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Moving to NJ - what town(s) have most interesting restaurants and food stores?

Have to disagree. In the Edgewater area, we not only have Korean, and Latin nearby in North Bergen and Union City (excellent real Mexican, Cuban, etc.), we also have great Turkish and Italian. Kinara is a delicious Indian restaurant in Edgewater, and offers some of the freshest Indian food around (the chefs rely on subtle but delicious spicing rather than loading the food with creams and oil). There is good Japanese (Umeya) not far away in Cresskill. Drive down to Jersey City and there is Nha Thran (Vietnamese - very similar to Nha Thran in Chinatown), and little India with all the great options including Dosa House. There are also Korean-Chinese restaurants in the area that are very good. We also have Korean soft tofu restaurants that are great. There's Jewish cooking in Englewood (nearby). There are also some Spanish (European) restaurants in Weehawken. But, yes, the Edgewater - Fort Lee area is expensive, but Montclaire (nice area) is no bargain either.

And, in Edgewater, there is Trader Joe's. Further, Hoboken is close by.

Nov 20, 2009
sbrener in New Jersey

Best Mexican food in NYC

Well, there is some real Mexican stuff out there, nearby NYC. If you come to North Bergen, West New York (by Weekhawken) or Union City, they have real Mexican restaurants where the workers and patrons are primarily Mexican families, and where next to no English is spoken. These places are inexpensive and the food blows away what one typically gets at a "Mexican" restaurant elsewhere.

Nov 20, 2009
sbrener in Manhattan

Looking for some Polish Home Cooking

I'll second Little Poland. The food is great and inexpensive. The perogies are terrific...I love the boiled mushroom and sauerkraut ones with sauteed onions on top. Most dishes are really good, and it really sticks to your ribs.

Mar 07, 2009
sbrener in Outer Boroughs

natto or hatcho miso in NYC?

If you do decide to go to Mitsuwa, come hungry. The food court, which was completely redone about 2 years ago, now has some really good options. The ramen is really, really good. They also have other very good alternatives too. And, while you are there, you can pick up you Hatcho miso and natto - they have many options.

Sep 16, 2007
sbrener in Manhattan

Best Bergen County Chinese?

There's a Baumgart's in Edgewater, at City Place on River Road. The Chinese dishes were boring, unadventurous, overpriced and disappointing. Probably would marginally suffice if you were deep in the suburbs and there was no real Chinese to be had anywhere near by and you were dying for something close to Chinese.

I wonder if the other one is any better.

Apr 18, 2007
sbrener in New Jersey

Good food in Northern NJ?

Maybe not completely Northern NJ, but in Jersey City (near Journal Square) on Newark Ave., you'll find the best dosas around. Dosa House is incredible (blows away anything I had in NYC). Give it a try. Their Samosa Chatt (w/ chickpeas) is also to die for. Their sambar - yummmmmm. This place is a real gem.

Apr 18, 2007
sbrener in New Jersey

Pho and/or Vietnamese Sandwhiches in Northern NJ

I've been to Mo' Pho' in Fort Lee and wasn't overly impressed. Overall, I think that Nha Trang in Jersey City crushes Mo' Pho'.

Chinatown style Chinese near Fort Lee

Does anyone know of any really yummy, Chinatown style restaurants in the Fort Lee area? We often just go into Chinatown, but it would be great to find something local.

The best would be to find an unassuming, store-fronty type place with a large selection of yummy food.

Chinese rest. in ridgefield pk on rt 46

If you mean China 46, it still is.

I've heard good things about it. Is it worth a trip to? I've been looking for really good Chinese in the Edgewater area. We usually just go to Chinatown, but it would be nice to find something local.


Best Malaysian food in NYC?

I have to say that I have never been disappointed by Nonya. The food is very tasty, and the decor attractive, if that matters.

It was also endorsed by a Malaysian-Chinese friend of mine who is also a food luva!


Apr 18, 2007
sbrener in Manhattan