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Chambre and/or table d'hote in Austria Countryside worth the detour?

I second Gasthof Eberhard, which I have also recommended already quite a few times on this board.

Similar places can be found in the book "Slow Food Österreich", which is available from Amazon:

Last hint:
In the wine growing areas, which cover eastern Austria from the north to the south, there are hundreds of "heurigen", many of which offer exactly what you are looking for.

about 4 hours ago
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Restaurants open Saturday in Vienna

Most restaurants do have non-smoking sections. There are just a few smoking-only places, such as Rudis Beisl, but even there you might be lucky to find that nobody is smoking...

OTOH smoking is allowed in outside dining areas, there is no restriction on smoking when sitting outside!

But if you want traditional restaurants, some smoking has to be part of the scene, since smoking is a greatly appreciated tradition here...


Jul 03, 2014
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Vienna for 3 nights

Sorry, this is a misunderstanding !
You were asking for a location for lunch…
Of course Hollmann Salon is perfect for lunch AND dinner, but because of your postings I had to assume that your dinner dates were already fixed...

Jun 28, 2014
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Vienna for 3 nights

Skopik and Lohn is nothing special foodwise (was recently downgraded by falstaff.at), it is more a meeting point for the BoBos…

Steiereck is heavily booked. Lunch at Steirereck is NOT outside, they have only an inside seating with large open windows, weather pernitting. Their lower cost Meierei outlet, OTOH, has a few tables outside overlooking the Wien river. But even there reservation is recommended, since the view is great and the food excellent, but not at Steirereck levels.

I recommend again lunch at Hollmann Salon. This quiet corner in the oldest part of the city is a real gem...

Jun 25, 2014
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Dining in Vienna

Gasthaus Plachutta serves Viennese standards, and has a nice outdoor dining area. Because of its size you will also easily get a table. The food is OK, but nothing extraordinary.

Gasthaus Pöschl is in a more romantic location, and its menu a little bit more on the "authentic beisl" side. And I really like the "Naturschnitzel mit Reis", served only at Pöschl.

Another place of the same kind is the new Gasthaus Huth in Weihburggasse, definitely recommended:

Jun 24, 2014
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Vienna for 3 nights

This is an excellent choice !
You will find that you have selected three very different places, all providing high quality, but each a quite unique aspect of Viennese cuisine !!

Have you made reservations yet ?

And to really enjoy your eating: maybe get a book with some good introduction into Viennese cuisine...

Jun 23, 2014
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Berlin, Viena, Prague, and Budapest- Sept 2014

Lunch is easy: just drop in to one of the many Kaffeehäuser and get the dish of the day !

For something less traditional go to Hollmann Salon:

Jun 19, 2014
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Berlin, Viena, Prague, and Budapest- Sept 2014

Gasthaus Pöschl, for food, ambiente AND location, but you need a reservation for "busy hours", such as noontime !
OTOH: Open everyday noon to midnight, and you can have lunch or dinner a 4 or 5 p.m. !
Very nice in their outdoor dining area on Franziskanerplatz…

Jun 19, 2014
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More than beisls in Vienna?

In most cases of Naschmarkt Döner Kebap a McDonalds Big Mac is same price and 100% healthier…

The Döner Kebap at Nachmarkt is mostly low quality chicken kebap. "Real" Döner Kebap should be made from veal and lamb, and you can get it at many döner shops in town.

At Naschmarkt you may eat decent Döner and Falafel with Humus at Dr.Falafel, at Tewa or at Neni.

But I prefer the Shawarmakebap at Sababa in Roterntumstrasse.

Jun 14, 2014
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Dining in Vienna

Yes, this list is OK !!
Enjoy your stay !

PS: Maybe go to Filippou for a 3-course lunch !
They have a nice outdoor setup in a quiet street...

Jun 10, 2014
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More than beisls in Vienna?

You cannot go wrong with a Wiener Schnitzel, but if you are more the health food type always get the boiled beef with vegetables !!

And I would not hesitate to visit Wolf. He also has also quite "normal" meat, yummy vegetarian dishes and great desserts, and his (pork) Wiener Schnitzel is to die for…

There are Heurigen all over town, and actually all are quite inexpensive ! For a new-style heurigen try the "Zum Gschupften Ferdl" on Windmühlgasse.

Jun 10, 2014
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Dining in Vienna

Rudi's Beisl, Osterreicher im MAK, Glacis Beisl
as well as Gasthaus Pöschl are rather inexpensive places offering Viennese standards. Reservation a must for Rudi and Pöschl, so you are OK when you have a table !

Vestibül is a high-end version of Viennese cuisine. Great view over Ringstrasse when dining outdoors.

Fabios is an expensive Italian place, and nothing special. If you want REAL Italian cuisine of great quality at reasonable price levels, I recommend
Osteria Friulana
Cucina Wetter on Yppenplatz.

Zum Finsteren Stern is a small, charming place offering modern variations of Viennese and Mediterrean cuisine, recommended especially for their outdoor dining setup. Price level is moderate, reservation recommended.

Do&Co is a mixture of Viennese, Spanish, International and Asian cuisine. Great for the view over the city center, but nothing special about the food…
Their museum cafeteria in Albertina is quite convenient after visiting the Albertina.

Hollmanns Salon on Heiligenkreuzerhof: Excellent organic food in a quiet hidden courtyard.

Ella´s on Judenplatz: Mediterrean cuisine on a large city piazza without any cars, in front of the impressive Holocaust memorial.

Jun 09, 2014
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More than beisls in Vienna?

Gasthaus Pöschl and Rudi´s Beisl are both providers of classic Viennese cuisine, each in its own style. There are many others providing this food, and the main reason everybody comes back to these two is their small size and their crowded ambiente, which makes you just comfortable…

For a rather hidden gem with even better authentic local food and a great ambiente I would recommend Gasthaus Wolf on 4., Große Neugasse.

Wolf is a great cook, and the way he prepares food is completely different, it shows new aspects in old recipes ! And a true head-to-tail cook ! Not to be missed if you like to eat brain, lung, or testicles (!!). But you get your Wiener Schnitzel and goulash as well.

And you are right: you definitely should go to one of the Kaffeehäuser: any one is OK; just drop in when you are nearby !! And you will find that the food there is quite good and inexpensive even in the first district…
Recommended: Landtmann, Tirolerhof, Frauenhuber, Diglas, Engländer, Joma, Griensteidl and many more.

Apropos first district: it is an urban myth that food in the first district is just expensive and bad. Not true !! There are quite a few traditional Viennese beisl with low priced and excellent Viennese fare. I recommend: Leupold, Huth, Beim Czaak, Zum Scherer etc., etc.

Regarding Naschmarkt: There is one authentic beisl right on Naschmarkt, opened 1916 and called appropriately "Zur Eisernen Zeit". This small and crowded beisl has not changed, but the new chef offers great food and you will find few tourists at its bar...

Jun 09, 2014
Sturmi in Europe

Vienna for ONE nightt - tonight-SUNDAY

Sorry, I guess I am too late…

Now it is Monday morning.
Did you make it to Glacis Beisl ? This is a good address, offering a nice outdoor dining area and a quite "gemütlich" interior. Food is excellent Viennese classic.

Jun 01, 2014
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Need 2 people for Noma Reservation on Sat June 7th

No. It is the SAME post: Same poster, same date, same posting, just duplicated by Chowhound ...

May 29, 2014
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Berlin, Viena, Prague, and Budapest- Sept 2014

If you want decent not overpriced Viennese food you might enjoy lunching or dining at a new place owned and operated by the Huth family: the Stadtgasthaus Huth in Weihburggasse.

This is an old and venerable location, where we celebrated our engagement to marry with our parents in 1976, when it was still the Restaurant Stadtkrug. Half a dozen other restaurants failed at this place in the last 38 years, but it seems that with the Huth family they have regained popularity as well as steady customers. Recommended for lunch and dining at less than high-end price levels !

May 01, 2014
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Berlin, Viena, Prague, and Budapest- Sept 2014

Vestibül, Rudis Beisl and Steiereck are quite a distance from the opera. So you might not get in time to the opera if you dine there…

(BTW: these three are each a different class of restaurant, not to be compared at all !)

There are quite a few interesting places close to the Staatsoper:

Restaurant Anna Sacher or the Rote Bar at Sacher for high-end dining, before or AFTER the performance.

Gasthaus Plachutta for Austrian cuisine with the flair of a restaurant chain. Not that bad, but nothing special…

The Guest House Brasserie in Führichgasse, quite an interesting hotel restaurant very close to the opera:

And Do&Co Albertina, a lounge type museum cafeteria with Viennese and international food(currently closed for renovation):

You should require from each place whether they can offer you a dinner in time before the opera starts !

Da Capo is just another neighborhood pizzeria. Definitely nothing worth a detour. I do not know how you got this hint, maybe from someone despairing in front of a Wiener Schnitzel or a Tafelspitz ?

Fabios is the high-end version of Da Capo: a watering hole for the local chic and trendy, but their cuisine is a poor adaptation of the real thing.

Konstantin Filippou, OTOH, is maybe currently the best restaurant in town, open fur lunch and dinner, with a different menu for each, and heavily booked in advance. Their price/performance ratio is still better than at any other high-end place in Vienna, and they have fewer tables than Steirereck or Palais Coburg.
But you have to take a tasting menue for the whole table, and for dinner the only choice is whether to take four or six courses ! Of course you may swithc some of the courses between menu1 and menu 2, but you will need some time for this dinner, no question !
The business lunch is 19.- Euro for two courses only, but you might regret if you are restricted to just two dishes...

Apr 30, 2014
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Berlin, Viena, Prague, and Budapest- Sept 2014

Regarding Vienna:
This is quite an eclectic list.
Seems you know what you want, so: come and enjoy !

Apr 29, 2014
Sturmi in Europe

Dining in Vienna and Prague

Rudi's Beisl is a real gem, a very small and very authentic down-to-earth place, with just the right - high - quality of classic Viennese fare.

I fear that Österreicher im MAK and Glacisbeisl might be a let down each after you went to Rudi's.

I would rather suggest as alternative choices either Gasthaus Wolf (Wolf is a modern counterpoint to Rudi's, and a great head-to-tail cook)
or Meierei im Steirereck, for the food as well as the location.

Vestibül is OK, and if you are lucky, there might be even better food and surely in a more fin-de-siecle location than the Meierei (?!). Critics say: "your mileage may vary"..

Fabios is just another high-end Italian for the chic and trendy crowd. I know Fabio himself for more than 20 years, he is a decent guy, but nothing special to visit when in Vienna !!

I rather recommend Konstantin Filippou. He is currently the "newcomer in town", and gets ravenous ratings everywhere. And he is that great, indeed !!
Maybe the only place in Vienna you should not miss...

Another hint for a plan B is Meinl am Graben. The restaurant which used to be booked for weeks in advance (when first Petz and later Gradwohl were chef) is now half empty, with just a few tourists filling the tables. But the chef in charge is a great talent, and the only reason the place is not run over is just strong local antipathy combined with real old-fashioned racism: Julius Meinl, the owner of the place, is one of the perpetrators of a local variation of a Ponzi scheme, which blew up in 2008, and his chef - worst of all, has a Turkish name: Yurtseven Metin !!
The food is excellent, and the view from one of the window tables is spectacular:

P.S.: Falstaff is the local Zagat-style gourmet guide, and quite reliable in its ratings.

P.P.S.: Many places might close for vacation in the summertime, so ask now whether they will be open !

P.P.P.S.: Since you come in July you should visit a heurigen, I recommend to drop in on Friday, Saturday or Sunday on the Kellerstrasse in Stammersdorf, and just get lost in one of the many small gardens on top of the winecellars…

P.P.P.P.S: A final great tip for the summer season: Freyenstein !!
Local zero-mile cuisine at its best, in a lovely old garden...

Apr 11, 2014
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Good take-out food in central Vienna?

Zum Schwarzen Kameel has several departments: a bar, a delicatessen, a pastry shop and a restaurant. What I suggest is to get either canapés at the bar or some selected cheeses, cured meats, sausages or ham from their delicatessen …

And there is more: I forgot about Trzesnewski for more canapés, and how about a decent pizza ?

Gennaro in Bräunerstrasse is quite close to you hotel and has great crusty pizza, but no homepage:

Apr 04, 2014
Sturmi in Europe

Good take-out food in central Vienna?

Hello Vanderb,
My first impulse would be to send you to Zum Schwarzen Kameel and to Meinl am Graben. Both have great take away food of any kind...

There is also a new hi-end supermarket on Hoher Markt, the Merkur. Here Sohyi Kim is now providing their Asian fusion cuisine, and maybe you even like it !!

For more authentic Vietnamese take away cuisine there is the Pho Saigon on Hegelgasse and - a short walking - the Viet Thao on Friedrichstrasse.

And here is a list of restaurants with facilities for children: children menues, playgrounds, or - in your case - a diaper changing table.

Apr 04, 2014
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Vienna - looking for a reasonably priced traditional restaurant near Neubau

Yes, the bar at Zum schwarzen Kameel is the best for lunch !!

BTW: "Zum" just means "at".
If you want short name, call them "the black camel"…


Mar 18, 2014
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Vienna restaurant recommendations

Maybe it just takes more time to reserve by email…

Usually reservations are made by phone, and - with the exceptions of the most popular places such as Konstantin Filippo or Rudis Beisl - just one or two days before the date.

Please keep in mind that some of these places (Walter Bauer, Zum finsteren Stern, Gasthaus Pöschl) even do not have a homepage, and might not check their email every day, and some email addresses might be not valid any more...

Mar 18, 2014
Sturmi in Europe

Vienna - looking for a reasonably priced traditional restaurant near Neubau

Demel is not for chocolate, but for cakes, pastries, cookies and chocolates.
For high-end chocolate bars there are quite a few specialty stores, such as Xocolat on Freyung

or Grand Whisky on Schleifmühlgasse. Yes, they have: chocolate, spirits, jams, vinegars, spices and else…

Austrian lunch fare would be a choice of canapés and a small beer (a "Pfiff") at Zum schwarzen Kameel or at Trzesniewski.
Burgers are not really Austrian fare…
Austrian fast food is wurst of any kind at one of the many kiosks, the most fanous is the one at the Albertina:

Mar 17, 2014
Sturmi in Europe

Vienna - looking for a reasonably priced traditional restaurant near Neubau

Here is a quite complete list of microbreweries in Vienna:

The one closest to Kandlgasse is the Siebensternbräu:

Mar 17, 2014
Sturmi in Europe

Vienna - looking for a reasonably priced traditional restaurant near Neubau

Hello willowan,
The places I mentioned are all still in operation and can still be recommended.

The three pizza places are part of a small chain and offer basically the same kind if thin, crusty pizza, quite yummy. For real pizza afficionados there are many more places in town, but these three are close to Kandlgasse !

I will have to look up the microbrewery data, will come back with more info !

Mar 17, 2014
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Vienna restaurant recommendations

I would like to add that there are many other options, especially for a quick lunch when roaming through the museums or the city center.

- Most of the Kaffeehäuser also offer a dish of the day or a full set menu for lunch or dinner, including great variations of Wieners, which are either called Frankfurter or Sacher würstel.

- And I am repeating myself when I write again that many museum cafeterias are worth visiting, so that you can save a lot of time better spend on sight seeing.

Mar 17, 2014
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Vienna restaurant recommendations

5 days is a good time range, and the location is also OK.

There are quite few interesting restaurants offering the best of Viennese cuisine within walking range.

High end, but still with reasonable price/performance ratio:

- Walter Bauer:
Traditional cuisine with a twist, small and cozy setup, maybe a little bit old fashioned ambiente, but perfect Viennese cuisine.

- Konstantin Filippou:
Best in town, but a very small, unpretentious setup, where also the young people feel at home

- Vestibül:
Viennese cuisine at its best, with a modern twist, presented in an imperial setup inside the Burgtheater.

Modern style Vienna, preferred by young people, but agreeable to the 50+ as well:

- Hollmans Salon:
Organic food in a small place located in a barocque courtyard.

- Zum Finsteren Stern:
A wonderful unpretentious souterrain place, hidden away in a small plaza, the Schulhof. Expertly prepared Austrian-Mediterrean fusion cuisine.

Viennese basics, beisl style:

- Gasthaus Pöschl: a classic. I always get the Naturschnitzel mit Reis. Great outdoor dining in summer, right on Franziskanerplatz.

- The Huth chain, located with three restaurants on Schellinggasse, now with a new place on Weihburggasse.

If you want Wiener Schnitzel, you get a decent sample at Gasthaus Pöschl, but you also might go to Figlmüller.

For Tafelspitz, Plachutta on Wollzeile is a sure hit, but pricey. Maybe better get a reservation at Rudis Beisl…

For contact details Google is your friend, or make a search at www.falter.at/wwei (suchen = search)

Mar 15, 2014
Sturmi in Europe

Vienna restaurant recommendations

Wow, this could be a long list…

Give us a little bit more info:
Where do you stay ?
And how long ?

Mar 15, 2014
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Well I DID like it for many years, but in the last years the quality of the market and of the many restaurants has been going downhill. Yes, there are a few vegetable sellers who offer decent, but very expensive, fruits and vegetables, But for one of these there are ten who sell abominable and tasteless antipasti, dried fruits and nuts.

The food stalls are mainly tourist traps, and none of them sell Austrian or Viennese specialties.

So, if you want cheap chicken döner kebap or if you want very expensive farmed fish from far away, you may go there.

Feb 27, 2014
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