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Tarrytown area waterview restaurant for pre-wedding gathering

Moving north to south:
Sunset cove .. practically under the TZ bridge, great location very casual food and drinks but good for a beer
Red Hat ... nice rooftop bar, on the expensive side and not alot of room if you have a big group but great views
Half Moon and Harvest - Harvest a bit more up[scale beautiful gardens and atmosphere, Halfmoon more casual but nicer view

Have fun ...

Need a Reservation for a Friday night in Oct in Greenport?

Pretty nice spot, good wine btg and alot different than the local spots

Best Pizza in Westchester (again)

In the Bronx, all different styles of pizza but worth trying:
Zero Otto Novo
Coals (Grilled Pizza) extremly well done
Franks (in Pelham Bay, Middeltown Rd by the 6 train) Try the granma