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where can i purchase good chai?

i'm trying to wean myself off coffee this month, and hope to do so by substituting with chai. however, buying it every morning from starbucks or an equivalent is quite expensive. anyone know where i can purchase a package of great chair to prepare for myself?

lobsters in queens?

i want to buy live lobsters to prepare at home in jackson heights. any ideas as to somewhere to purchase them close to JH?

sushi delivery in JH from Astoria?

When I first moved here my roommates and I were desperate for sushi delivery in JH that wasn't from (the pretty gross) Happy Kitchen. Using the internet we found a place in Astoria (possibly LIC) that was pretty good and delivered all the way up to where we are on 88th and 37th. Now we cannot remember what it was or find it again. Does anyone know?

Delivery in Jackson Heights?

thanks to everyone for the replies, a lot of these places look great.

Delivery in Jackson Heights?

I've been in the area a few months and have yet to figure out who delivers to my neighborhood. I'm in the upper 80s and 37th ave, and most of the good delivery seems to cut off at about 82nd. Any suggestions? I'm open to anything, but have especially been looking for good Japanese and Indian delivery.