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Nassau Bahama Restaurants

Tried Indigo last night. Do NOT eat the sushi. I repeat, any true foodie should not eat the sushi. The burger was excellent though. The bar is the most fun place to eat.

Also, we can confirm that Cafe Matisse is worth every penny. Order one meal and eat lots of bread -- they just keep bringing it.

Nassau Bahama Restaurants

We tried dinner at Capriccio on W Bay St, Nassau, Bahamas. The number is 242-327-8547. It was quite nice. We shared a greek salad and the fruit of the sea and we enjoyed it for $30, tip included. It's a nice one mile walk from the Cable Beach hotels.

Lulu's Bakery in the North End

Google the Boston Globe article about cupcakes on 08/30/06. It talks about Lulu's and others.

Sep 09, 2006
Marciah1 in Greater Boston Area