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Deep Fried Pineapple - Downtown Toronto

Hi elizabethmaitland, although it's not downtown, Old Yorke Fish and Chips at Laird and Eglinton has it on the menu. I'm not fussy on it myself but friends have enjoyed it there. Bonus if you like fish and chips because they do a great job of it.

Toque' / Splendido

Did anyone go to the visit of Chef David Lee from Toronto's Splendido restaurant to Toque'.
My wife and I went when Chef Normand Laprise visited Splendido. It was magic from beginning to end. And we didn't want it to end!!!

Best Steak in Collingwood/Blue Mountain

Sorry to hear of your experience "thenurse". I hope for their sake that it is a matter of growing pains, as I know they have only recently opened. I have known them to be much better in Huntsville.

A good coffee shop to study at around Yonge and Bloor?

I have to say I think a public library would best suit your needs.

Best Steak in Collingwood/Blue Mountain

Go to "3 Guys and a Stove". They have recently opened in the make believe village. Very good food at reasonable prices, in a well run restaurant. Owner is a friend who also has a location of "3 Guys and a Stove" just outside of Huntsville.

A good coffee shop to study at around Yonge and Bloor?

Sorry I can't think of a spot to recommend but I can tell you that Caffe Doria and Patachou would not be appropriate for what you are looking for. Neither one would I consider to be a 'coffee shop'. They are both crazy busy lunch/dinner spots and I'm pretty sure someone drinking coffee and studying would be frowned upon.

Open that Bottle Night

Beautiful. Enjoy eescuder. I'm sure your brother Bob would be well pleased to know it's being enjoyed in his memory. Cheers!

Feb 23, 2008
Mr. Millygirl in Wine

Open that Bottle Night

That is a nice story eescuder. It is a fun and respectfull way to remember your brother. Millygirl and I just opened a 2000 white Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte. What Cab of your brother's did you open?

Feb 23, 2008
Mr. Millygirl in Wine

Okay Okay = NOT Okay

Yup, new owners took possession just after christmas.

Rate this wine for me, please

So much depends on the storage method. If the wine was kept in a cool, dark room there is a very good chance it will still be good if not great. Is there anything else on the label that might indicate that the wine is from a particular property. If so, this will even further the likleyhood that the wine survived. Nuits Saint George produces some of the greatest and longest-lived Burgundies. Let me know how it turns out for you, good luck.

Feb 23, 2008
Mr. Millygirl in Wine


Fair enough MartiniGirls. Allen's is a safe and relaxed place. However, I wish they were more consistant (quality of food). Also, I have never had anything but a positive experience with the staff, or clientel.

Good Caterers Toronto

I agree martinigirls. I highly recommend Ezra Title of Chezvous Dining. He does amazing, creative food. Very personable too! My wife hired him for my 50th - what a great night we had. He put on a fabulous dinner with a demo course, everyone raved!!!


I agree with Tara9000, Allen's is very over rated. Their food is mediocre at best. The owners seems to have a "how dare you attitude". I have been treated as both a star and a bum. I have long thought that if there was a decent chef to match the atmosphere it would be a destination spot ,but I just can not seem to warm to the mgmt. Who am I to argue with success.

Il Fornello on the Danforth

What can you recommend at Trapezzi phoenikia? Never been and haven't heard much about it.

wings for Sunday: bake vs.

We grill 'em. 10 minutes on one side, turn and grill for another 10, turn one last time and grill for 10 again on medium heat. Come out perfectly crisp each time.

Feb 03, 2008
Mr. Millygirl in Home Cooking

[Ottawa] Best LCBO for Sherry?

There seem to be plenty of both in the system. Inter-store transfers are also an easy option.

Must eat in Ottawa

Maxie, you MUST eat at "Les Fougeres". Just minutes outside Ottawa in Chelsea, Quebec. Geat food, very romantic.

[Ottawa] Best LCBO for Sherry?

Hi Max, there are two that I have had recently and loved. "Apostoles" and "Noe". These are both 30 yr old and slightly off dry. $25. half bottle. Both are available in and around Ottawa. Happy hunting, let me know what you end up with.

Prime - Windsor Arms Hotel

OK Chows, this is my first post. You may know my smarter half, "Millygirl". The girl has been after me for a while now to start posting my dining experiences, so we start with Prime Steak house in the W/A hotel.

Upon arrival one of the 2 doormen almost bowls over Millygirl as he charges out the door to grab the taxi that we have just arrived in. One would fairly assume that with a job title like "doorman" your duties would be straight forward. Open the cab door for my wife, then open the hotel door for both of us. The restaurant assistant manager sat us at a table that had not been fully set nor did she have enough menus for our party. She said that she was going to print off new ones and returned 5 mins later with menus that had food stains. In fairness, they may have been copies of food stains, and not actually real stains.

All in our party of 5 ordered the Sunday night special of Prime rib with yorkshire pudding. The beef was good enough but the pudding had more of a cake consistancy. It was almost like corn bread than the airy and rich yorkshire I know. There is really not too much else to say about the food, roast beef dinner is pretty straight forward. We did have some apps which we all good. Fried oysters, lobster bisque, ceasar salad.

The restaurant's biggest shortcoming is the lack of attention to detail when it comes to service. I like a place where the manager walks the floor like a stalking wolf, looking for every opportunity to provide for the guests. The service at the Windsor Arms has become quite passive. What a shame.