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Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

Just returned from our first dinner at Petz, here are my first impressions (we will return April 18):

This is really a small and crowded place. Quiet "gemütlich", but better ask for a table in the non-smoking section…

The food is Petz at its best, especially if you order some of his offal dishes. I had as starter an Asian version of tripes ("Pfefferkutteln"), no sauce at all, spicy, garnished with small shrimp chips and a deep fried spring roll: yummy, but definitely unViennese !
For main course I took the calf brain omelette ("Kalbshirn mit Ei und Morcheln") with fresh morels, boiled potatoes with butter and parsley ("Petersilkartoffel") and a green salad. This is classic Viennese cuisine, perfectly presented (see image).
As dessert we had "Marillenpalatschinken", thin crepes with apricot jam.

The rest of the party had beef tatar as starter and Backhendl (deep fried chicken) as main course. The beef tatar was nicely spiced, but the chicken was overfried and dry...

Considering the low price level the food is quite OK, but you cannot expect the "wow" factor of prior Petz menues at Meinl am Graben and Palais Coburg. And you have to pick the few signature dishes on the menu, and rather stay away from classic dishes you can get everywhere in Vienna...

about 17 hours ago
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Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

Mayer am Pfarrplatz is more of a standardized heurigen, it is run as a bigger enterprise than a usual family heurigen.

Wieninger is family owned, one brother is the winemaker, the other brother and his family make the food for the heurigen. So in regard of authenticity, Wieninger wins. And Wieninger wines are also known as first rate premium wines, there are no better whites and reds grown inside of Vienna !

Mar 18, 2015
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Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

Yes, this time of the year is a great time to visit a heurigen, and Wieninger and other heurigen, preferably in the Stammersdorf area, offer an authentic setup, great simple food and homemade wine.

Pfarrwirt is NOT a heurigen, but a real good traditional and bourgeois restaurant, but next door to Pfarrwirt is Mayer am Pfarrplatz, an old and venerable heurigen, and both places are owned by the same rich old man, which explains why they share a homepage ...

Question: what is FK ??

Mar 18, 2015
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Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

Maybe you just should get a tasting menu, if available.
Petz is a great chef, and his specialty is an unusual combination of food items:
- he does not make a vitello tonnatto with tuna, but rather uses cod liver mousse ("Vitello dorschato").
- another signature dish of Petz is a stew of veal tripes with clams ("Kalbskutteln mit Vongole).

But anything he creates tastes great - and different…
And his soups are also to die for !

Mar 12, 2015
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Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

June might be warm and sunny. So, depending on what you will do on this day, I would choose a nice place with outdoor service for lunch !!

Cafe Central does not have an outdoor area. If you want to stay in this area, you could go to Cafe Landtmann, and enjoy the sun with a great view of the Ringstrasse.

Another place for an outdoor lunch would be the Meierei im Stadtpark,
or the Do&Co Albertina:

And for the chowhound:
Outdoor setup of Reinthaler in Gluckgasse or Dorotheergasse, for the authentic Viennese feeling:

Do not forget where to lunch when visiting the Belvedere:
The Restaurant Sperl (not the Cafe Sperl located someplace else!!):

Mar 10, 2015
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Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

Rudi's Biesl or Gasthaus Pöschl? Gasthaus Pöschl: better location, better for late lunch or early dinner

one Coffeehaus?
Cafe Landtmann, but you might need a reservation for the lunch hours and for the evening after 5 p.m.
But you might also try Gerstner at the Kunsthistorische Museum, which is located in the first floor, right under the dome.

one Pastryhouse?

We'll definitely will try to book Petz and FK.

Would you say it would be better to dine at Lugeck over Figlmuller (we have a reservation for the Backerstrasse branch)?
Bäckerstrasse is oK and maybe now less busy than the recentyl opened Lugeck, which is just across the street...

Mar 09, 2015
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Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

Places you family might have fun:
Schweizerhaus: this is the largest beer garden in town, and reopens March 15. Their signature dish are grilled pork knuckles, but you can also get grilled chicken or Wiener Schnitzel made from pork. And Budweiser beer from the tap. Real Budweiser from Budovice...

The Donauturm: http://www.donauturm.at/en/restaurant...
terrific location, food edible but overpriced

Meierei im Stadtpark: the lower cost restaurant of Steirereck, they have a wonderful view over the Stadtpark, and a great choice of Viennese classics and French cheese.

Cafe Gloriette: great view over Schönbrunn, and decent food:

Mar 08, 2015
Sturmi in Europe

Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

Hi Kay,

Here are my comments and suggestions:

Rudi's Beisl or Gasthaus Pöschl - is there much difference between the two? Well, there are some differences and some similarities:

similar: both places are small and crowded, Rudi even smaller and crowdier. Both places offer classic Viennese food. Reservation recommended for both..

location: Pöschl is centrally located, Rudi is somewhat out of the way.
opening: Rudi closes in the afternoon, Pöschl is open all day

Cafe Central, Cafe landtmann, Cafe Sperl
All are recommended, each one is a unique place. And you can have lnch or dinner as well, reservation recommended but not required.

Figlmuller - for the schnitzel (is this worth a visit?)
Yes ! Figlmüller has expanded: there is the old small beisl in the passageway, small and crowded, and there are two large places nearby, Lugeck being the most visible one.

We are also looking for a restaurant for my Dad's birthday - nothing too fancy, but we'd like very good food with reasonable prices. We were thinking Petz Im Gusshaus or Konstantin Filippou --- would lunch do justice?

Petz is quite inexpensive, but the hottest place in town, reservations are hard to get. They do not answer the phone, and do not reply to emails…

Fillipou is a theatrical presentation of very refined food, actually a high-end gourmet heaven, maybe not suitable for children because the food is something they will never have seen or tasted before…
And it is not expensive for what you get, but the menu is pricey because of its ingredients…
Lunch at Fillipou, OTOH, might be an experience !

For a family affair would recommend Pfarrwirt: great location, ample space, great classic Viennese food.

If there is any "must-try" restaurant, please let us know. We are looking forward to our trip!

As a tourist, you are interested in local food, not some, Italian, French, Greek, Indian or Asian fusion or modern international. So what you need is place in an unique location, where you can feel the city and get great food at the same time. And these two are hard to find in the same place…

So what exactly do you expect in a "must try" place ??
Food, locatioon or ambiente ?

Mar 08, 2015
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Vienna Trip Report - February 2015

Congratulations !
No question: you did it: the perfect Vienna experience...

Mar 03, 2015
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Vienna - need goulash and fruit dumpling help...

I agree with both points:
- you always are on the safe side when reserving a table in advance, and in advance usually means just a few hours earlier ...

- The "Fiakergulasch" is beef goulash with a single Wiener sausage (locally called Frankfurter), a fried or poached egg and a pickled cucumber on top. Definitely recommended...

Mar 01, 2015
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Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

Hello Porto,

Just checked your list. Basically all these places are still there, and operating in the same way they did in 2008.

Some comments:
Zum finsteren Stern: unchanged, but this may be a negative touch: they do not offer something new…
OTOH, ZFS is especially nice when you can dine outdoors !

Zu ebener Erde und erster Stock
Still working. Have not been there for years...

There is another new place in Spittelberg, rather trendy and expensive restaurant, but has also a nice bar and cafe, open all day:
It is called Kussmaul: http://www.kussmaul.at/en/

EF 16 Restaurant Wweinbar
Have never been to these two places, but their website sounds interesting.

Beim Czaak:
Same good old Viennese classics. If we prefer Gasthaus Pöschl, it is because of their location...

Kolonitz Beisl:
definitely only for hard core chowhounds, who want to try their Zwiebelrostbraten or Blunzengröstl. Nice when outdoor dining is available.

Yes, Pfarrwirt is still doing great meals.
Pfarrwirt is high end traditional Viennese cuisine, definitely recommended especially for larger parties and special occasions.

Cantina Osteria Friulana
opens early, fills rapidly …

Nice seafood !

Trzeszniewski Sandwiches for lunch snacks
Yes !!

Konditorei Heiner for Dessert (Strudel) and Coffee Melange or do you still prefer Aida
Aida has mote outlets, but Heiner is high-end…

Some new openings in Vienna:

The best chef in town, Christian Petz, has opened a low-prize beisl: Petz im Gusshaus
High-end cuisine at beisl prices. Unbeatable, and definitely full every day, but you can drop in and sit at the bar…

Gasthaus Stadtkrug:
An old place has reopened. The Huth family tries to create high-end classic Viennese food: http://www.huth-stadtkrug.at

And close to your hotel, another high-end newcomer has opened, with very fair lunch offers: http://www.konstantinfilippou.com/en/...

Feb 24, 2015
Sturmi in Europe

Hi Strumi, (VIENNA) Your leads back in 2008 brought me to some great meals in Vienna, looking for some advice again.

Hello Porto,
Please be patient, will answer your request in two or three days...

Feb 23, 2015
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Vienna - need goulash and fruit dumpling help...

Great goulash Viennese style is available in many places.

The usual suspects are Rudis Beisl, Gasthaus Pöschl, Gasthaus Wolf, Gasthaus Meixner, Restaurant Sperl, Glacisbeisl, Gasthaus Reinthaler, Gasthaus Heidinger (our favorite) and many more. Not to forget the many Kaffeehäuser, each of them offering their own version of goulash...

OTOH, there is a big problem with fruit dumplings in March !

Fruit dumplings are only available in season. In July and August you will get apricot dumplings ("Marillenknödel"), and in September and October you will get plum dumplings ("Zwetschkenknödel"). No honorable cook would offer you a variety with deep frozen fruits, although you can get several deep frozen versions of apricot dumplings in any supermarket…

I see a compromise: you could go e.g. to Gasthaus Heidinger and ask for Powidltascherl. This is a dumpling filled with plum jam, and is really great ! And available 12 months a year !


I just checked: also the Cafe Landtmann, a venerable institution and located right in the city center, will not only serve goulash, but also Powidltascherl (they call it "plum jam ravioli") 7 days a week…


Feb 21, 2015
Sturmi in Europe

Solo diner in Vienna

And here are two more options for dining at the bar, in high-end places: Konstantin Fillipou and Christian Petz both offer dining at the bar, and you might even just drop in without any reservation…


The new place of Christian Petz, a small, no-frills beisl with - most likely - the best food in town is heavily booked for weeks, but keeps a space open at the bar for people like you !

Feb 08, 2015
Sturmi in Europe

Solo diner in Vienna

Cantina Friulana is a very nice place, but very popular. So it will be crowded, but the very helpful waiters will squeeze you in at the bar !

Feb 07, 2015
Sturmi in Europe

Solo diner in Vienna

You can expect helpful waiters and no problems !!

If you want not to sit alone on a table you might want to check places where it is possible to sit at the bar and eat dinner. There are quite a few places who offer this option (all in the 1st district):
Gasthaus Pöschl, open all day…
Weinbar Meinl am Graben (in the basement, entrance from the Naglergasse)
Weinbar Unger & Klein, Rudolfsplatz
Osteria Cantina Friulana, Bartensteingasse
and many else…

Another option might be to dine in a traditional Kaffeehaus, such as Landtmann, Mozart, Engländer etc.. Kaffeehäuser are very informal, and many people sit there solo. And nobody will talk to you, contrary to when sitting at the bar !

Feb 06, 2015
Sturmi in Europe

Solo diner in Vienna

How old are you, and are you male or female ??
And where will you stay, in which district of Vienna ??

Having this info will make it easier to help you with suggestions...

Feb 06, 2015
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Vienna guidance - paging Sturmi

Hi jwrobert,
You really have made your homework, and even right now I can assure you that you and your family will enjoy the 5 days in Vienna (and 5 days is exactly what you need !) !
Regarding reservations for a party of 8 I agree with you that this might be advisable, even if you find on arriving in the restaurant that you are the only customers at that time…

Heiner is one of the traditional pastry shops, and their branch on Kärntnerstrasse has a large area in the second floor where you might - with a lot of luck - find a table for 8 without reservation. And yes, they do have a (non-sweet, real "hausmannskost") dish of the day for lunch:

Sorry, but I do not know any NeueBerg in Vienna. Do you think about "Neue Burg" ?? Or any of the museums in the Museumsquartier ?

Regarding a visit to a heurigen. The winter season has a lot of charm when visiting a heurigen, since this is what you get right now: the NEW wine from 2014 !
Stammersdorf has always a few heurigen that are open, look up here for the day you want to go:

Feb 05, 2015
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Vienna - January Trip Report

No question, if you know your way around, you can have great food and a nice glass of wine on Naschmarkt. But next time you spend a sunny saturday try the Yppenplatz farmers market, get a nice Aperol Spritz at Salvia and then lunch at Cucina Wetter…

An fot the best selection of fruit and vegetables available any day you can visit so many small markets around Vienna, you might not even need a car or a bus. We prefer the Turkish vegetables and fruits stand at Kutschkermarkt, who has everything at highest quality when in season, and then get a nice dish of the day at Pöhls cheese kiosk.

Here is a list of all markets:

Jan 22, 2015
Sturmi in Europe

Vienna guidance - paging Sturmi

If I had to choose between these two, Steiereck and Nickol, I would rather visit the Steiereck.

But please make a reservation as soon as possible, Steirereck is always sold out for many weeks in advance ...

Jan 22, 2015
Sturmi in Europe

Vienna - January Trip Report

Thank you so much for your report ! It is great to hear that you liked these places and Vienna as well !!

I agree with you about Naschmarkt. And you were lucky to find the Russian kiosk ! The two Viet places mentioned on this board have already moved and are no more part of the Naschmarkt. Naschmarkt is now just a giant food court ripp off...

By Chi has moved to 2., Hollandstrasse:

Pho Sai Gon has moved to 1., Hegelgasse

Jan 21, 2015
Sturmi in Europe

Vienna guidance - paging Sturmi

Yes, Saturday and Sunday are difficult days for high-end dining …

Steirereck definitely is a world-class high end place, but you pay for this experience…

Konstantin Fillipou definitely is the same class, but for much less...

Traditional Viennese restaurants I can recommend are:
Anna Sacher and Sacher Rote Bar (Rote Bar open 7 days),
Restaurant Eckel in Sievering
Pfarrwirt in Heiligenstadt

down-to-earth and head-to-tail:
Gasthaus Pöschl
Gasthaus Wolf
Rudis Beisel
Gasthaus Meixner
Zum Recnizek

Asian style:

China Bar
Pho Sai Gon
Kiang wine bar
Chinazentrum Restaurant
Happy and Lucky Buddha
Tsing Tao

But all these Asian places are less authentic than you would find in Amsterdam, London or New York …

Better try Croatian seafood, or Iranian grills, or regional Italian places (see my earlier postings !!).

Check all places for contact details and opening hours here:

Just enter the name at "Lokalsuche" and click on "suchen" !

Jan 20, 2015
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Vienna guidance - paging Sturmi

Hello jfarr,
Both locations offer more splendor than romantic ambience...
Steiereck has now a modern place with great french windows opening to the Stadtpark, but the setup is not a romantic one. And Silvio Nickol has a terrible interior, like from a french Louis de Funes movie of the 60s...

For a romantic setup and high-end gourmet food I would recommend Walter Bauer

or less romantic, but also less show-off: Konstantin Fillipou !!

And a great romantic location are the two smaller window tables of Meinl am Graben, which has now gained also great ratings for its new chef: http://www.meinlamgraben.at/content.a...

Jan 20, 2015
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Vienna in January - rustic, traditional places, non-smoking a plus

@BernieMSY: Thank you for the flowers !

And just a small remark to readers who want to visit Rudis Beisl: whereas food, host and ambiente are charming, please keep in mind that smoking is permitted, at least until today (Jan 15,2015) !!

The Austrian government is currently "considering" a 100% ban on smoking in restaurants, but so far small places can choose whether to allow or ban smoking, and Rudis is still "smoking only"...

Jan 15, 2015
Sturmi in Europe

Vienna in January - rustic, traditional places, non-smoking a plus

Brezlgwölb: Nice if you happen to be in the area, but nothing special.

Actually there are quite a few as interesting places in the same spot:
Zum Scherer, a real old Viennese beisl,

Bodega Marquez, an authentic tapas bar

Ofenloch: maybe very similar to Brezlgwölb.

Zum Finsteren Stern
No homepage. Small place, even smaller kitchen, very indidividual Austrian cuisine, not just the same Wiener Schnitzel you get everywhere...

Dec 10, 2014
Sturmi in Europe

Vienna in January - rustic, traditional places, non-smoking a plus

Most places on your list fit your description.

The only place I would avoid is Weisser Rauchfangkehrer, this place is more of a tourist trap than any other place in town.

Within your walking range from St.Ulrich I would recommend the Glacisbeisl,

and for regional Italian there are two places not to be missed:
Cucina Wetter at Yppenplatz (Ligurian cuisine

and Cantina Osteria Friulana on Bartensteingasse:

Croatian seafood is a great idea, you can have the high end:

and the lower end:

And there are many more rustic places offering Austrian food:
Gasthaus Wolf

Gasthaus Meixner

Gasthaus Heidinger

These 3 are not as centrally located but offer the real thing...

Dec 09, 2014
Sturmi in Europe

Vienna help please. Some atypical questions...

And here some more info about this quite interesting winery:

Nov 14, 2014
Sturmi in Europe

Vienna help please. Some atypical questions...

This apple in a bag called "apple to go" has its own little story: the company formerly know as "Apple Computer" actually sued the owner and operator of the "apple to go" company, but finally had to admit that an apple could be called an apple…

Oct 31, 2014
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Vienna help please. Some atypical questions...

The Viennese usually tip 5 to 10%, and 10% is for real excellent, outgoing service !! And please keep in mind: this is just a tip, a 10% service charge is included in every single item on the menu anyway!

If you have the feeling that the waiters expect more than 10%: You maybe made the mistake of giving the - maybe correct - impression that you are "just another bloody American tourist who is used to give a 20% tip back home" …

And yes, waiters are quite used to foreign speaking tourists, and English is the least problem for most of them, when the majority of tourists is speaking Chinese, Japanese or Russian. So do not feel you have to tip them more than 10% just because you got some translation of the menu.

BTW: many places, even very simple ones, do have an english-language menu !
BTW2: Italians, at least in Northern Italy, do not tip at all, since the included service charge is in Italy an astounding 18% !! In Italy we just leave 2 or 3 Euros on the table, even for a bill for more than 100.- Euros

P.S.: Here in Vienna we usually tip around 5% for bills of 100+ Euro, even in places were we are regulars. For sums between 10 and 50 Euro we tip about one euro per guest.

Here is even an "official source" for my rules of tipping:

Oct 26, 2014
Sturmi in Europe

Vienna help please. Some atypical questions...

Since you stay in the Landstrasse area you could make it to Rochusmarkt. Open on Saturday until 5 p.m.

Oct 24, 2014
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