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Good Eats in Columbia, SC?

Baan Sawan. Yummy Thai food, and a terrific beer/wine program.

Aug 21, 2012
bettyjoan in Southeast

Moved to the city--first food on the list?

Woo hoo, I just signed a lease on an Atlanta apartment! It's in Poncey-Highlands, at the intersection of Freedom Parkway and Ralph McGill. Even though I grew up in the Atlanta area, I never lived in the actual city, and I'm excited to explore my new neighborhood. What places should be top priority? All price ranges and food genres accepted. :-) Recommendations for grocery stores/markets will also be appreciated. Thanks!

Tackle Box

I went to the Tackle Box last weekend for a late lunch/early dinner. It was very good and VERY reasonably priced! For $13, you can get a "Maine Meal" with your choice of fish, two sides, and one sauce. I got fried clams, grilled asparagus, and mac 'n cheese. Boyfriend got fried oysters, braised collard greens, and fries. The mac 'n cheese was just average, but everything else was top notch. They also had a great homemade lemonade.

TB is VERY different from Hook and Proof--it's definitely a super casual environment, and it's not particularly date-friendly (it's mostly big communal picnic tables). So, if you have a free lunch with your bf, I'd definitely suggest it, but don't cancel your reservation at Proof. They are both awesome in unique ways!

Dinner for 70 in Vegas

As my office's resident food fiend, I have been tasked with finding a good restaurant in Vegas for about 70 people in August. The conference is at the Monte Carlo (so the restaurant would need to be walkable or cab-able from there), and they're looking for a price point of $50 per person or less, excluding drinks. Help!

Apr 14, 2008
bettyjoan in Southwest

Atlanta foodie scene

Thanks so much for the feedback--I have been writing about the DC food scene for a while, so I look forward to exploring Atlanta and all it has to offer.

Atlanta foodie scene

I'll be moving back home to Atlanta (grew up in Alpharetta) after spending 3 years in Washington, DC. One of the things I love about our nation's capital is that it has a VERY active foodie community, between message boards, blogs, and in-person events. Can someone direct me to similar things for the Atlanta area? Thanks for the heads-up--can't wait to get to know ATL as a culinary location!

1 Dinner in D.C. - What's Your Favorite?

I would definitely vote for Vidalia--sit at the bar! They have an incredible wine list (in addition to great food), and the bartenders are delightful. I've sipped/dined there alone many times, and I always have a good time.

Sushi Taro

Sushi Taro is my go-to neighborhood sushi joint. I always go for rolls and nigiri (which are fresh and reasonably priced), but my boyfriend doesn't like sushi, and he's had good things to say about the tempura and the yakitori. Is it the best sushi I've ever had? Maybe not. Is it the best in DC? Probably not. But, for the price (I would classify it as "middle of the road" expensive--not el cheapo, but not like Sushi-Ko or Kaz), it's perfectly respectable. All of the visiting Japanese businessmen/dignitaries eat there when they're in town, so that's gotta mean something! As for parking, don't even bother--Metro to Dupont Circle (take the North or Q Street exit, which dumps you at Connecticut and, duh, Q) and take the short walk to 17th and P.

Restaurant Week Report- Vidalia!

Wonderful to hear--I'm going to Vidalia on Saturday night, and I can't wait! I've been there many times, and they always impress me, whether it's RW or not. Thanks for the report! Mmmm, cassoulet...


I went to Minibar in September to celebrate my best gal pal's birthday, and we had a really good time. Our fellow diners were duds and took themselves way too seriously, but the chefs were wonderful and interacted with us a lot. I avoided the wine flights like previous posters, but they actually had a champagne flight that I ordered that went very well with the food. And the food was really interesting! Out of about 30 courses, I'd say that about 22-25 of them were absolute hits (and the rest weren't misses--they were just so-so). It's very hard to describe, but if you're openminded about ingredients (and how they're used together) and cooking methods and presentation, you'll really get a kick out of Minibar. As for the price, when you consider that you're getting dinner AND a show (it truly is like theater), it's not so bad! :-)


I love Proof--was there about two weeks ago to celebrate the boyfriend's birthday, and we really enjoyed our dinner. The charcuterie plate was HUGE and quite tasty and varied (the house-made pate is awesome). The scallops were cooked perfectly, and the cauliflower soup blew us away--so yummy! The go-to desserts are sticky toffee pudding cake and goat's cheesecake, and they're both fab. On previous trips, I've also really enjoyed the gnocchi. The food is consistently good, and the wine list is fab--my new fave in DC!