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The meaning of "up"

I've found that you should order your Bombay Martini up.
Otherwise it will come in a tumbler with ice in most places.

Jul 21, 2015
chimay5 in Spirits

The Next PBR: 22 Old Beers Ready for a Rebrand

Schmit's, Phila. brewed Prior Double Dark. Beautiful beer, great packaging too.
Wonder if that could be on the Pabst list?

Jul 21, 2015
chimay5 in Beer

German Food in Denver Metro?

German food is limited in this area. Any recommendations ?

Apr 21, 2015
chimay5 in Mountain States

Elysian Brewing Is About to Sell its Soul to Anheuser-Busch

IIRC, Elysian and New Belgium formed a strategic alliance a couple of years back. Supposedly Elysian needed extra capacity to expand beyond it's home market and New Belgium would brew it's beers under contract. I wonder if this might be a back door effort by AB to get an interest in New Belgium.

Feb 08, 2015
chimay5 in Beer

Christmas dinning Littleton?

We're having Christmas Eve dinner with family and are on our own Christmas. We want to eat out and would like suggestions for the Littleton area.

Dec 17, 2013
chimay5 in Mountain States

EVOO the shop [Littleton, CO]

Have just discovered EVOO in Old Town Littleton. Tasting the oils and balsamic vinegars has been a revelation. The 12 year old balsamic is unbelievable. Deep in color, and very viscous (sp?), sweet yet vinegaryand somewhat acidic and fruity you just have to clear your mind of how you thought balsamic should taste. There are probably 15-20 others both fused and infused with herbs, flowers and fruit too. I likely will have to get rid of the grocery store purchased ones in our pantry because they are so inferior. Maybe I can reduce them down and use them as some sort of cooking sauce.

The variety of olive oils is a whole other story, with with a representation of them from all the producing countries in the world. This fine shop is going to take me in a whole new direction in cooking.

Jun 17, 2013
chimay5 in Mountain States

Carbone's in North Denver

Drove by Carbones Friday and it looked as if there is some activity going on. Windows partially masked as if there is painting going on. Sign is still Carbone's and the closed sign is still on the door but maybe they're coming back.

Jun 03, 2013
chimay5 in Mountain States

What Was Your Superbowl Beer?

Happy Camper ( Santa Fe ) IPA.

Feb 04, 2013
chimay5 in Beer

Carbone's in North Denver

According to a blog in Westword, Carbone's has closed. Hate it, hate it.
A suasage house named Clyde's somewhere in the same neighborhood was recommeded by one of my wife's pizano relatives. Anyone have any info on it?
I hope that maybe Carbone's will reopen in the future with the sons running it but if not...............................

Jan 24, 2013
chimay5 in Mountain States

Thanksgiving Day beer?

With all the different flavors in the typical Thanksgiving dinner, what beers do you think best go with it? Malty? Hoppy? Pils? Barleywines?
My thought is a Lambic or perhaps another sour beer type.

Nov 16, 2012
chimay5 in Beer

Linchpin white IPA

Went to an all IPA Fest at Avery Brewing last Saturday. There were 90 so called "IPAs" poured.
Couldn't taste all of them nor would I even try. I thought the few fresh hopped beers were interesting but I don't understand the hulabaloo over them. They had an oily, viscus taste and appearance and were on the sweet side. A lot of the others I tasted were not at all what one would expect and were odd and out of style.
Think a lot of brewers are following the IPA craze by calling any of their highly hopped beers, IPAs. didn't find any WIPAs and just a few BIPAs.

Sep 13, 2012
chimay5 in Beer

White House brews?

Just saw a news story at about beers being brewed in the White House. Says the Obama's bought the equipment and that a White House cooking staffer is the brewmaster. He evidently is using among other things honey from bee hives kept there in a couple of the beers. Without being political, looks like we have a populist Prez.

Aug 17, 2012
chimay5 in Beer

Terrior and beer

Thanks for posting that, helps make the point about terroir,

Jul 02, 2012
chimay5 in Beer

Anything similar to the Italian Market??

We've been trading at Carbone's for many years, (we're both native north Denver natives), and are very concerned that this traditional Sausage/Italian deli is on it's last legs.
We went there last Saturday to pick up sausage for a batch of spaghetti sauce and found bare shelves, a nearly empty cheese cooler and some very glum faces. There was nobody in line for their signature sub sandwiches and Rose's son was on a rant about a run in he was having with the city about a sign.
Are we being overly worried? Anybody know anything? Hate to loose the best sausage maker in town.

Jun 20, 2012
chimay5 in Mountain States

Canned Beers for a Beer Tasting

Just an FYI, Oscar Blues is putting on a tasting in Lyons CO next Saturday called the "Burning Cans Fest" which is featuring canned craft brews only. Might be interesting.

Jun 03, 2012
chimay5 in Beer

Spice at La Cueva?

We have been eating at La Cueva on E Colfax for as long as they've been open. Before that at La Bonita for which the Nunez's cooked and ran the floor. They use a spice or herb that I've not tasted at any other Mexican restaurant. It's mostly in the beef and chicken in the taco's and enchiladas and sauce

Anyone know what I'm talking about and maybe have figured out?

May 03, 2012
chimay5 in Mountain States

Downtown Denver -- 60th birthday brews and great food

Try Freshcraft bewteen 15th and 16th on Blake I think.

May 03, 2012
chimay5 in Mountain States

Terrior and beer

Since posting this subject, I've seen the same topic being discussed in several other places. Seems a lot of people are giving the terroir argument thought.
To go a little further out there, couldn't you say that if you drink a Bud in London brewed in England you're drinking an English beer? Or similarly if you eat a McDonalds burger in France you're eating French food? Could you argue that location changes the flavor?

Mar 09, 2012
chimay5 in Beer

Coors Banquet Beer: Any fans of it out there??

Banquet is brewed only in Golden CO and probably is the closest of their beers to the ones brewed in the 50's-60's. I don't think they have sold it out to be similar to their light beer. But, if you are a craft, Belgian, IPA, super hoppy beer fan you won't like it. For me it's the only macro I'll drink if nothing else is available. Pretty weak endorsement but my $.02 worth

Mar 09, 2012
chimay5 in Beer

Terrior and beer

Have been following a conversation about the proposition that beers from certain areas have a style which results from the soil the grains are raised in, the part of the world or country and the climate in which they are brewed, that beers are subject to the same terrior effect that wines are.

In the discussion one party claims that a German or Belgian beer brewed elsewhere, cannot be authentic to style because of the terrior factor. Another party says that brewers can brew to style in any country if they brew using the same grains even if, climate, country and soil are not the same.

In other words A Belgian brewer can brew an American IPA that will be exactly the same as one from the US and an American brewer can do the same with an Belgian abbey style.

I tend to believe that the terrior argument is closer to the truth because to my taste, a Belgian hopped ale, and there are some being produced which are labeled as IPA's, fall far from the style of those brewed here.

By the same token the American Begian brewed ales, though close, don't match up against those from Belgium.

Your take?

Feb 14, 2012
chimay5 in Beer

ipa in a can

If you can find it, Happy Camper IPA from Santa Fe Brewing.

Nov 20, 2011
chimay5 in Beer

Stapleton Thai?

We are moving to the Stapleton neighborhood soon and are looking for rest.recs. including Thai.

Doesn't have to be exactly there but within a 5 mile area. Anybody? Other recomendations?

Sep 15, 2011
chimay5 in Mountain States

Udom Thai?

My mistake....It's Udon not Udom

Jul 19, 2011
chimay5 in Mountain States

Who else prefers to eat ground beef (hamburger) vs. steak?

I love steak especially filet but I love hamburger equally as much. My problem with burgers is the quality of the beef. If one buys the meat in those one pound chubs it has an off taste that is disturbing so that's a big no-no for me. If you buy it in clear plastic trays it also can be off since most supermarket ground beef comes from the packing plant which sell only ground beef from old cows, maybe milkers that have dried up or other cows that don't make the cut (no pun intended) grade wise so are cheaply sold to those grinder slaughter houses.

So what to do? We buy from a local butcher shop we frequent and have the butcher grind our beef from a cut of meat such as a chuck or round, needs some fat. It's safe to cook to medium rare if you like and never has had that funny taste or cause us stomach problems.

Are there other ways to get good ground beef?

Jul 18, 2011
chimay5 in General Topics

Udom Thai?

Has anyone else tried Udom Thai at Dry Creek and University?
I've eaten there probably 5 times since early Spring and IMO it's a gem and is in the neighborhood so an easy drive unlike someother favorites. I'm a Red Curry freak and their's is one of the best I've had in the Denver metro. Medium is spicy and delicious but hot is cerainly that and how I like it best. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.. My SO loves the Pad Thai and the egg rolls but we haven't explored the rest of the menu yet.
It's a cute little place with a very friendly and efficient wait staff, very accomodating.
It's a keeper and I hope it gets a few more customers, It's a little slow but not because of the food, just a little hard to find. To get there, go to the far west side of the King Soopers parking lot, it's at the soutth end of the little strip mall.

Jul 18, 2011
chimay5 in Mountain States

On Korean food

We are great fans of Thai, Viet and Japanese foods, Chinese not so much anymore. Recently I read somethings about Korean foods and other than having their table barbeque a long time ago, we want to get some info on dishes and places for good Korean. It appears to be interesting and tasty / spicy so we are going to start experimenting with it.
Help appreciated, Denver metro.....Thanks

Viet's Restaurant
333 S Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80219

Jul 04, 2011
chimay5 in Mountain States

Today's Beer Drinkers and the Future of Craft Beer

The '90s boom ,IMO, was fueled by a lot of people who read Charlie P's homebrewing book, started brewing some fair beers and then were encouraged by friends and familly to start brewing commercially. Then more and more jumped in who were just trying to make a buck off of a trend, made very poor beers which turned enough beer drinkers off to cause the market to sour.
Now we have a lot of very good beers coming to market but the problem again, IMO, is that there is so much redundantcy (sp?) in style and flavor that the good beer drinkers will become reluctant to try the latest 'me too' beer on the shelf. The field will winnow it's self down., and the best of the best will survive.

Jun 06, 2011
chimay5 in Beer

cruzcampos beer

Cruz Campo was originaly brewed in Sevillle, a city I visited several times and fell in love with and drank a lot of Cruz Campo while there.

Later I was involved in a effort to import it to the US. After a meeting with brewery officials and presenting a business plan, we thoght we would have a shot at it. We didn't know that the brewey was partially owned by the Stroh family of Detriot which at the time was having difficulties We were working on label approval and had proposed an agreement to help with packaging for the market and setting up a finacial arrangment with Cruz campo when the conversation went quiet. We learned that an American brewery had an interest and we were closed out.

I believe that Campo at first was brought in by the Coors people when they were moving into the import business and that Coors had a relationship with the Stroh family.
This is back in the late 80's and for what ever reasons it flopped. I saw it around in a few places but it never got any traction.

I still belive it could have been a good small player in certain markets with Spanish ex-pats in East coast markets especially Florida and along that coast.

The beer, by the way, was a good pilsner, they did their own malting used German hops and brewed a pure refreshing style.

Still have the origainal labels we were working with.


May 13, 2011
chimay5 in Beer

The Maine Micro Brew Culture, the best in the US?

Santa Fe Brewing, from that great little town, is brewing some very tasty and in some cases unusual beer, Imperial Java Stout for one. Someone also started an abbey conected brewery, but think that flamed out.

Apr 26, 2011
chimay5 in Beer


Thanks for helping my poor memory.

Apr 05, 2011
chimay5 in Beer