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Microstoven cookware (Maxwell and Williams)

I can help here (work in a homewares store here in Oz). You can use microstoven on a gas hob up to a gentle low-medium heat..but a diffuser pad is recommended. Having said that, I too have the gratin dishes and have used mine on the simmer ring, on low . for frying eggs. The best use Ive found for these was for pies..came out perfectly brown on the base and slips right out.
Maxwell Williams is a widely available brand here, at a medium/low pricepoint...we pay much more for homewares than just about anyone else in the world I Le Creuset buffet casserole dish that I bought in the states for $170, retails for $500+ here...and I wont tell you how much I just paid for a kitchenaid!

Mar 02, 2012
deb in Cookware

Nephew wants Lobster!

Hi all,
my sister and I are traveling to SF as our last port of call before heading back downunder. My nephew is turning 17, and has decided he'd like to eat lobster in a nice restaurant for his birthday.

We were thinking Tadich's, as its so SF iconic but as we'll also have adventurous and well traveled 10 and 7 year olds in tow are not sure if its suitable.

We are staying SoMa, near civic center and wont have a car.

Any thoughts?


Mar 22, 2010
deb in San Francisco Bay Area

If one HAD to pick a buffet in Vegas...

Kudos attran99!

Steak Tartare at a buffet - you're a brave person and my hats off to you!

Aug 30, 2009
deb in Las Vegas

Wagyu Steak Dinners in Brisbane?

Also Kingsleys steakhouse further around from ChaChaChar. On the river with a lovely view, so walking there is nice too, especially at night Had a great wagyu there for $55 ish. And though like Cha Cha Char its full of suits, the service was much less standoffish. (remember to order sides)

If you wanted to try a bustling pub(tavern) I can recommend 'The Normandy Hotel' just on the outskirts of the CBD, and also ditto Breakfast Creek Wharf Hotel. Many good steaks to be had there. Also 'the pineapple' Out of town to the west I can recommend the Samford Hotel, but its more of a day trip idea.

Many restaurants will have it on the menu too, if you dont want to go 'steakhouse',just call.


You will also find Wagyu on the menu at many Japanese restaurants

Mar 10, 2009
deb in Australia/New Zealand

Eating in Tasmania - recs pls!

Definitely 'Prossers' in Hobart!! Sitting above the yacht club a truly understated and yet beautifully executed meal was had on a clear sunny day, gazing over the bay. Lovely and not outrageously expensive. An Institution, here a link.

Also had a truly life affirming and wicked curried scallop pie at a little bakery, turn Right off main street (Onto Edward street) in the quaint village of Richmond (just ask a local - they'll know!!). Lots of antique stores and lovely b&b's. Gets busy on weekends. WELL worth the drive.

Mar 09, 2008
deb in Australia/New Zealand

Dinner in Brisbane [Moved from International board]

check out:
the gourmet traveller website, the brisbane news good food guide, courier mail websites.
Concentration of established good dining along the eagle street pier vicinity, in New Farm(short 'citycat'/ferry ride..which is nice),paddington&milton (bus ride) and lots of ethnic in Fortitude Valley(easy walk and has character).
Havent been to many for a long while as newly back in town, so am reluctant to recommend any specifics however I am off to E'cco tonight.
Will post afterwards. Sorry for the vagueness, but at least I replied!

Dec 18, 2007
deb in Australia/New Zealand

HELP! Alternative to Melting Pot needed


Jul 19, 2007
deb in Pacific Northwest

HELP! Alternative to Melting Pot needed


A dear, dear friend wants a fondue experience for her 40th (???) and is keen on Melting pot. Now, I dont want to burst her bubble, and I am flying blind here, not having actually been, but my assumptions are....that it is crap and expensive. If so, can anyone advise me on whether its worth staying quiet or if not, on other friendly would be good.
Many thanks


Jul 19, 2007
deb in Pacific Northwest

Any cheap but good take-out near Bellevue Square Mall?

Mediterranean kitchen is great, much better than Seattle one.
Also Moghul Palace for Indian...better than the others..less soupy.
and weve always had good take out from Toys Cafe on Main...the sauteed eggplant dish is fantastic!!
My Caveat being that it has been a few years...


Jul 19, 2007
deb in Pacific Northwest

Seattle Dim Sum

We like Jumbo. Nothing amazing but solid and cheap and bustling. Havent been to Joy Palace yet but have been to Hong Kong Seafood down on Rainier at rainier beach. It was good. I have been to Imperial Garden 4 times so far and the first time was fabulous. next three times were a let down. Cold food and poor service....never had to wait to get a drink that long ever in a Chinese place, and had to ask for water and tea!! Also felt as if we were being a little bit censored- not being offered all the dishes, and definately feeling like 'foreigners'!! Probably wont go back unless I am in a big group with some Asian people in it.
Hope you have better luck.

May 09, 2007
deb in Pacific Northwest

Best Breakfast in South Seattle

I'll definately second both Geraldines and Lake Route Cafe (which is much cheaper).

Mar 08, 2007
deb in Pacific Northwest

CH honeymoon in New Zealand or Australia?

Just not as well publicized.
Basically I am an Aussie so dont get me wrong,I LOVE the food we have, so diverse...however you expressed a wish to visit NZ. Go to NZ! Their produce is great, their wine is great ....their food is great too. This might help: and also check out wellington and auklands newpaper sites for reviews, as well as say an organic association. I think that by being a much smaller area to explore, it is a better choice for a honeymoon....lots of cosy b&b's and boutique hotels. There are a few places mentioned on the slowfood site too. And dont forget to ask the locals...they know.

Feb 17, 2007
deb in Australia/New Zealand

Restaurant for 12 year old's bday party

How about Marrakesh. eating with your hands, interesting place and what 12 year old boy isnt gonna love a good belly dance!!

Feb 17, 2007
deb in Pacific Northwest

Venice - after Carnival - what's open

I am not surprised! there were only 4 tables in the room. One large Italian family of several generations at a big table, one couple, a 4 and us at 6 and even then it was cramped!! We had an italian lady in our group who rang to book.

We started with two pasta dishes. A lovely lasagne with truffle and porcini mushrooms light but rich too, and a ground pork in tomato sauce and tagliatelli. Both perfectly executed. Next came some more sauteed mushrooms, a smokey baked artichokes, polenta and beef in wine braised, all washed down with several carafes of local red housewine. To finish we had a superb marscapone cream served in bowls with small spoons and biscuits to dunk and Vinsanto. The marscapone cream and lasagne were the highlights for me. The room was boisterous and lively and we ate and drank and talked til we'd had enough!!

Feb 16, 2007
deb in Italy

Venice - after Carnival - what's open

just got back from Venice BEFORE carnival. A few restaurants were closed but they all had signs on their doors stating that they'd be open early Feb, so I cant imagine you'd have too much trouble. And just for the info , our best meal was at Trattoria della Marisa, where it was 'meat' night (sometimes its fish night - you find oiut when you ring to book.) You go in sit down, theres little English, and they just bring you food. No ordering, no menu's...just the mama's out the back cooking up a storm. So simple and so delicious. I cant remember the street but it was close to the train station,fontamente Giobbe, along a canal (funnily enough) Also went to Osteria Ca D'oro which was a little disappointing, though the place was buzzing so maybe we just didnt order well...having said that my friends squid in ink was fabulous.
Enjoy. I also recommend the Michelle Scibilia book...I got mine at the bookstore along the sestier cannarregio a couple of blocks near the the travel section - not the english section.

Feb 14, 2007
deb in Italy

Upcoming trip to Sidney, Melbourne, Darwin, and Cairns, HELP PLEASE!

Cant speak cairns but just under an hour north is Port Douglas which has some fantastic restaurants. The highlight for me was "Nautilaus' a seafood/asian outdoor under the stars, lit completely with candles...fantastic and well in advance. The drive is wonderful...rainforest on your left, pristine aquamarine water and painfully white sandy beach on the right!
As for has such a multicultural population...great ethnic food abounds...would recommend Shark Fin Inn for dimsum (chinatown here is on par with S.F and Vancouver). "the age good food guide 2007' has just been published..check it out, the winners have been posted and all winnnin restaurants are given one to 3 hats, like the michelin guides....American express also have a dining award....and check out the local newspapers too (online).
Good luck what a fabulous trip you'll have.

Dec 24, 2006
deb in Australia/New Zealand


just got bacl from Vancouver and I must say tht the highlight of the trip was the nutella gelato from Mondo Gelato on Robson. Quite Orgasmic.

Sep 28, 2006
deb in General Topics

[SEA] La Chamba Cookware

Sorry, I know it s not about food but does anyone know where I can get La Chamba cookware in Seattle??

Sep 05, 2006
deb in Pacific Northwest

need LA recs and advice


I are off to a friends wedding in west LA in a few months. I thought a case of mixed wines, one to be opened each year on their anniversary would be a nice gift. As each wine would be cellared for different lenths time I have no idea where to start. One of the couple is from Australia, one is from LA, so a mix of wines from each country would be nice....

I dont know anything about wine, but my sister had a friend give her this and it was her favourite wedding present!!

Any suggestions of where we could find a retailer who could help with this in LA, we are flying in so dont know the area very well...


Sep 01, 2006
deb in Wine

Indian delivery downtown Vancouver??

Hi were getting in late our first night and with two small kids would like to get our first dinner delivered to the apartment. Does anyone know of any that will deliver downtown?
many thanks

Aug 17, 2006
deb in Western Canada Archives

Flying Fish

we had a very average and very expensive time here, especially considering I was drinking by the glass (driving alas) and husband was only having the odd beer. Odd ambience that is very bustly, and servicepeople are very good at doing the 'busy walk'
Calamari was greasy - NO excuses for that!!!
Crab cakes were OK
Much lauded rockfish with pineapple salsa was the biggest disappointment. Over cooked, cold and expensive (3lb fish = $42) with a bland pineapple and (apparently) anchovy salsa.
Brownie was OK but not a patch on Restaurant Zoe's chocolate velvet desert. Husband liked cupcakes.

For the price we wont be back.
Cant recommend Im afraid.

Go to Zoe. It was faultless. Get the mussels mmmmmmm......

Aug 10, 2006
deb in Pacific Northwest

first time in seattle for 2 days -- please help


Went to flying fish last week. Not that impressed. Greasy calamari appetizer, though the crab cakes were good, and the raved about fried rockfish was pretty overcooked with a bland, though spicy, pineapple and anchovy salsa. Had much better and cheaper in Asian restaurants. Grappa brownie was OK, and my partners trio of cupcakes were....just cupcakes(albeit expensive ones). Spent $190 all up, and feel a little ripped off. No promised romantic table for our anniversary, not even a booth, and the serviceperson had an annoying habit of walking off after I ordered a drink, leaving my husband hanging, and requiring us to get his attention mid 'busy-walk' to ask again, this happened twice. Felt a little rushed.
Wont be back. Not horrendous, just not lovely for us, which was a pity cos we dont get much of a chance to go out these days, and certainly not to blow $200!!

Jul 19, 2006
deb in Pacific Northwest

'english' sausages

sorry all . Its Seattle.
Many thanks

Jul 01, 2006
deb in Pacific Northwest

'english' sausages

Does anyone know where I can find 'em?
Actually I'm after aussie style BBQ sausages (not much meat and lots of filler!!) but didnt like my chances......
Thanks in advance

Jun 30, 2006
deb in Pacific Northwest