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Clams-on-the-half-shell in Connecticut

In the past few years, the price for raw clams at my favorite seafood shack in Norwalk, CT has gone from $9.50/dozen to $15.00/dozen. As someone who can easily scarf-down a couple dozen with a frosty beer, the current price is ridiculous. Are there any bargain clam spots left near Stamford, CT? Thanks for any and all ideas!

Catskills Region Road Trip - Suggestions, Please?

I will be driving along Route 17 through the Catskills, then on up I-81 North toward Syracuse this week. I know about the Roscoe Diner, of course, and remember the Miss Monticello Diner in its heyday. Any suggestions for breakfast or lunch along that route? Thanks for any and all ideas.

LES seafood suggestions?

Thanks, guys, for all of these excellent suggestions! I knew that Chinatown would be a good option for budget-conscious seafood, but my wife simply won't go. She considers it too "adventurous". Thankfully, my son is happy to accompany me for soup dumplings anytime I ask. Upstate is probably her choice, based on what you've suggested here. Does anybody know if this place is still open for business (their website appears to be down):

Thanks again.

Mar 06, 2014
alehrfeld in Manhattan

LES seafood suggestions?

Around $25pp if that's possible.

Mar 05, 2014
alehrfeld in Manhattan

LES seafood suggestions?

Visiting the lower east side with my wife on Saturday, and we are on a tight budget. Would appreciate any help finding a decent place for seafood that is inexpensive. I have heard that Tiny Fork and Lobster Joint are worth trying. Any and all advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

Mar 05, 2014
alehrfeld in Manhattan

Granite Restaurant, Centennial Hotel, Concord, NH

I am on a business trip to Concord, NH, and was looking forward to dinner at the Granite Restaurant in the Centennial Hotel based on the fine reviews posted to date.

I visited the Granite Restaurant tonight, Thurs., Sept. 24. I ordered half a dozen raw oysters (which were fine), and half a dozen fried oysters (which were not on the menu, but which should have been easily presented, as "Oysters 3 Ways" -- which included a fried oyster -- was)!

The raw oysters were delicious and well presented. My server brought cocktail sauce and horseradish to my liking.

The fried oysters were overly salty and inedible. When I sent them back to the kitchen, my server told me that the chef agreed -- they were too salty -- and that the kitchen would shuck a fresh batch and fry them to order.

The order that arrived was similarly overly salty -- I don't know if the kitchen did anything differently, but the food was still inedible.

I asked for my check, and left.

Now that I am back at my hotel and having had no dinner tonight, I am interested in hearing any and all responses.

What should I have done, and was the restaurant right in charging me for my appetizer and drinks (when I left without dinner)!

Giordano's / Anthony's / Giovanni's Steakhouse, Stamford, CT

Hello cbruno1,

Thank you for your reply, and congratulations! We are long-time "regulars" at Giordano's (formerly Giovanni's) and several of Stamford's best-known restaurants, having raised our family here for more than 20 years. How about inviting us to your opening, we would love to participate and spread the word! E-mail me at

Giordano's / Anthony's / Giovanni's Steakhouse, Stamford, CT

Does anyone know what has happened at Giordano's Steakhouse on Long Ridge Road in Stamford? It appears to be closed. This restaurant had been Giovanni's II for many years, then changed its name to Anthony's when the owner, Tony, passed away and control went to his son, and then more recently to Giordano's. But the place has been closed for a few weeks now. Anybody know what's up?

East End Long Island Spring Dining and Wine Tasting

Regrettably, chef Steve Brower has left the Olde Speonk Inn and I have heard a rumor that the restaurant will close or be sold soon. I hope that isn't true. I have enjoyed many excellent meals there.

Mail Order Seafood

Does anyone know where I can find reviews or discussions about mail order seafood companies? I am looking for reputable suppliers of flash-frozen Wild Alaskan Salmon, along with other wild-caught fish. Thanks for any and all advice.

Jan 13, 2008
alehrfeld in General Topics