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Seoul Soulongtang and Bottega Fiorentina any good?

Is the original guy really still there? I thought he sold a while ago. I could be thinking of an outpost location though.

Where to buy Squirt?

Wow, haven't even thought of that stuff since I was a kid. Glad to hear they still make it!

Restaurant staff self-grooming

Kudos though, for using the term 'nitpick' in a thread where grooming one's hair is mentioned.


Restaurant staff self-grooming

Well, my thoughts are :

1) Ewww.

2) I wish I knew which restaurant this was, so that I could avoid it like the Plague.

Quick Brighton Center breakfast?

That'd be great thanks! May give me reason to go over there sometime when I'm nearby (which isn't often)

How are these restaurants?

Trade is the only one in the group that I've been to and my impression is identical to yours. I was there for a casual business lunch as well.

July 2015 Openings and Closings

This is the former location of Kathmandu Spice, btw.

Quick Brighton Center breakfast?

I also seem to remember the sausages looking like the shape of a spring that got partially uncoiled....which was an entertaining presentation.

It was years ago for me too.

Quick Brighton Center breakfast?

Jim's Deli is the place with the Irish Breakfast, right? I've been there once . It was good, fast, and didn't leave me substantially hungry for lunch afterward. While I'm no expert on Irish breakfast, I enjoyed it.

Plenty of other options on the menu, quick cafeteria-style service if I remember correctly (it's been a while!).

Johnny D’s music club plans to close - The Boston Globe

Agreed! The food was definitely serviceable. Main attraction of course was the music but the food was pretty decent, for a music venue. And what a venue it is/was. Going to miss that place.

Morano Gelato Chestnut Hill, the realness

I'm even further intrigued now, because I'd neglected to mention in my prior post Dolce freddo being my favorite gelato outside of Italy.

Chestnut Hill is a shorter drive for me, I need to check it out soon!

Morano Gelato Chestnut Hill, the realness

I didn't manage much more than a shrug when I first heard about this place, after seeing and trying so many self-described "authentic" Italian gelato and being disappointed every time.

But after your review and my checking out the company website, I am intrigued.

Thanks for the post.

PS: I recently learned that the cantaloupe was first cultivated in Italy. In a farming village called...well, Cantalup of course!

Shucked Island Creek Oysters at Wegmans Burlington MA.

Wow, a reason to try Wegman's again!

Is there a minimum purchase (say, 1 dz vs 2 dz)? I'd be tempted to tip them back while still in the store just after checking out!

June 2015 Openings and Closings

Never, I don't think.

I was trying to be funny (don't worry, not quitting my day job), while at the same time thinking that you were referring to the S&W castle rather than the cantina space. And the Castle isn't particularly close to where Joey Mack's used to be, but it was the silliest example I could think of.

June 2015 Openings and Closings

Yeah but I thought Jose' McIntyre's had closed?

(but seriously which actual Irish place are you referring to?)

Native Strawberries....anyone seen 'em?

I have paid to pick my own strawberries, raspberries and apples! I have some minor back trouble as well but have always been able to fill up a quart container very quickly--really only a few minutes.

What amazes me is the farm workers who do this all day/every day. Much respect to them.

June 2015 Openings and Closings

Well? Did he ride a 10-speed style bicycle which most notably, did NOT have a step-through style frame?

Native Strawberries....anyone seen 'em?

I also saw them at Farmers Market last week. Can't remember which stand I bought them from but they were touted as using minimal pesticides if not organic. several farms offered them and they all were similar in appearance (smaller than supermarket berries, lighter in color). Of course they were great and disappeared from the fridge within 24 hours.

Pasta with squid ink in the sauce, not the dough?

Ah the ground calamari, that's what I had at Daily catch. It was good but not inky. I remember now.

(alfredo with squid ink pasta? Hmm okay?)

Dang, so who has the squid ink *sauce* pasta!??!

Popular (and Successful) vs. Good

I've got to agree. My only gripe is that it can be noisy sometimes. But the oysters are great, view is great.

Whenever I'm 'stuck' in the Seaport District this is where I want to eat.

Pasta with squid ink in the sauce, not the dough?

I thought the "Calamari Caffe" aka Daily Catch in the North End had it? Not sure, it's been a while. If it does have the ink in the sauce, it was nowhere near as prominent as it is in the Venitian version, where it is fantastic and loaded with ink to the point where your teeth turn black ;)

Looking forward to the responses; this is a great question about a dish I really loved, but haven't eaten in ages.

June 2015 Openings and Closings

Yep then he'd take off down Beacon on his 10-speed.

best bagel in boston?

Hmmm Life's a Bagel eh? Any relation to the old Life's a Bagel in Brookline? Those were darn good!

best bagel in boston?

I like Katz's just find, but I personally can't go by longevity alone. That'd make the Union Oyster House the best restaurant in Boston.

Katz's are very good. Second only to Rosenfelds in my book. And those hot dog roll thingies at Katz's are awesome.

KO Pies- Southie Building dispute

and/or move a couple miles to the west, and they will have me as a regular customer!

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

The Food Sucking is just one of the many reasons I won't ever move to Florida, even if the next 20 winters are 'worse' than this past one.

One note on rib eye for cheese steak. I *think* at least one of the two "famous" cheese steak places (by 'famous' I mean 'no locals go there' in Philadelphia (Geno's maybe) uses rib eye in their cheese steaks. That's of no help to a Bostonian, but I just wanted to mention it because I think I heard the owner say that in an interview once.

Whenever one of my friends/neighbors/coworkers talks about moving to FL it's always because of the weather. I tell them 'go for it' but I won't be joining them.

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

Travis Diner on Newbury Street? Loved their lime rickeys.

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

It was only a five year non-compete? I was thinking it must have been 20 years!

But Howell's in Newton was definitely worth the wait. That place is great!

Best ice cream in Boston is..

Absolutely agree re Dolce Freddo. I met the owner a couple years ago. The gelato is the real deal, because the owner is the real deal. A gelatiero from Italy, who learned how to make the stuff in Italy.

Great, great stuff.

May 2015 Openings and Closings

Francesca's in Arlington closed at the end of May.


This place was awesome. Owner worked really hard and maybe got tired of it. Or, lost his lease -- Seems to be a large amount of turnover on that stretch of mass Ave.

If the owner ends up somewhere else I hope it gets announced somehow. Absolutely loved his food.