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Best Raw Bar in DC??

Second this notion. Ebbitt's stuff is always extremely fresh, and if you head left from the front door, the Corner Bar is less crowded with tourists. The shrimp have the best flavor of any jumbos I've ever tried. With plenty of horseradish and cocktail sauce.... yum.

Old Town eats - foodie but not spendy

Ditto on Majestic if you stick with the simpler/less pricey options. It's a great spot.

Group dinner in DC?

Mama Ayesha's on Calvert (just north of the 18th St. strip) is great for groups....

Just discovered Quinoa!

The 3 people behind the customer service desk at Harris Teeter had never heard of it, but I think I was just unlucky. :) Will definitely try again, or head to Trader Joe's for the sure thing.

Thanks for the tip!

Apr 17, 2008
humblegourmand in Home Cooking

Just discovered Quinoa!

Anyone have suggestions on where to buy quinoa? I hunted for it in a couple of regular grocery stores in the DC area (Harris Teeter, Giant) and couldn't find it. Not sure if I overlooked it, or if I should be trying a more specialty-type spot?

Apr 10, 2008
humblegourmand in Home Cooking

Need menu planning help for Bridal Shower/Tea Party/Light Luncheon!

Your menu sounds lovely. For a vegetarian tea sandwich option, there are some great Barefoot Contessa recipes that came to mind: cucumber with an herb cream cheese spread; cheddar and chutney on mini-brioche rolls; herb goat cheese and roasted peppers. Thumb through her books (Barefoot Contessa Parties!, etc., and see what you think...

Apr 08, 2008
humblegourmand in Home Cooking

03/08 Savory Elements in Cookies and Desserts : Experiences?

Brought a cinnamon-ancho chile-chocolate buttercream cake (from a recent F&W) to an Easter-Passover dinner party and it was a hit. The cake was a cinnamon sponge, plain but very good, and served as a canvas of sorts for the frosting, which had an interesting element of heat and spice -- you tasted rich butter/chocolate first, then cinnamon, then the chile and cayenne pepper.

Salted caramels and caramel sauce seem to be everywhere on dessert menus these days... I've also made a honey sauce for fruit tarts that involves just carmelizing honey, deglazing with cream, and adding a small amount of finely minced thyme or rosemary. Out of this world with ice cream.

Apr 08, 2008
humblegourmand in Home Cooking

NY Hound Back From D.C.

Seriously, you guys are champs. Was this an extended visit??

Restaurant Recommendations Sought

Agreed with ktmoomau's recommendations, especially Two Amys for pizza and more grown-up small plates, Eastern Market for market lunch or Monmarte, and walking around Old Town (it's worth the ride down to Alexandria. If you go, try the Majestic for great new American cooking, or Eammon's for casual, tasty fish and chips).

Suggest you avoid Georgetown -- the sidewalks are packed with shoppers and tourists, making the strolling part less enjoyable. Walking along the C&O Canal, however (a block south) is lovely.

One thing to note: if you're here over the weekend, Breadline, while great, won't be open -- it's a weekday lunch spot.

arlington near the crystal city metro

It would be a bit of a walk (I'm guessing 1-2 miles), but more importantly it would be along Rte. 1, which isn't exactly a lovely pedestrian byway. There are buses that run down there from Crystal City... I'd just hop in a cab for a very quick ride.

arlington near the crystal city metro

Definitely going to check it out one of these days. Thanks for the lowdown!

5 guys? Is it really that good?

Seconded. I've yet to have a fast food or semi-fast food burger that compares to the homemade kind.

I was all set to try Five Guys a few months ago, but foiled myself. We picked up some burgers and fries a few miles from home, then set out (needed to get other groceries home). Got stuck in traffic. By the time we got home, the smell -- and grease soaking through the bags of fries -- had turned me off completely. Haven't been able to work up the motivation since.

Apr 05, 2008
humblegourmand in Chains

arlington near the crystal city metro

I've always wondered about that place. Sometimes the parking lot is absolutely jammed, but the location (next to a lot of auto shops, etc.) made me think twice. It's worth a visit?

Looking for Fondant...

arlington near the crystal city metro

I wouldn't recommend King St. Blues -- lots of heavy, greasy food that isn't particularly good.

Jaleo (Spanish tapas) is solid, and Bebo's pizza is fantastic, but you have to grapple with the mystifyingly slow, incompetent service. Sitting at the bar should help a bit.

For Thai, there's Urban Thai on 23rd, I believe. Also in that area is Cafe Pizzaiolo (corner of 23rd and Eads -- pretty respectable thin-crust pies) and Kabob Palace. Just stay away from the slightly misleadingly named Crystal City Restaurant. There's more than food being served up there.

Elyssa, I'm racking my brain on the diner thing, but I don't think there's anyplace near the Crystal City or Pentagon City metros. Perhaps a little further afield?

Cheap middle eastern in DC

Zaytinya is a tapas place (small plates), where they recommend you order 3-4 dishes per person. Definitely on the upscale end.

There was a good shwarma cart on 14th St. between F and G last fall, but I haven't frequented that area for lunch in some time. Not sure if it's still there.

best Thai places?

In DC proper, you may want to try Simply Home (sort of fusion-y, at 14th and U Sts. NW), Regent Thai (18th and T Sts.), and Thai Xing (carryout, on Florida Ave. NW).

Best Places in DC/Arlington for a Poor College Student!

Same. I'm inspired to check it out.

Colorado Kitchen?

Pretty sure it's 11am on Sundays. I second Steve -- donuts and eggs with home fries!

Indian cooking supplies?

Oh, fantastic. I will hunt for some this weekend and let you know if I'm successful.

Colorado Kitchen?

I've had some really stellar brunches at CK (donuts, and some of the best scrambled eggs ever) but haven't ventured over for the burger or fried chicken yet. Will look for your report!

One thing I remember from a couple of meals is that CK either doesn't allow or doesn't encourage substitutions to what's on the menu. Not sure if that's still the case.

Indian cooking supplies?

Would this kind of place carry a wide variety of groceries? I ask because while living in London I ate myself silly on what I can best describe as an Indian snack mix -- spiced nuts, puffed rice, raisins, etc. that my roommate would bring back from Brick Lane in big bags. It was spicy as all hell, and completely addictive. I used to follow handfuls of it with scoops of yogurt or swigs of milk (to be able to have more). How I long for that snack mix again...

Best Bar Dining in DC

Sitting at the bar at Two Amys allows you to both 1) avoid the teeming masses of families with kids in tow and 2) have easy lines of sight to the day's small plates (there's often sardines, cold salads, crostini with amazing goat cheese or olive spreads...). Share a few with a bottle of wine, and then a pizza. This is one of my favorite weeknight routines. If it's a weekend, definitely stick to the early or late side, as it can get packed back there.

Anything remotely like Bathalzar in the DC area

I agree that it's a little mystifying, but nothing compares to Manhattan in many food-related ways. I just tried Artisanal a few weeks ago and it was great. Detailed review will be linked up on The Humble Gourmand on 2/4/08, if you're interested!

Anything remotely like Bathalzar in the DC area

I'm with you. There's nothing like it, far as I've seen...

Late-Night Dining in DC/NoVA

Just tried Rustico for the first time last weekend, and it was stellar. Beer-cheese soup? Sign me up. Special scallops and the white pizza with pesto were fantastic.

Is there anything else in that area? It was my first venture to that slice of Rte.1, outside of Del Ray.

Corduroy closing

With all of these great reports, I'm wishing I'd gotten my act together and gotten over there last week. Does anyone know if the doors are actually closed as of tonight, or another night this week?

Corduroy closing

Ha. I love it!

Knife Skills in NoVA

Sur La Table's seem to fill up fast, too, but they offer knife skills classes more frequently than L'Academie, so I think that helps with availability.

There's also the major discount coupon you get to use the day you take a class... That's a "pro," too!

Under 10 near Crystal City

Am curious as to how Neramitra stacks up compared to Thai Square and Bangkok 54, my standbys for Thai....