Back in the day, Neiman-Marcus sold the best jelly beans. Two pounds-worth in a clear plastic tube. No black licorice, either.

Does anyone know where I can find some good, regular old jelly beans. Not the 57 flavors of Jelly Bellies. Not the giant beans sold in pouches at drug stores.


Mar 21, 2008
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Pizza with Mushrooms (Fresh, Canned or Frozen)?

Joe Peeps loads up the fresh mushrooms and is not soggy. They do a canned version, too, but the fresh taste better.

Feb 14, 2008
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Angelini Osteria

Yes, you can get pizzas there at dinner. We like sitting in the back at the pizza bar and watching them made while we eat. As for a specific pizza from a specific menu, you might want to double check with the restaurant. Enjoy!

Feb 12, 2008
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Peter lugers steak sauce in los angeles

Gelsons in Century City, too. On ice with the butcher.

Jan 17, 2008
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Australian Snacks, Food and Products

Mel N Rose's has Tim Tams.

The King's Head has Vili's meat pies (frozen).

Jan 16, 2008
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Boylan's Soda in Bottles

I've seen Boylan's Black Cherry, Diet Black Cherry, Ginger Ale and Diet Creme Soda at LA-area Trader Joes. Too bad they don't have the sugar cane cola.

Nov 13, 2007
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Boule Atelier's Kouign Aman, or, When Bad Things Happen To Good Pastries

Around 5 PM on Saturday.

Nov 05, 2007
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Boule Atelier's Kouign Aman, or, When Bad Things Happen To Good Pastries

As you can see from my past posts, I was so looking forward to the return of the Boule kouign aman after its long hiatus. I tried BLD's version. I tried to replicate it myself at home. Nothing compared. Made it to the Atelier yesterday for one. What a horrible disappointment.

We didn't recognize them at first - because the staff had them displayed upside down. When ours was flipped over and presented to us, we understood why - it was burnt all around the edges. Even worse, there was no sweet, soft, buttery center. Just dry layers of puff pastry all the way through. A sad, shadow of its forebearers.

On the upside, the cashier refunded our money. On the downside, a once proud pastry has been reduced to ash. A sad day indeed.

Nov 04, 2007
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Where to go for good Shrimp burritos/tacos in LA?

I don't know if they count as shrimp diabla, but the shrimp burritos at La Serenata Gourmet are excellent. Love that sauce. Pico, just west of Westwood Blvd.

Oct 09, 2007
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Boule Atelier Open?

Anyone know if it is open yet? I read about previews, but haven't heard anything since. The kouign amann beckons.

Sep 25, 2007
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Still Looking For Mayordomo Oaxacan Chocolate in L.A.

About a year ago, I posted asking where I could find Mayordomo brand Oaxacan chocolate in L.A. Several people suggested various Whole Foods around town, but none seemed to have it.

Have you seen it around here lately. I'm jonesing for some now.


Sep 25, 2007
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Kosher Beef Ribs in Los Angeles?

A friend of mine is a big fan of beef ribs (who isn't?). Unlike me, he keeps kosher, so his options are more limited. He's had them at La Gondola, but they're like $50 a plate, which I think is crazy.

Does anyone have suggestions of other restaurants, markets, etc. that have good kosher beef ribs (take out or eat in) in the L.A. area?



Sep 25, 2007
jeffrey in Kosher

Weisswurst in LA?

Oops. I meant Doheny, not Bundy. Sorry about that.

Sep 12, 2007
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

A Quick Thumbs Up For Froma on Melrose

The wife and I visited Froma yesterday. It's a cheese/charcuterie/specialty food shop that opened recently on Melrose, a few blocks west of Fairfax (next to Paul Frank).

They have a nice selection of gourmet foods, but where they really shine is their cheeses and meats. The staff was super nice and kept offering suggestions - and samples - until we made them stop.

They do some salads and a dozen or so panini. We tried one with mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes, another with jamon, mancengo and piquillo peppers. $9-$12 are both quite good.

Their stuff is not cheap, but neither is Joan's on Third or other similar establishments. I hope more people find them. It is nice to have a place in the neighborhood passionate about food and run by friendly people.

7960 Melrose Ave.

Sep 09, 2007
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Weisswurst in LA?

The European Sausage Kitchen makes excellent weisswurst and other sausages. Their veal is outstanding as well.

9109 W. Olympic Blvd (at Bundy)
(310) 276-1331

Sep 07, 2007
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Burgers in the Valley?

Max makes a nice burger, but it may be lunch only.

Aug 15, 2007
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Tim Tam Quest

Good stuff. I get them at Mel & Rose (8344 Melrose Ave.).

Aug 02, 2007
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area

Where to go for dessert after Vito's pizza?

Gelato from Boule would work well after a lunch, though I don't think they're open at night. If you're going for dinner, I second Milk on Beverly.

Jul 23, 2007
jeffrey in Los Angeles Area