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Ravi Kabob

Love Kabob Palace also.

Kabob Palace
2315 S Eads St, Arlington, VA 22202

Ravi Kabob

I live in Baltimore but my boyfriend and I go there every 2 weeks. My boyfriend is from Pakistan and does not like anything offered in Baltimore. We Love their Lamb Karahi and Chapli Kabobs and their Lamb Chops are the best. The Choley is good and so is the Paya and Nihari but we like Palace Kababs version a tad better.


Hummus Corner in Owings Mills

I have to agree with you on the Pita bread..I really wish they made their own..but oooh the falafels are sooo good..

Hummus Corner in Owings Mills

Just had lunch there today with my boyfriend. He had the mixed grill which consisted of Shish kebab, Kofta kebab, hummus, French fries, garlic sauce and pita bread and I had the Falafel sandwich. Everything was fresh and delicious..The Falafels and Hummus were really great. This is the real deal. The Owners are also very nice. We will definately be going back.

Hummus Corner
9201 Lakeside Blvd Owings Mills, MD 21117

Kimbap near Penn Station

Thanks JungMann and ExFlexitarian. I'll try them both.

Jul 30, 2009
cduncan in Manhattan

Kimbap near Penn Station

I will be at Penn Station on saturday and was wondering if I can find some Kimbap nearby. Thanks

Jul 30, 2009
cduncan in Manhattan

New No Daji

New No Daji is closed for renovation. Does anyone know when this place will reopen?

Mekong Delta Cafe- Baltimore

Had lunch here yesterday with my son and a friend and they were packed. We had to wait on a table.. I have to agree with everyone the good is great! We had Pho, pancakes and lemon grass chicken. Our server was very very nice. I plan on being a regular. We have to keep this place around!

Mekong Delta in Baltimore

I just noticed this place today. Its on the corner of Saratoga and Liberty. Has anyone tried this place yet? When did it open? I'll try it soon and report back.

Mekong Delta Cafe
Vietnamese cuisine
105 W. Saratoga St.

New Pho???

I hope they the new place will be close to downtown. I take the bus all the way from overlea for their pho.

How's the food at Twins Jazz -- and HR-57?

I go to Twins alot, my brother plays there often. The food is not good.

Local, retail source for food supply paper trays?

Cafe Zen on Belvedere Ave

Went to Cafe Zen on monday night and I got the zen curry (chicken) and it was delicious. It was even better the next day. Thanks for the suggestion Montebello.

Cafe Zen on Belvedere Ave

Thanks, I'm going to be feeding a bunch of big eaters.

Cafe Zen on Belvedere Ave

whitemarshjohn, how is the portion size?

Where to buy smoked paprika in Baltimore?

the spice stand at the waverly farmers market has it.

Dutch Pot Cafe

My son and I ate here saturday. I had the jerk chicken. My son had the oxtails. We were very satisfied. We especially loved the oxtails. The service was great also.

Good wonton egg noodle soup in baltimore

Anyone know I where I can find some in Baltimore? Saigon Remembered has it and surprisingly its pretty good but a little over priced @10.00.

Cafe Spice in Towson

I eat at Cafe Spice alot. The owners are very nice and the food is pretty good.

Pho Huong Moi

Anyone try this place yet? Its located in Seoul Plaza .(used to be Miss Pho run by koreans). The owners now are Vietnamese. I've been there a few times and really enjoyed it but I'm no pho expert.

Good Sit down Chinese in Baltimore/White Marsh

Thats exactly how I was treated at popeyes on belair rd next to frank's pizza. I refuse to give them my business anymore. I'm sorry about your experience at China Wok. I'm really disappointed in them now.

Good Sit down Chinese in Baltimore/White Marsh

Thanks. I may try chopstix this week.

Good Sit down Chinese in Baltimore/White Marsh

Just wodering if you've tried the chinese rest next to the Giants on Honeygo Blvd. I think its China Wok. I've had their sushi but never chinese. I do like their dynamite roll.

Thai One On -- Towson

We had lunch here today and was very pleased. I had the drunken noodles which were very spicy, just the way I like it. My son enjoyed his sushi. The spring roll were also very good. We had sticky rice and mango to finish it off. We liked it so much we will be going back next weekend.