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My wife & I went here last night. We were craving the hog wings from the Biltmore, but it was packed so we headed to Comedor.

It was our first time at Comedor, and it was fantastic. We had four delcious dishes. The amazing part was that every single thing that was on each plate was so good and well thought out. The drinks were outstanding. Service was also fantastic & very friendly.

For drinks we had two of The Suite, Negroni, & another that I forgot the name of, but I do remember that it had Gin & Elderflower.

For food: Lomito a la Placha, Carne Mechada, Lamb Cazuela, & Honey Dipped Terpura Octopus

The price was also very fair for a full meal with drinks. The bill (before tip) for 4 cocktails and 4 small plates was $95.

What are the Spiciest dishes at S & I and Thai North?

I'll definitely try this next time. Sounds delicious!

What are the Spiciest dishes at S & I and Thai North?

Thank you all for the suggestions. Only two of the dishes were very spicy, but most had a nice medium level of spice and they were all really tasty.

Thai North:

-Dressing Wings - They were delicious. A bit drier than usual, but very good.

-Chiang Mai Sausage - Delicious & slightly spicy

-Northern Pork Salad - Also delicious & slightly spicy

-We also got a beef dish. Stupidly, I don't remember the name. It was thin slices of beef, slight charcoal flavor, and this had a great spice. If I can remember what it is, I'll post later. It was the best dish of the night. It was one of the spiciest dishes of the night.

S & I:

-Som Tum - Hit the spot! Very spicy & so tasty.

-Pad Ga Pow Moo Krob - I usually love this dish, but most of the pork was just really dry, tough, & gristly.

-Pla Duk Pad Ped - So good & quite spicy.

-Kua Kling - Great flavor, but not very spicy.

Thanks again! It was great to try some new dishes.

What are the Spiciest dishes at S & I and Thai North?

Way too many great comments to reply to all of them. There are a bunch of us eating so I'm going to try almost all of the recommendations.

I'll report back next week.

Thanks again!

What are the Spiciest dishes at S & I and Thai North?

I would've never thought of getting the sai ua. I'll definitely get it. And, the pad ga pow moo krob is already on my list. Thanks!

What are the Spiciest dishes at S & I and Thai North?

I haven't tried the pad ga pow yet. It's hard to not get the pork belly so I'll probably get both. Thanks!

What are the Spiciest dishes at S & I and Thai North?

Great idea! I'll definitely get Som Tum. I haven't ordered it in a few years. Thanks!

What are the Spiciest dishes at S & I and Thai North?

Every year around Thanksgiving, a few friends and I pick up food from S & I, looking for the spiciest dishes that we can get (that are also delicious). We usually get pad ga pow moo krob (crispy fried pork belly in chili sauce), pla duk pad ped (crispy fried catfish in red chili paste with thai eggplant), and a few other ones.

This year, I'm looking to branch out a bit and try some new dishes and since I'm craving the Dressing Wings at Thai North (which I know is not spicy at all), I thought I'd pick up a few items from there too.

I know that the level of spiciness that I'll get really depends on my ability to convince the restaurants that I actually want the dishes to be very hot.

What are some of your favorite spicy dishes from S & I and Thai North? Or, if you have some other favorite spicy items elsewhere, let me know. I'm primarily looking for Thai food, but I'm open to other suggestions.


Curry leaves

$1 for quite a few fresh ones at Patel Brothers in Waltham.

Guy Fieri filming in allston

He was at Cafe Polonia yesterday. I went to get lunch there, and it was closed due to filming. I was sad, but ended up getting amazing sandwiches at DJs instead.

Best dishes at Taiwan Cafe?

Here are some of my favorites:

-Chilled Spiced Pork Ears
-Chilled Spiced Beef Tendon (slightly similar to the pork ears)
-Fried Minced Pork Roll In Tofu Skin
-Five Spiced Cold Cut Beef Shank
-Szechuan Style White Fish with veggie in spicy broth (not sure if this is the right one, but I think that it is)
-Beef with Long Horn Peppers

Where to repair Gaggia Classic espresso machine?

My guess is the head gasket. It's a $10 part and takes only a few minutes to replace. If you need more help than the link below, search youtube for instructional videos:

Instructions are here:

where to buy lamb shanks in Metro West

I'm almost positive that John Dewar & Co used Kinnealey meats (since there is some connection between the two businesses).

Kinnealey has a retail spot in Milton and there should be a few places around the Metro West with their products.

Give them a call.

Tasty little sausages at La Chapincita market in Waltham!

On Fridays they often have fresh chicharrĂ³n at the counter. Didn't know about the sausages. I'll pick some up later this week. Thanks for the tip.

Blue Nile vs Addis vs Asmara vs... for birthday dinner

I've been to Blue Nile a number of times, and I really like it. I've found the food to be consistent and quite good.

I find Addis to be a bit more expensive when compared to other Ethiopian restaurants, and I like the food better at Blue Nile and at Fasika.

D coal pot. Hyde Park Trini restaurant.

Thanks for the heads up. I'm looking forward to trying it. I haven't had Cow Heel Soup in years!

Also looking forward to their Chinese food. I've been loving what I've been making at home from the Naparima Girls' High School Cookbook.

Best Thai in the Boston Area (Not The Similians)

I second this! I'd rather go to S & I or Thai North, but Khao Sarn has some great dishes. Two of my favorites are:

-Moo Pa Lo - delicious pork & eggs in a broth - not spicy

-Beef (or chicken) Gaprow - spicy, sort of like larb meets nam sod

Antojito's Cafe - GREAT new Central American Place in Waltham

Antojito's has been around for a few years. I was addicted to that place when all of their tacos were $1/each. Their prices have gone up just a little, but they are still a bargain (and still delicious).

I haven't been there in a while, but your post has motivated me to get back there soon.


Looking for Fee Brothers Rhubarb Bitters

Marty's in Newton has them. Not a great selection of bitters, but they have a few.

If you want to see & try a bunch of different bitters, head to Boston Shaker. they have tons of bitters our for sampling.


I use an old 22.5" Weber Grill that I found in the trash with a Cajun Bandit (

My favorite bbq/smoker board is the BBQ Brethren (


Best tip that I can give you right now... St. Patrick's Day is coming up so buy a bunch of Corned Beef to make a quick pastrami since they will go on sale for a fraction of the price. You will need to soak in water for a few days to get a lot of the salt out. Check out some forums for rub & smoking instructions.

Other favorites are pulled pork (obviously), country ribs, pork necks (seriously, if you get meaty ones, these come out great- I smoke them just like I do the ribs). Also, pork belly is great in the smoker since the fat gets to the perfect consistency.

**RAVE** for Sevan Bakery in Watertown

Sevan's has the best taramasalata that I've had in Boston. Make sure you get the stuff that they make there, not the jarred one.

Live crawfish

When they are in season, you can find live ones at a few of the Vietnamese markets in Dorchester. I think that they are in season sometime in or around May.

Food Court in Waltham India Grocery

It's an amazing deal with two sizes of containers. I think that the small vegetarian dishes are $3.99 & the small chicken ones are $4.99. Sometimes the chicken can be a little dry due to the warming trays, but for the flavors & the price, I'm not complaining.

The kebabs are good too, but I always find myself at the counter that you went to or at the Chaat Station.

What to Order at Gourmet Dumpling House?

Can't think of the name, but there is a tripe & tongue dish that is delicious. My other favorites have already been mentioned.

Home brewing classes or guidance?

I've been brewing for decades now. Any local homebrew shop will lead you in the right direction. Start on the easy side with an extract or a partial grain recipe/kit. In most cases, a partial grain is a drop more work, but you get a better flavored beer. When you have a few brews under your belt, think about all grain. is a great forum for all levels of homebrewers.

Kennedy Fried Chicken

I like Kennedy's, but my favorite place for fried chicken is in the basement food court of Waltham India Grocery. The chicken is always crunchy, moist, and has a hint of spice. It's $1.25 per piece. It's not worth making a trip to Waltham just for the chicken, but it is worth going to if you are in the area. The food court also has many other great things, such as the chaat station.

What do you do the night AFTER great food?

Find an area that has a few places where you can stop in for just a drink & an appetizer and then go to the next place. If you want to stay near downtown, maybe Marliave, Stoddards, ...

Wine Grape Selection from local providers

Thanks so much for the info. I'm going to head to Silvestro either today or later this week.

Boston Cocktail Summit Today! (Saturday, Oct 6th)

I've seen pretty much no press about this. There are seminars at the Park Plaza, but across the river at the Royal Sonesta Hotel is the Craft & Fine Spirit Showcase from 11-1 & 2-4. It costs $25 to get in. I went yesterday, and the place was empty. Since it is Saturday, there will probably be more people, but due to the lack of advertising, there probably won't be many people.

Too much good stuff to list, but some of the most interesting things that I've never had before were by Koval who had some interesting organic whiskys and cordials and Dunc's Mill who had an elderflower rum.

Cider for hard cider

It might not be the fanciest cider (mainly because it uses cheap juice), but Apfelwein is simple, cheap, & delicious. Full fermentation takes many months. I use the cheap apple juice from any of the bulk stores (making sure that it has no preservatives or additives).

Here is the recipe: