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Taste of China-in Tarrytown. Vegan Dishes

Yes for those here how recall Vegan Chinese it seems to have returned. Just saw this reported in Westchester Magazine.
Story link here: http://www.westchestermagazine.com/Bl...

Resturant link here: www.gotasteofchina.com

Pizza Cucina- Post Road-White Plains

Here is another one to add to the ever growing list of Pizza joints in White Plains: Pizza Cucina. https://www.facebook.com/pizzacucina1... Located where the old Triangle Deli was for years at 102 West Post Road, across the street from White Plains Tire/Shell gas station. Pizza cucina is the new pizza/deli off-spring of Ernesto's- Which is still just down the street.

the original pancake house (white plains)

Am in the same boat as you are. Signs are still up so the best one can do is keep an eye out. For now.

Queston about Pagoda on Central Park Ave [Scarsdale]

Has anyone been there in say the past few weeks? For my girlfriend's 98 year old Dad it was the only place to go to eat when he went out. He really thought of it was his special place. He was here today and it was different. Different menus and wait staff.

Ben's Deli [Greenburgh, NY]

From Facebook: Paul Feiner
Ben’s Deli FINALLY picked up their building permit today to construct their new deli on Central Ave to replace Spiga. I’m excited. They first announced plans to open up a deli over a year ago. But, there were some construction related delays. Ben’s Deli will be a big asset to the community and to Central Ave.
21.8 million is owed to the town in tax liens. At last nights Town Board meeting the Board approved a tax interest amnesty for those who owe back taxes if the taxes are paid in full by December 30,2013. We have two goals: We need to collect the tax arrears owed to us. And…we want to help property owners AVOID foreclosure.

Private Rooms Lower Westchester?

Dubrovnik in New Rochelle. Down-stairs wine room. http://www.dubrovnikny.com/

dubrovnik [New Rochelle]

Was there this past Sunday-Had a great meal and very good time. And one does have to have a talk with the owner-very nice guy and rather interesting. He did all the wood-work, including the tables, within restaurant. And entrées start at about $17.00 to $35.00
One could do small plate with Appetizers, Soups and Salads.
For a party of three-entrées, coffee and desserts ran to about $120.00
And while open for about a month, and without a formal Grand Opening, they are busy. I would strongly suggest calling in reservations.

P.S.: Besides the nice rear patio (which over looks a vegetable garden which the kitchen uses and has the specially imported wood burning grill/oven on it), there are two "private" rooms down-stairs. One is the wine room. The owners uses both his own garden as well as the one at the restaurant. He makes everything there and uses NO canned goods. All fresh product. And local.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DubrovnikRes...

Dutchess County Fair 2013

Will be going Sunday. Hilby, on his own, makes it worth-while!

Dinner & A Movie coming soon to Yonkers, NY-Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers

Not sure if this was ever posted but Alamo Drafthouse has taken over the old UA Cinema location at 2548 Central Park Avenue Yonkers, NY. and will be opening Spring/Summer of 2013.

In White Plains...

No-It did not. Sold to another restaurant and IIRC is now open.

Saigonese-Vietnamese-Central Ave-Hartsdale-Has Opened!

Per Westchester Magazine-so far only two beers (Heineken in cans and Corona in bottles).

Saigonese-Vietnamese-Central Ave-Hartsdale-Has Opened!

What may-be the first semi-official "review"-Saigonese Opens in Hartsdale (And PS: Run, Don’t Walk);
First Taste: Saigonese Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

Reader, we stalked the place, regularly driving by 158 S Central Avenue, looking in windows, monitoring progress, and generally making ourselves a nuisance. Finally, during the snow-tastrophe days of last week, Saigonese debuted in Hartsdale. We’re just going to say it now: Run, don’t walk........(Posted under "fair use") http://www.westchestermagazine.com/Bl...

Saigonese-Vietnamese-Central Ave-Hartsdale-Has Opened!

I did not ask while I was there, did not see any sign of set-ups, and there is nothing on menu about it.

Saigonese-Vietnamese-Central Ave-Hartsdale-Has Opened!

# 20-# 25 are all Pho-They are all Rice Noodle Eggg Noodle Soups.
I had Pho Ga-Chicken Noodle and my mom had Pho Sai-Gon-House special noodle soup. (Take out first open night) Both were rather good.

Saigonese-Vietnamese-Central Ave-Hartsdale-Has Opened!

Thank you for comments. Even without any (more) opening jitters, the only "draw-back" that this restaurant may have is its size. Can only seat, per fire-codes, +/- 34 people. And when I was there last night, I was told that may even hold true when outside patio is open!?!?!?!? Which is another one of those matters that they plan on checking on when the time comes for that.

Saigonese-Vietnamese-Central Ave-Hartsdale-Has Opened!

I understand your posting/thoughts liza219. One could drop by and take a look see at menu there or just walk in and experience it.

They do offer more than a few dishes that are vegetarian friendly.

Saigonese-Vietnamese-Central Ave-Hartsdale-Has Opened!

Yes-After many, all too many delays, Saigonese has opened.
158 South Central Park Ave
Hartsdale, NY 10530
Open six (6) days a week
Tues-Thurs: 11:00 AM -9:00 PM
Fri & Sat: 11:00 AM-10:00 PM
Sun: 12:00 (Noon)-9:00 PM
Location: Just South of The Four Corners on left/East Side. Across street from furnicher and crib store.
And yes, left turn there can, can be rather "fun"/interesting at times.
So: Wait a few minutes, use the wider lot just next door for turn, or go to next strip center on the right and use their parking lot to get to traffic light to make your U-turn back North.

Small spot +/- 30 seats.
And they are still working on a web site. All all too many other issues to worry about, work on and fix.

Vietnamese - Central Ave Scarsdale

Took out soup tonight-was rather good.

And it may just be a good idea to "shut down" this thread as they have opened.

Will start a new one.

Vietnamese - Central Ave Scarsdale

Well-It could be that they may not even be open for lunch yet.

One could just drop by at Noon.
Which is just how I found out about their opening and everything else I posted within this thread.

Vietnamese - Central Ave Scarsdale

OK-Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls-Get on your marks! The "Official" Grand Opening has been set.
It will be on......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................The Tuesday, February 5th from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Vietnamese - Central Ave Scarsdale

From what I can recall about my direct conversation with co-owner, what ever the issue was with gas line/feeder was delayed directly because of Sandy. And by Sandy she seemed to have meant recovery came before standard no-cost replacement and relocation.

And as I posted before she that they had some inside 'touch-up"/finishing work to do and thought that it would be two weeks to some sort of opening.

I drove by tonight and did not see any sort of light or activity within.

So what ever the delay is now, more than likely not Con-Ed related.

I would keep an eye out as if they did not open tonight, sort of doubt that they would open on a weekend.

So IF they are ready, would be TWednesday Wendesday of next week..We can all check out over weekend and see if there is anyone to talk to.

Vietnamese - Central Ave Scarsdale

mrsdebdav-It would seem, to me, that silverstarfish was commenting on one of my postings. As I posted, among the "list" of opening difficulties that I heard directly from one of the co-owners was a gas pipe problem. And this problem was "found/discovered/realized" just about the very same time as Sandy hit this area. And even co-owner was surprised that it had been over-looked in the past. While I am not sure what the issue was, I have seen the gas-line has been relocated and partially buried. Had been out in the open on right front corner of building-Safety hazard??? And every restaurant, every business has some problems with final punch-list. Co-owner told me some of theirs-general issues. As far as I can tell, nothing at all that Mr. Feiner would do about it and town have very little to do with it out side of building codes et al.

Ben's Deli [Greenburgh, NY]

I did something on a wim and I am rather surprised by the result:
Yes Jon, we are opening in Greenburg just across from the Greenburg Fire Station. Thiks should occur sometime in the fall 2013. Thank you for your inquiry. We loom forward to serving you a genuine Ben's Deli Experience!

With best regards,
Ronnie Dragoon

Vietnamese - Central Ave Scarsdale

Good report and commentary. But perhaps it would be best to directly ask the Owners or Chef once location opens? From my experiences with them, seem to be rather open to conversations.

Ben's Deli [Greenburgh, NY]

Well this is a rather odd finding-Just thought to do a real down/dirt./simple search under Ben's Deli Greenburg Spiga. Found this story from Nov 30, 2012: Ben’s deli coming to Central Avenue http://realestate.lohudblogs.com/2012...

It is now 1/14/2013 and for sale/lease sign is still up?
Must have been some odd paper-work issue...this is just another piece to the puzzle we all seem to be working on here...Almost have to wonder if they had given some thought to flipping the property...

Vietnamese - Central Ave Scarsdale

Yes-She did. As I posted somewhere else within this thread "within two weeks."

I rather strongly suspect a very cold, soft opening within that time frame.

Would keep an eye out when on Central Ave next few days or so.....

Ben's Deli [Greenburgh, NY]

IIRC There is a drug store and a mini-Nathan's going into the old huge Nathan's location.

Vietnamese - Central Ave Scarsdale

Owner gave me a rather long list of problems they had in getting to end of punch/check off list. Roof, gas, equipment et al....Not really all that strange for a resturant. Only matter that I thought rather odd was the gas line or connection. Some how a problem with it was never "caught" before. And it was-right before Sandy. Con-Ed got a bit busy at the point....

Ben's Deli [Greenburgh, NY]

Well mrsdebdav and 51rich-The Old Spiga is located just about across the street from a fire-house. Not sure, off the very top of my head, just what is across from the station further down in Yonkers.

Last I saw, just a few days ago in fact, a sign in the "old Spiga" location that indcated that is was still on the market. Perhaps next time someone within this tread is on Central Ave, they should take the time to look into both locations, see what is going on and report back.

Right now all we have is a very old bit of news from Greenburg and some new news about demo work being done in a un-clear location.

Ben's Deli [Greenburgh, NY]

Last night I eat at a Ben's prior to seeing a show at LIU. I spoke with few of the staff and management and received some info that needs some looking into. Seems as if there is some very early demolition work being done on a location on Central Ave "just across the street" from a Fire House. I know of three Fire Houses on Central Ave. As there is a very old and popular HOP just South of the Four Corners, would just about have to been one of the other two. Of course, information may not be 100% correct. So anyone riding down Central Ave may wish to do some recon work ;>)