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Norikonoko Curry Report

I ordered the signature japanese curry stew and was highly disappointed to find that was simply curry soup or curry gravy. I kid you not, there were 3 bottlecap sized pieces of pork in the "stew" and nothing else of substance. This was a $10 dish. I must have looked disgruntled because a woman with an apron (the owner, i assume) came over and checked on us, and she explained that's how she makes the curry. She simmers it with carrots, onions, potatoes, (none were found) and pork. She also explained that big chunks of pork in the stew would not be her recipe/style.

What? We were there late-ish, so I'm thinking she might have ran out and tried to stretch it. Has anyone else eaten the curry there?

San Mateo recommendations (santa ramen)

Getting out of oakland to go to Santa Ramen. Any suggestions on ordering? Any other places for grub in the area please? All price ranges, I just want the good stuff.