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Florida keys for Thanksgiving

I have a room in Islamorada for five adults Thanksgiving day... We all want to eat a great lunch,not Thanksgiving dinner. What is open for lunch in the upper keys? Thanks in advance

Thanksgiving in the Keys

I've already made reservation for 4 nights in Islamorada... We will be there for Thanksgiving. Any recs of restaurants serving a great Thanksgiving meal? Anywhere from Key Largo to Marathon will be fine.

Sheila's BBQ

Paved paradise and put up a parking lot

Sheila's BBQ

Yesterday I drove by where Sheila's is , or was,.. The whole corner has been torn down on Southern and Dixie.... I believe there were 3 or 4 other business there. I do remember a tattoo parlor. Haven't heard where or if they are relocating.

Pompano Beach- Need help!

Otis.... Rely on what CFByrne recommends...He is the best in south Florida

Dirt cheap (yet quality) lunch/dinner in Fort Lauderdale?

Try the Rock Shrimp at

Essentials of a well-functioning kitchen

Essential? Male, preferably 6' or more, well-built, mid 30s....And doesn't mind doing dishes.... And anything else I may ask

Jan 12, 2013
HotMelly in Cookware

Restaurants that personify "Old Florida"

I have only been one time ,but Oh My... Very Old Florida... I had the catfish...Very good..

Jan 09, 2013
HotMelly in Florida

Best steak in Ft. L

I haven't found the best steak in Ft. Lauderdale yet...Or Palm Beach county for that matter...It used to be in my book, "Raindancer" They closed and re-opened... I may give them another try soon.

Sheila's BBQ and seafood is still open, just moved.

I hate to see it happen, But they tried to "upgrade" to a better place, but it isn't a better place. I'm afraid they will go under soon. Such a shame. They had great food

Grouper recipes - any suggestions?

fifi, I live in south Florida, Grouper is one of the staple fish here. One of my favorites is "Grouper in a Bag". Many variations of the recipe. Google it, or try this.

Nov 19, 2012
HotMelly in Home Cooking

Torchio's in Boynton for turkey

I do like Torchio's deli for their sandwiches and for their cold cuts, but my daughter has ordered
an " Amish turkey " from them for Thanksgiving. Is this a good idea, and is it worth the extra money she is spending? I've never had one before.

Delray Dinner In The Sky - dining pod hoisted 180 feet in the air!

What do you do if all of the sudden you say"I think I left the iron plugged in"

RUSTIC INN first-timer

My experience.... Never been to Rustic Inn but have been to several times. I know you are getting this is a takeout but, if you ever dine there with spouse, friends, whomever I found this the case. I love the garlic blue crabs, BUT, if one or more in your group does not and does order a fish sandwich they must be prepared to sit for a while after they are done.... In order to eat enough blue crabs to get full it is a long drawn out process. I guess I am saying go with someone who also orders the crabs.

Looking for a product

Sorry, Darlady... I see you were asking about powered... I've googled everything...Not to be found

Aug 17, 2012
HotMelly in Florida

Looking for a product

Aug 17, 2012
HotMelly in Florida

West Palm / Jupiter - Best restaurants in area?

CF & freaker... Yep, quite the critic for only posting for one day. I agree Food Shak & Leftovers are two of the best in northern PBC

Upper Keys Lunch

Soory about the bad website. Just google mandalay bay, Key Largo

Upper Keys Lunch

I am more into the dive type restaurants which are usually local hangouts. I have found the food much better thatn paying for atmosphere. Here are a couple of my favorires, botha are also on the water.
Fantastic fish tacos If the have hogfish sandwich special, you must try it


Jane....Chili Willies is very kid friendly....A big game room in the back dining room. I would suggest you eat in the front room when you first come in.


I had a bad experience at Made to Order last year...It was very warm outside and it took at least 40 minutes to get our simple breakfast order. Those kind of things really put me off.. I will never go back just because of that. I may be jumping the gun ...BUT... I give one chance and that is it.
I just got back from the keys yesterday... Here is a short critique.
I was with my spouse and my 10 year old grandson. First day we stopped at Snappers in Tavernier... $17 for a so-so Ceviche and a so-so fish sandwich. My grandson wanted a burger Sunday night... We went to Chilli Willies to get the burger....To my suprise the food was quite good.. I had 10 very good wings and my grandson and spouse had burgers.....They were both pleasantly surprised ,and the prices were reasonable... Looks like a place you wouldn't expect in the keys but was quite good.
Last night we stopped at Mandalay Bay at MM97.5....Everything was very good. Had the calamari app and fish tacos. It was way to warm outside to do the Lorelei waterfront .
For a quickie burger I would rec. Chilli Willies... Never thought I would say that ,but it is true

New in West Palm

I drove by a new place on Okeechobee Rd. Not Okeechobee Blvd. Just south of Okee Blvd off of Parker near the tracks... It is called "Chicago Food Shack" Looks like a hotdog place. Anyone tried it yet?

Best Hot Wings???

cndij, You might try Brus room . They have an x-hot and a xx-hot. I can't handle the heat so I am not sure how hot they really are but they have some of the best wings around in my opinion.

New in Boynton

Has anyone tried in Boynton?
I heard it has been there about 4 months...Kinda tucked behind Bud's Chicken on BBB and Federal. Very close to the tracks. I had a few friends try it out last night. They said the atmosphere was fantastic. They only went for the spirits but said outgoing food looked great.

Breakfast recommendations between FLL Airport and Palm Beach?

raddecal, One of my favorites is . Great food, great view.
The parking area is under construction, but there is usually pleny of places to park. Bring dollar bills, parking is $2.00 per hour.

Sheila's BBQ and seafood is still open, just moved.

fd.It's facing Southern... Yes it is where the BBQ place was, and then a wing joint.... Hopefully Sheila's will have better luck at that location. Wasn't there a catering business there at one time?

Benny's On the Beach

Just go back from a wonderful lunch at Benny...
I have been there in the past for a burger an fries but I wanted something different . I had the
Mediterranean Mahi, It was one of the better dishes I haves had in a long time. I had it blackenend. Check out the menu to see what all was included. My friend had the Trident Platter, It was a big hit. I will be back. My meal would probably have cost $20+ dollars at most seafood restaurants...It was well worth the $15.95. It is very, very, casual Many people right off the beach were there. There is construction going on due to revitalization of the Lake Worth Casino, so parking is a premium right now...Bring dollar bills for parking.

Quickie Key Largo review

Hi all, Just got back from a rainy weekend trip to my favorite place for a short vacation... I live 2 hours from Key Largo. Love to make a few days of it when I can. Stopped in at Snappers for a few apps....Very impressed..Seems like they got their act together... It was the same Snappers I knew from many years ago...Sat at the bar with my spouse.. Had the most fantastic Tuna Nachos...Better than the Island Grill down the road... Spent a few hours talking to the bartender Susan that has been there "forever".
Tried the Lorelei Saturday night while it was dry.... I actually tried their wings ....They were quite good..
Sunday before the rain got too heavy we went to Mrs. Mac's II. The food is good but believe me it is just a place to eat and not a place to relax ...Very noisy.
The rain put a damper on our usual plans.

Apr 30, 2012
HotMelly in Florida

4 brothers, Lake Worth

Tried it a few weeks ago, I liked their pizza, I went back last week to try another dish.. Had their "Lasagne For one" Excellent ... I will be back to try more... It is on 10th Ave. North, between Florida Mango and I-95.

Que in Palm Beach County

seminole phil............It's a shame these things happen.The " mighty dollar " takes over and the restaurant (or any business goes to crap)... The same thing happened to my favorite pizza joint, Corelino's in Lantana......New management that was more concerned with the buck....