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Advice: Wisdom Tooth Extraction, what to eat?

I'm 25 and had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted, including 2 impacted.

Day 3 and I'm still swollen, and biting the insides of my cheeks. No pain, no bleeding otherwise. My jaw is tight and I'm still unsure if I can eat more solids but I have a fear of chewing with anything besides my front teeth.

Day 1: Wendy's Frosty, Mom's Chicken Noodle Soup in a blender (both were heavenly, despite unknowingly drooling my meal all over my chin while numb). Easy Mac & Cheese wasn't a good idea, too chewy but so delicious so I frustrated myself.

Day 2: Blended a homecooked meal of rice, meat, and split pea soup. BAD idea. Rice doesn't blend well so it created dangerously small chunks. Oatmeal was good. Jello & Vanilla Pudding are fantastic snacks - make sure you have plenty.

Day 3: Smoothies are awesome, instead of using a straw I use a spoon and the cold was super refreshing. I ate a salted fresh avocado with a spoon and it went down super easy. Currently eating hummus with my finger. I was using pita but it grew hard once it got colder after I microwaved it. Going to try spaghetti tonight.

And of course, swishing with salt water after every meal to keep it clean.

Winners: Avocado + Salt, Smoothie, Blended Chicken Noodle Soup
Losers: Mac & Cheese, Rice
Dependable Snacks: Jello, Pudding, Frosty, Hummus

Dreaming of biting into a big, juicy burger.....

Oct 08, 2011
ellynet in General Topics


Rustica's Canadian Bacon/Chicken/Corn Pizza is the BEST slice they have. Only the Lincoln Road location makes it.

Andiamo is a very close second (Biscayne and 54th?)

Where can I get some good Chicago-style pizza near SoBe or Downtown??? Ever since visiting Chi-town I have been close to being desperate enough to order a frozen one online from Giordano's!!!

Dec 29, 2007
ellynet in Florida

biscayne blvd eats

I like the Daily too (I live in the building) but they're just *too* good - the wait times are absolutely ridiculous when they're busy!!

I tried out Franktitude for lunch the other day (yeah, around the 20's) - it's not bad, but they're bread is a tad too chewy. And the fact that they call it "Franktitude" and not "Frankitude" really just happens to bother me. I'm sticking to Dogma.

Good to hear you like Canela... been wanting to try it out, but I always end up at Hiro's right next to it.

Have you guys eating at Spyro? I love it! They have some guy playing the piano during dinner most nights I believe. Sad to see they're never busy (at least when I go)

biscayne blvd eats

Since moving near the design district, I've made some pretty fantastic discoveries. My favorites:

1. Bin No. 18 - cobb salad to die for!!!!!! The service is also really great. They're on biscayne and 18

2. UVA 69 - creative specials of the day. Biscayne and 69

3. Andiamo pizza - biscayne and 54?

4. Hiro's sushi - ok, so its cheap, fast food sushi. BUT, I have to be honest - they pull it off unbelievably well. Try their new caterpillar roll. Biscayne and 40-something?

Post more!!