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Where can I find whole Suckling Pig?

I am travelling down to Southern Alabama to see some family in 2 weeks. Our final destination is Louisville, AL (southeast alabama). I am looking to pick up a suckling pig on the way, preferably in the Atlanta, GA area. I am driving, so I will be around Atlanta on Sunday evening.

I am looking for recomendations of Pig Farms that sell fresh roasting pigs under 40 lbs. Preferably the farm/butcher would be anywhere from Atlanta to Montgomery or points south. They do not have to be open Sundays if they are closer to southeast alabama.

thanks for ANY guidance!!

Jul 08, 2008
danl425 in General South Archive

In-house coffee roasters

Does anyone know of any coffee houses that roast their beans in-house? Where can a Bostonian get unroasted bens?

Feb 04, 2008
danl425 in Greater Boston Area

Fresh Food Markets

My fellow foodie fiance and I are headed into Manhattan next weekend and are staying in Midtown. We've heard rave reviews about Fulton Fish Market, but we are regretably without a vehicle for the duration of our stay. Is there a good way to get to Hunts Point sans vehicle? Can anyone suggest a comparable seafood (or really any type of food) market that would be worth visitng?

Thanks in advance!

Jan 03, 2008
danl425 in Manhattan