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Chicago eats on the cheap

My family will be vacationing in Chicago the week of July 4th. Can someone tell me a little about Taste of Chicago? Also I'd love to know about good but affordable restaurants that locals eat at, not tourists. Last but not least I am a hot dog afficianado. I hear the dogs are great in Chicago but I want to know where I can get the best one.

Jun 15, 2009
cooper71 in Chicago Area

Charleston/Mt. Pleasant

BP, I must say that one place that no one else has mentioned is The Wreck in Mount P. It's a complete dive where you actually circle what you want on your menu and then hand it to your server. I'm from SC and I can say it's the freshest seafood I've ever had in the Charleston area. Plain and simple nothing fou fou at all like the major restaurants in downtown. Please google and check out the menu online and if you go let me know what you think. The price is right and the food is outstanding:) Have a great trip.

Minneapolis-Cheap but Unique

I cannot begin to say thank you to every one who has answered my post. We will get back from our trip around March 2nd and I will report back with my findings. One last question. I love sandwiches (not burgers, although I do like them) please tell me the best sandwich places in downtown Minneapolis. Once again thank ya'll so much. I truly appreciate it.

Minneapolis-Cheap but Unique

Thank you so much for all of your suggestions. Although we are from South Carolina and we are probably going to freeze our fannies off we are really looking forward to experiencing the different cuisines of Minneapolis.

Charleston Weekend

I forgot something. If you'd like to go to a true locals bar try Uncle John's. I believe it's on East Bay. Don't be intimidated by the bras hanging from the ceiling. This is a great dive bar and the prices are not as crazy as some of the clubs down in the market area.

Charleston Weekend

To be flat out honest with you I would get in your car and drive across the bridge to Mt Pleasant where you will find The Wreck, ( It's a little hard to find but it's the best seafood I've ever had in Charleston. It's a basic dive and you circle what you want on the menu and give it to your server however, you arent paying some over pretentious chef's salary. Just good simple fresh seafood. Although it's a little touristy I'd also try Sticky Fingers BBQ downtown on Meeting Street, the ribs fall of the bone and their chicken wings are out of this world. Good luck and I hope you enjoy Charleston. It's a beautiful city.

Minneapolis-Cheap but Unique

My husband and I are visting Minneapolis in late February for a wedding. I'm looking for lunch and dinner ideas. I'd love to eat at restaurants that are not too pricey but also unique. Also we hope to try restaurants that most locals would enjoy (not the tourists). Any suggestions would be aprreciated. Thanks ya'll.