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Big Green Egg

called eggfest coming up..they want 1500 with tax for large out of my reach...may get it at home hardware on bayiew they want 1200 with everything...drag

Big Green Egg

Did read original post and did follow up. All the stores mentioned are asking for 1500 after tax. Most people got it for 1099 with tax. That is large egg with nest. So need to find it cheaper somewhere

Big Green Egg

Hi everyone, need to find an Egg--Heard prices with everything around 1grand, does anyone know where I can find one. Need one.

Big Green Egg in Toronto

curious who did you just call for 1099 which company, store?

Maryland Blue Crabs

WERE..T@T DOES not sell large maryland blue crabs...dont mix this up with soft shell crabs are about double/triple the size

Maryland Blue Crabs

Does anyone know where i can get Blue Crabs live in Toronto? these are not refered as soft crabs but blue? have never seen them here

Tilda basmati rice toronto

Does anyone know where I can buy Tilda rice? Spadina--Dundas or anywhere else in Toronto? Thanks

where can i buy carapelli evoo toronto

where can i buy it downtown? and can you recommend something else that is good around the same president choice getting tired of that

bbq ribs again i know

have a question to mentioned in this room some people do not like ribs that are fall off the bone, or smoothered in sauce. I like ribs that you have to pull off the bone like steak pitt with a dry rub, here is the question..what do you call this style of is not memphis or st. louis me thinks these are the same--fall off the ribs wet and smokey. I do not boil my ribs..just put rub on them place them in bbq on high heat then transfer them to side bbq heat off and let them cook through. Thanks.

Best Piri Piri Chicken in T.O.?

does anyone know good places for piri piri churrasco that delivers downtown core ..for luch one person $10ish? would love to order from a place once a week, but do not know of any?

O-Mei in Richmond Hill - Review

any suggestions for take out?

Ackee Tree at Spadina/Queen

how much for the chicken, much for the shrimp? is this take out food or do you have to sit down?

Toronto coming into town..

HI, wife and I are staying for 5 days wondering if you could give me a list of top restaurants to try. Any style of food would be great looking to spend $100 for 2 no wine.