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Picking up the tab

Perhaps he just requested a "good scotch"? I once asked for a suggested glass of dessert wine to go with my dessert, and without mentioning anything, they brought me a $65 glass. Granted, it was a high end (over $100 a person before liquor) meal but I still thought it was quite out of line, and my fiance and I were more than a bit pissed off about it.

Dec 15, 2010
crazycrazypete in Not About Food

Via Quadronno at Merrick Park closed for non-payment of taxes

Went by tonight - stickers on the door saying they owe $6,200. Ended up at Yardhouse instead.

Via Quadronno
4100 Salzedo St, Coral Gables, FL 33146

A superb first impression: Singh's Cafe in Wellesley (detailed review)

I've taken clients to lunch here a few times - it is always loved. Great mango lassis too.

March openings and closings

I'd accept a Yard House, or perhaps a Capital Grill...and there is parking back there but it is a pain in butt - always a jam back there...

March openings and closings

Given that the Blockbuster is still empty, and the rest of that building is a half-empty mish-mash I wouldn't hold my breath for anything of value anytime soon. The parking situation makes it tough, and Porter Square certainly doesn't need a chain restaurant...

Dinner for two near Westin Copley Plaza?

Another post mentions Hammersly's on vacation right now - are they open?

Best price in Boston on Fernet-Branca?

It's $29.99 at most places in Somerville.

Where to get Teppanyaki in Boston?

It was great (if a bit dated) back in the day, I hope to check it out soon and will report back. I have visited Fuji *listed below) on a few occasions, has generally been a very positive experience, although it gets very crowded (with kids) on the weekends.

Thanksgiving dinner in Boston

We have done Turner Fisheries for the last three years. Great selection including raw bar, cheeses, turkey, and desserts. $65 a person.

Where to get Teppanyaki in Boston?

Bisuteki in cambridge just reopened this past weekend. It took nearly three years so I hope it was worth the wait!

Forest Cafe to close

This is my single favorite place for saturday afternoon drinking (maybe it is the accepting attitude of my margarita intake?) and will leave a serious void!

Help! Boyfriend's Birthday Dinner

Welcome to the area.
Gargoyles in Davis is fun and somewhat romantic but also fun.
Also, there are a few good places in central square that are dark/romantic but also great for parties - Rendezvous and Central Kitchen.
All of them have great food and drinks IMO.

Fall 2009 Openings and Closings

This actually does make a little sense, as one of the current owners of the Tap (and the money guy) is a brazillian kid that just graduated from Northeastern a few years ago, and his parents are very very wealthy real estate developers down there. He and the other owners (recent grads as well) always seemed more focused on selling beer to college students than food, but maybe that has changed. But I don't have high hopes.

Q Tonic

Davis Square liquors and Porter square both charge the same. I was not impressed enough to pay the premium - well at least not when I am having guests over.

Margarita Crawl

Started at Forrest Cafe. Had three awesome margaritas (one authentic, two melon) then stopped at border cafe in Harvard for a frozen and some chips. Realized we were too buzzed to make it to south boston! Forrest Cafe was great - just a few regulars, and Bob the bartender was awesome. I may have to make it my saturday afternoon stop!

Margarita Crawl

I need to organize an impromptu 'margarita crawl' from Porter Square to South Boston tomorrow from 1 PM to 5PM. Any suggestions on where to stop - it will just be a small group. Starting at Forrest Cafe, and will be walking/T the rest of the way. Thanks in advance!

My 22 birthday what to do!

Kings requires you to be 21 after 7Pm I believe, she mentioned some under aged friends. That sounds like an awesome birthday, however.

As for Belly dancers, I like Tangerino. Awesome atmosphere/fun party spot

Restaurant Week Menu's

You can try calling them and asking for them to fax over a copy - we have done that a few times before. I like to see the menu before we go lest we be disappointed.

What was the story in Jimmy's Harborside?

Just what that area needs - another Legals! Not like there is one across the street, and down the street, and...
We lived at Park lane for two years and kept up hope for something new and interesting, but all they managed to do was spend 16 months pulling up the docks...

Summer 2009 openings and closings

The Regal Beagle?

Tasca - is it common not to seat incomplete parties? [moved from Boston board]

I agree - I 100% support the complete party rule. I have found that, in almost all cases, if you call while on your way and mention "we may be 20 minutes late" it goes much farther than showing up late/incomplete and fighting with the host. Even places with a "10 minute rule" will generally seat you no matter how late you arrive if you have the forethought to call and warn them. This is why I always put the restaurant's # in my phone before I leave, in case of traffic/accident/late girlfriend/hobo parade etc

Jul 21, 2009
crazycrazypete in Not About Food

ISO Grilled Oysters

I love those clams, and now that I found the recipe online, I grill them all the time!

Special Occassion Brunch

We love Henrietta's Table for a decadent Sunday brunch. Don't plan on eating again anytime soon if you do it right,

bond -- don't bother

I thought the universe was going to implode, but everyone stayed in their appropriate areas and we avoided an atomic breakdown.

bond -- don't bother

I can concur that the bar was four cougars deep when I went one thursday. I was also sickened somewhat by the 50 year old men swooning over 25 year old women. It took 15 minutes to get my mediocre dirty martini. It was a thursday, and the line outside was easily 20 people long. I won't be back, at least not after work.

Kaze vs. Shabu Zen

We are Kaze fans as well - no wait, great portions, and a fun yet more private atmoshphere. And I love the Japanese soy sauce broth. If only the parking lot wasn't so pricey.

Steak house near Newton?

Capital grill is a good bet as mentioned, the Lamb chops and lobster bisque are amazing.

pf changs coming to cambridgeside

We love Dante - from the food to the atmosphere. And they threw an awesome party with $3 drinks and free food 2 weeks ago on the deck! Great pasta and excellent drinks.

Jose's Cambridge recent experience

We usually love Jose's but yesterday at brunch we had a downright horrible experience. We asked for water 3x, it finally came 15 minutes later. Our margaritas came 20+ minutes in, when they were serving our food. Our waiter had our orders completely wrong, and I was forced to wait 10 minutes while they haphazardly threw together my order (still not right but by then my friends were finished eating so I just ate it anyway. They thankfully comped my margarita and our guacamole, but this was the second time in the last two months that we experienced weak service, improper timing, and food that was thrown together (the other time my 1st margarita came when I was mid way through my meal, even though we ordered before we ordered our food)

I'm having a hard time singing their praises these days...

Grilled Cheese at Paddy Kelly's

Just stopped at Paddy Kelly's in Peabody - now Grilled Cheese is without a doubt my favorite sandwich of all time. The grilled cheese I just had here blew me away - so much cheese and ham but perfectly grilled for $7.99 with a huge plate of seasoned waffle fries. I thought I made the best at home but I stand corrected. My friend had the steak tips and said they were great too. Boston needs more cheap yet delicious bar food and cheap beer - it seems like you can always get one or the other, but maybe I am just looking in the wrong places...or I need to move outside the city...