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H Mart Plano

Is this location open yet? They've been working on it for a long time. A few months ago I drove up to the front of the store thinking they were open (there were cars in the parking lot), but it was still under construction.

Prepared Family Meals To Go aka an Eatzi's type place in Plano?

Try the Festive Kitchen in Richardson. They have casseroles to go that can feed a family.

Gourmet food delivery/caterer for new mom in London/Herne Hill?

My SIL lives in Leyton (NE London) and just had a baby. I'm looking for a similar service. I tried myfoodforyou but haven't heard back from them. I'm not sure if my SIL is in their delivery area either. Does anyone have any other recommendations?

Oct 20, 2009
jasmine_bay in U.K./Ireland

Lola versus Bijoux

Bijoux would be my pick hands down. We went there for our anniversary last year and Lola this year. Lola was a bit of a disappointment for us. I thought the food and atmosphere were at Bijoux better. Here is my post:

Fresh tofu in Dallas?

Viet Tofu at the corner of Jupiter and Walnut in Garland makes fresh tofu everyday. If you go in the morning it is still warm.

Anniversary Dinner - Lola, Fearings?

Wanted to give a report on our dinner at Lola. The food was good, but both DH and I thought the food at Bijoux was better. The skate was so oversalted that I left about 1/3 of it on the plate. The pea soup was divine though. Our waitress was great, attentive but not overbearing. As for atmosphere, we prefer Bijoux as the tables were farther apart. We had a window seat but the other tables were so close to us that we could hear their conversations. The man behind me was giving this wife a discourse on the Iranian situation. The couple at the another table spoke so loudly that I think every other table in that section could hear them. I'm glad we tried Lola but I think we'll try another place for our next celebration.

Anniversary Dinner - Lola, Fearings?

Following the recommendations of several chowhounders, we went to Bijoux for our anniversary last year. We did the tasting menu and that meal was divine. So where should we go this year? We don't drink, so the wine menu isn't important to us. We just want good food.

Dallas - best flour tortillas?

Thank you! I'll try out Kroger since that's the closest place to me. I'm not usually a corn tortilla fan but the ones from Taqueria El Fuego changed my mind. Yummm... I was actually thinking of asking them if they'd sell me some for my party.

Dallas - best flour tortillas?

I've tried the flour tortillas from Central Market in Plano and from Aparicio's (Plano Tortilla Factory) on 18th St in Plano. I found them both to be good, but are there any better? Are there any other places that sell fresh made flour tortillas? I'm on a quest to find the flour tortilla that comes closest to the ones my friend's grandmother makes.

Irving/Grapevine recommendations

LH, I always enjoy reading your recommendations. From what I've read on your other posts, we have similar tastes. I'll skip the pho then and try Pasand for lunch. I'm not sure I can convince DH to try an all vegetarian place.

The Argentina Bakery sounds nice. We'll give that a try.

Have you been to La Joya?

Irving/Grapevine recommendations

DH and I live in on the east side of Plano so the only time we go to Irving is on our way to the airport. We're attending a conference in Grapevine over Valentine's Day weekend and I'm hoping to get some recommendations for good places to eat. We'll be staying at the Westin DFW.

We'll eat the breakfast buffet at the hotel on Sat, but is there a good breakfast place that you would recommend for Sunday?

Lunch: We'll probably eat at Pho Republic based on the reviews here.

Dinner on Sat: A nice romantic "date night" appropriate place.

Thanks in advance!

Best place for sesame balls in DFW

Thanks for the tip. I went to Pala Cafe/Duy Tan to try the sesame balls today. They were good but not hot when I bought them so I'll have to do a return visit for a true comparison. I also found out that they make tofu at Pala Cafe. I bought some fried tofu, but it wasn't as firmly pressed as at Viet Tofu so some of it fell apart in my curry tonight.

Dec 29, 2007
jasmine_bay in Texas

[DFW] Zander's House, Plano

I'm sorry your last visit was a disappointment. I sympathize as I hate paying good money for a bad meal.

I've been to Zander's 4-5 times and I found the service refreshing in that you actually were waited on rather than just have your food dropped off and then never seeing the waiter again (which is fine for a pho place as my expectation for service is low at such a place). I drink water constantly and my benchmark for good service is whether my glass remains filled. I haven't been disappointed here.

As for the braised salmon, are we talking about clay pot salmon? I've only had this once and remember it to be good with a rich caramel flavor and lots of black pepper. Perhaps ginger in this dish is a regional variation? My mom adds ginger to the chicken version of this dish, but not with fish.

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree over the quality of the food at Zander's. If you know of a better Vietnamese restaurant in the area, please let me know. I' always on the lookout for a good place, because even though I love to cook, I find many of the traditional dishes to be too time-consuming to make at home.

Here are my picks:
pho: Pho Pastuer (Beltline/Plano in Richardson)
bun bo hue: I don't remember the name, but the place on Beltine/Jupiter in Richardson where the Saigon marketplace is going in. The bun was accompanied by a mix of shaved cabbage and banana shoots which I thought was a step up

P.S. I had to chuckle as your comments could easily have been written by my brother. He took his family to Vietnam for 3-weeks this summer, mainly to eat the food. When I asked him how his trip was, I got descriptions of the eateries he went to and the dishes he ate.

Dec 29, 2007
jasmine_bay in Texas

[DFW] Zander's House, Plano

I've been very impressed with Zander's House. It is the most well-executed, using quality ingredients, Vietnamese food I've found in the DFW area. Another poster mentioned Slanted Door in SF. I would agree that Zander's House is in the same league as Slanted Door, as well as Three Seasons in Palo Alto. These places are clean and have great atmosphere (which I do appreciate). More importantly though, the food quality has been taken up a notch.

I realize that at Zander's House price-point, they can afford to use better ingredients (such as a better cut of beef for their shaking beef dish), but it does make a difference in the final quality dish when the ingredients are better.

It's hard to convince DH to order anything other than the bo luc lac (shaking beef), but on our last visit the waiter convinced me to try the fried salmon with the nouc nam dipping sauce. At first I said no, because this is something that my mother makes, and he said, "Well, let's see if my mom makes it better than your mom." I have to admit, his mom's version of this dish was better.

I would also agree with other posters to skip the pho. We ordered some for our 3 year old, but this is definitely not a pho place.

I hope this place makes it. We've gone on Friday nights and it is only about half full. It's not typical around here for Vietnamese food to be considered upscale (the only other place I can think of is the now closed Dralion), but there really is a quality difference between Zander's House and Bistro B.

Dec 28, 2007
jasmine_bay in Texas

Best place for sesame balls in DFW

I have to admit I'm partial to the sesame balls at Viet Tofu (Jupiter/Walnut in Garland). I usually go there around 2:30pm when they've just come out of the fryer. I'll buy six, eat two on the way home, and freeze the rest for another day. The outside is crisp for a crunch as you bite into it, then you get to the chewy sticky rice dough that surrounds a sweet mixture of smashed mung beans mixed with shredded coconut. I'm drooling just thinking about it now.

I've had the sesame balls at La Me (Plano Rd and Walnut) but was very disappointed. I didn't even finish one. I've also had sesame balls at Kim Lan (next to Hiep Thai) but didn't like those either, although but Kim Lan makes the best cha.

So any other places I should try for sesame balls?

Dec 28, 2007
jasmine_bay in Texas