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ISO Croquettes in West End

I am looking for another place to buy croquettes. I tried a spinach one and a mushroom one in Bloor West Village ( Anna's bakery I think) . They are basically crepes rolled up around a filling, covered in breadcrumbs and fried. While the fillings were tasty, there were really too greasy.

Black forest cake in West Toronto

I am looking for the best spot for a black forest cake ( or similar european torte) in the Roncesvalles / Bloor West area.
The cake is for a birthday.

happy hour at Yonge & Dundas

Any good ideas for a couple of drinks and snacks after work?
Cheap but not a chain if possible. My fallback is the new Jack Astors primarily due to the balcony seating.

80th birthday in hamilton

Thanks for the ideas. I will check out Sotiris. We have been to the black forest several times. Great food... but I think I want something a little different for this event.

80th birthday in hamilton

I am looking for a restaurant to celebrate an 80th birthday with 8 adults. The atmosphere would need to be festive/special but the service should be on the informal side. Some of the attendees are generally meat & potatoes types and are not adventurous about trying new food... so for example Japanese would not go over well at all.

Any suggestions?

Budget would be about $35 per person excluding drinks.

Lunch at Jarvis and Carlton

Casey's is not actually at the Grand. it is about 1/2 a block away.

However... the restaurant at the Grand does have very nice lunches

The house salad is great and the bread basket is really good too.

Lykn Chicken

just tried the smoked chicken- excellent. very moist and good bbq flavour.
tilapia was also good although it was a bit soggy by the time i got it home ( a 25 min drive)
rice was ok...a little salty

the chicken was the star attraction for me

options near madison &45th

I am hoping we can get decent meals for $12 at breakfast and $25-30 at dinner (per person including tip and non-alcoholic drinks). I dont mind eating at a counter for breakfast ...but not for dinner. I would prefer to avoid chains but then again I dont really know how pricy the area is to know if this is reasonable.

I will be travelling to NYC with my spouse for the first time from Toronto. Primarily we are there to see the major sights. We will probably eat breakfast and dinner within walking distance of madison and 45th... and then venture farther away for lunch spots.

We have a wide variety of restaurants available in Toronto and I am open to most kind of food. When in Toronto, we typically go to neighbourhood places for Italian, Thai, Polish,German, Greek, Chinese and usually spend around $50-60 for 2 people including drinks.

Jul 13, 2008
Bumpkin in Manhattan

options near madison &45th

I am looking for good but low budget breakfast and dinner options when i stay in NYC next month.

For breakfast I am looking for basic diner or coffee shops for bagels eggs bacon pancakes etc. we might go slightly more upscale for sunday brunch

For dinner i am looking for casual, with some healthy options.


Jul 12, 2008
Bumpkin in Manhattan

Crispy Oatmeal Chip Cookies

should there be butter in the ingredient list?

Apr 21, 2008
Bumpkin in Recipes

Looking for Pierogies to buy in Toronto

Bread and Roses ( Bloor West Village) sells small fresh packages to take home. I think Granowska's ( Roncesvalles) does this too.

Bloor West Village TO-dinner recommendation?

I have an old friend meeting me in Toronto on a Saturday night. I am looking for an good but reasonable restaurant where we can get caught up over dinner. Does anyone have any recommendations for that area? We would be flexible on types of food. Thanks

German deli in K-W or Mississauga/Oakville

Denningers in Oakville ( and Hamilton)

Excellent European deli

Chinese delivery Roncesvalles area?

You could try China Island. We usually eat in but they might deliver as well. They are on Bloor between Keele and Dundas