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Midwood/Ditmas Part - central Asian, middle eastern, and other recs on Coney Island Ave from Ave. J to Cortelyou and thereabouts?

Cafe Sim Sim is actually Russian styled middle eastern and it was TERRIBLE when I wen t there a few months ago. The kebabs smelled good but actually tasted very gamey and were probably very old. I also got some sort of patty there and it was so greasy I could wring it out. They forgot half of my stuff and after going back once I decided not to go back for the bread even though i paid $3 for it! I would stay away from this horrible place.

Sep 08, 2012
smub in Outer Boroughs

What happened to summer Restaurant Week NYC?

Thanks - I will spread the word!

Jun 16, 2008
smub in Manhattan

What happened to summer Restaurant Week NYC?

I have been patiently waiting for restaurant week this July yet there is still is no information about it. Anyone know what happened to restaurant week summer 2008 in NY? I am missing it!

Jun 15, 2008
smub in Manhattan


Hey ..I noticed that people continue to post to my original question. Thanks for all the tips!! I have actually followed up on some of them.

Made it to the ballfield in Redhook this past summer and I thought it was FANTASTIC. The tamales were the best ever (soft, tasty and NOT greasy) and the rellenitos were also to die for. If it is still open next year...I will definitely go back!

Pollo Campero- been there...a few times. It is Ok ..not my favorite but does remind the hubby of home so I guess that is the good part.

Have not ventured to Newark, though we did try a place in Trenton NJ. They have quite a few guatemalans out there. Can't remember the name of the restaurant but it was only mediocre anyway.

Well unfortunately, no new places have popped up in new york since my last post. And so I have learned to make some of the traditional foods myself. I have gotten my hands on a good cookbook, which is out of print, called "False Tongues and Sunday Bread" by Copeland Marks.

If anyone feels like opening a guatemalan restaurant in New York..let us know and we will be the first to visit : )


Dec 24, 2007
smub in Manhattan