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Best Umami Burger Location for Large Group?

I was planning on taking a large group--about eight to ten people--to Umami Burger on a Sunday. What's the best location?

Umami Burger
850 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Dec 12, 2010
ctk6446 in Los Angeles Area

Sanuki No Sato in Gardena - review

I always refer to this place as "the Japanese Denny's."

Sep 09, 2008
ctk6446 in Los Angeles Area

Large Group Lunch Near Griffith Park?

Any recommendations for a weekday lunch place near Griffith Park for a group of about twenty-five? I was thinking of some of the Thai Town places, like Jitlada or Sanamluang Cafe, but I'm not sure how well they could accommodate a large group.

Everyone's an engineer, and there might be some hiking in the park after lunch, so a casual place would be best.

Sep 08, 2008
ctk6446 in Los Angeles Area

Best Long Beach Pizza?

This place wasn't bad. I was expecting a very casual pizzeria-type place. It's still a casual place, but it's an Italian-American place that serves good pizza. I like the Calabria (spelling?) pizza we ordered.

Next door people were waiting to get into a Mexican place called Enrique's.

Dec 31, 2007
ctk6446 in Los Angeles Area

Best Hwae Dup Bap (sp)?

While I've never been there, Jonathan Gold also mentioned:

913 1/2 South Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles
telephone: (213) 389-6764

The "LA Weekly" article is here:

Dec 25, 2007
ctk6446 in Los Angeles Area

Best Shanghai-Style Chinese for Ex-Shanghai Resident?

Thanks for the reply, WBGuy. The one time I did go to Green Village I found the food to be really rich and myself and a few others thought the food wasn't as good as we were expecting it to be. I think we seemed to like Din Tai Fung a little bit more. I ordered a few things that were recommended in an "LA Weekly" review of the place (from March, 2002), but maybe there are I'm not sure if I got the right thing and I might give it another chance.

I think we might try Din Tai Fung and another place... maybe Green Village again.

Thanks again for your reply.

Dec 24, 2007
ctk6446 in Los Angeles Area

Best Shanghai-Style Chinese for Ex-Shanghai Resident?

I'm looking for a good Shanghai-style Chinese restaurant (probably in the San Gabriel Valley) for someone who's originally from Shanghai but now lives in New York City. I'd like to impress the person with the quality of Shanghai-style food here in the Los Angeles area.

Something not too casual or hole-in-the-wall would be best.

I've been the Din Tai Fung in Arcadia and Green Village Shanghai Restaurant in San Gabriel. There was a "Los Angeles Times" article in June, 2007 that lists some other places, so which would make the best impression? The list from the article is a little overwhelming:

Chang's Garden, Arcadia
Giang Nan, Monterey Park
Green Village Shanghai Restaurant, San Gabriel
Ho Ho Kitchen, El Monte (article describes it as a "hole-in-the-wall")
King's Palace, Rowland Heights
Shanghai Bamboo House, Temple City
Shanghai Restaurant, San Gabriel (Focus Plaza)
Supreme Dragon, Rowland Heights
Southern Mini Town, San Gabriel
Wang Gia, San Gabriel
J&J Restaurant ("Jin Jian"), San Gabriel
Mandarin Chateau, Los Angeles (Chinatown)
Mei Long Village, San Gabriel
Wok and Noodle, Alhambra

I'd like to pick a place that would leave the person thinking, "Hey, I'm surprised you can get Shanghai-style food this good in the United States!" Being in a shopping mall, or close to one, is a plus because I'd like to show the person there's a large Asian presence here in Los Angeles.

Chowhound favorites seem to be J&J and Mei Long Village. Are they "chow-ish" in that they are good food, but a so-so setting?

If you only have one chance to impress an ex-Shanghai resident with Shanghai-style food here in Los Angeles, which one would it be?

Dec 24, 2007
ctk6446 in Los Angeles Area