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Any thoughts on Rice Cube Thai in Lexington?

I've driven by there quite a few often and wondered the same thing! I'll post a review if/when I ever make it in there.

Food Franchises That Don't Suck

I finally made it to Del Frisco's recently for a nice high-end lunch. Very good steak place.

Apr 25, 2014
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Sad news - Boston Super Dog

This is terrible. I just heard about this.

RIP Greg

Best deli in town is at ... the Burlington Market Basket

I had to run in there recently to pick up a few things, and I think it's at the counter adjacent to the express checkout, on the opposite side from customer service booth. This is the counter that serves beverages (including coffee, it turns out!). I didn't have time to stop as it was near closing time *but* I think I saw on the wall that it was LESS THAN 99 cents! I'll try to reconfirm the next time I go shopping there.....when I'm in less of a hurry.

Best deli in town is at ... the Burlington Market Basket

99 cent espresso? How could I have missed that? Will keep an eye out next time I'm over there.

DeMoula's Market Basket - moved from Chains board

Pretty sure Burlington has it too.

Go Fish food truck can go "fish" itself

I've read quite a few reviews by Bob and I don't perceive him as one who cops an attitude with service staff. In fact I don't think I recall Bob as much of a negative poster at all, he usually has good and fair things to say, if I recall correctly.

The guy in the truck, assuming he's not the owner, probably was relieved to have one less order to deal with if he was in the weeds. And if I was in his shoes I may have felt the same way, but I would have at least said "I'm sorry, I didn't know when/if you were coming back"

And as for attitude, that can rarely be conveyed in text. It's body language, tone, etc. If a server acts like they don't care, I'm also less likely to spend my money there. That said, there's good 'attitude' and bad attitude. Bob knows the difference---I've seen it in his reviews (particularly of Santarpio's in E. Boston). I've had some great experiences in diners around town that were certainly enhanced by the "attitude" (in a good way) of the matronly waitress. Once again, very hard to discern in print (especially from me, as I re-read this post of mine!).

Go Fish food truck can go "fish" itself

Gotta agree.

No danger of my going there anyway, I don't work close by. Although I'd have been tempted by anything seafood-y. They should have more seafood-trucks in general...somebody open more of them!!

June Openings + Closings...Mostly Openings

THanks for posting this, I meant to start a thread a couple days ago but didn't get the chance. I am on their email list and when I got word of the move I thought at first "aw crap I have to drive further" but given the prepared food space PLUS beer---it'll be worth the extra few miles for me to drive!

Seafood Companies in Seaport District that sell shellfish direct (retail)?

Thanks very much! I didn't find Nagle to be intimidating , just...confusing. And I cant' believe I didn';t think of Stavis, I pass by there all the time.
Thanks again for all the suggestions, this is great.

Seafood Companies in Seaport District that sell shellfish direct (retail)?

Thanks 9Lives, I think I'll need less than the minimum this time around but that's good to know. Google maps said they were on the same pier as the World Trade Center. Are they actually on Fish Pier?

Seafood Companies in Seaport District that sell shellfish direct (retail)?

I've heard second-hand of folks getting some great deals by going to some of the Seafood companies in this area. For example, getting a 5 or 10 lb bag of clams / mussels / shrimp. So far I"ve only tried Nagle and they happened to not have what I needed that day.

If anyone who's had experience buying shellfish this way, please share, i'd appreciate it!

Subs / grinders @ Santoros

Right, and when I had to make an 'excursion' to the World Trade Center in those days I'd stop there while hoofing it to or from South Station.

Subs / grinders @ Santoros

Cool, do report if you end up there! I rarely pass through Malden but if I happen across it I'll pull over as well!

What Was The First Wine Advertisement That You Recall?

The Black Tower one had a girl sitting on a picnic blanket holding a peach, while the guy poured the wine....quite artsy-fartsy lol

Subs / grinders @ Santoros

I am lucky enough to have been to that Santoro's a couple of times, when I had business in the area back in the mid 1990s. Great subs--great place. I never new there was a chain of them, it seemed so unique.

Thanks to Chowhounders - First stop - Neptunes! Second stop - Reginas!

My New Yorker relatives have always done it as well, FWIW.

The New Del Frisco's

I remember that...especially this line: " I like to call in for a take out, then eat it there....that way it's a surprise"

June 2011 Openings and Closings

The Park Plaza is a Starwood Property? I did not know that.

Seeking good "bad" Chinese-American food in the inner western burbs (Belmont / Arlington / Lexington / Watertown / Waltham, maybe Cambridge and Somerville)

i'm intrigued (and really trying not to write what I'm laughing to myself about right now) ; what's a Spick String bean?

Hot Dogs: the Definitive List.

I always regarded that stretch of cambridge street as good foot traffic, but I certainly agree that it's a tough place for any food establishment to do business overall.

People walking to/from Beacon Hill, the govt. buildings, and Suffolk U. bldgs near by *should* support places on that end of Cambridge Street but the lack of parking is probably the real problem.

May 2011 Openings and Closings

That's interesting and would be a good alternative in the Financial District. I forgot to mention that the owner of Dolce Freddo is an Italian guy who was a gelatiero back in Italy. Makes one heckuva difference.!

Wegman's- looks like it's really happening?

I thought the same thing! Now if they have a Pimiento Loaf guy as well, I'm all in!

Som Tum at Rod Dee -- hallelujah!

What? No "Seafood Phuket" jokes yet ;)

May 2011 Openings and Closings

I suppose it's a smarter idea to open a gelateria rather than an(other) ice cream shop in that space, especially with Cabot's nearby.

But please, oh please can it really be really good gelato? I'll have to try it myself to find out. The only place I've had good gelato in the states was from Dolce Freddo in Newburyport.

Nuda eh? No shirt no shoes.....no service till ya take off the rest of your clothes?

Big Sky bakery opening in Watertown Square

Gotta agree--the Newton location for me was in the "i WANT to love it, but it's only 'okay' " category for me.

But I will give the new location a try for sure.

Sliders in Boston

I was at Lucky's a couple months ago and saw an order of them being delivered to the bar. They looked good (but I was starving). They looked slightly larger and maybe a TEENSY bit more fancy than a classic slider...but once again I was starving so they looked like chateaubriand to me.

Searching for great subs in Cambridge/Somerville

hahaa sooo true. I had a similar experience when I moved here.

But the toasted italian-sub-from-a-greek-owned-pizza-place is pretty good.---the toasting takes the edge off the lower quality "cold" cuts.

Best Hamentashen in the Boston Area?

On a recent impulse buy I got a mini pack from Wilson Farm in Lexington (of all places!). They were actually not bad!

Wilson Farm
10 Pleasant St, Lexington, MA 02421

Lunch near Andrew Square

Re the "dirty gloves' I believe they only look 'dirty' because of the charcoal. Gregg grills each dog and the bun over charcoal and I'd like to think that's soot on the heat-resistant gloves. Others will chime in, I hope i'm correct.

I've eaten speeds dogs or a few years now and I've never gotten remotely sick. Bloated, temporarily immobilized due to over-full stomach, but never sick.