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The Dizzy Gastro Sports Pub

What a pleasant surprise! My husband and I hadn't been in the place for a few months, but happened to be nearby doing laundry today. We stopped by for a plate of fries and a few pints.....but ended up with quite a delicious lunch! He had the tempura shrimp with a light mustard dipping sauce & a chicken wrap as his main, I had calamari and a bowl of lovely spicy chili with a nice warm chipotle flavour.

The food was unexpectedly great! I was all ready for the usual greasy, battered, over-cooked bar food, but lunch was a surprising treat.

Kudos to the person who shook this place up and gave it a new classier feel, I'm hooked!

(Now, if you could only get rid of that awful flowery brand of cider and get the delicious Strongbow back on tap...please!!)

Inexpensive Cake Stand Help

What about using those clear glass 8" building bricks from somewhere like Home Depot? Turned flat on its side, it's really pretty. Cheap, solid and you can use them afterwards....unlike 12 cake stands sitting in your garage!

Jan 27, 2008
heather93 in Cookware

Best moussaka take-out in T/O?

Thanks so much everyone! I'm heading out to try to stock up.

Gluten Free Quality baked goods in London area?

I just spent the week in London leading up to Christmas and I dropped in on a brand new bakery/cafe called the Black Walnut bakery at 134 Wortley Road. Charming place with an elegant Parisian-themed decor run by two chefs who just moved there from working at the Art Gallery of Ontario restaurant. Coffee is to die for, but the baked goods kept me coming back daily! The pastry chef (Michelle?) is a great talent and seems to be open to accepting specialty orders by the sounds of it. Don't know if they have a website, but the phone number on the business card I grabbed is

Best moussaka take-out in T/O?

Simple as that, it's cold outside and it's one of my favourite dishes. Can't be bothered to make it though, just looking for take-out right now (but if that clause makes me miss something unbelievable, let me know of a restaurant where it can't be beat). Thanks!

Cookies with Names has the funkiest cookies in the city

Marmalade cake company vs. Its the Icing on the cake

Marmalade's icings are made with genuine Italian meringue buttercream, deelish! It is unsalted butter whipped into meringue, not oily at all and deliciously not gooey sweet. She makes cakes for our family all the time. (Haven't tried others, so I can't say. We got her number after actually enjoying a slice of wedding cake for the first time in a decade!) She is a doll though, great to work with and fun and creative.

where to buy cake in TO

They are lactose free because the cakes and icings are all made of shortening :(, no yummy butter in sight!

I get mine from Totally hand-made, fresh and she designs them however you'd like. We just did a baby shower and she took the invitation and made it into a biggest most funky cake ever! Tasted amazing too, we had the roasted banana & red velvet flavours. She books up really fast though so you have to give her plenty of notice for ordering.