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Nanoosh - amazing middle eastern/organic style in midtown

The one I went to that just opened is on Madison between 34th and 33rd. i'm going back today...

May 13, 2010
anchovy in Manhattan

Midtown in the Afternoon

I just wrote a review of Nanoosh on Madison between 34 and 33rd. Not sure exactly where you will be but this was good and I think it meets your request!

173 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016

May 12, 2010
anchovy in Manhattan

Nanoosh - amazing middle eastern/organic style in midtown

Motosport you are now speaking my language. We used to shop for our Syrian/Lebanese at Kahsky on Kings Highway! Would love to hear your opinion of this place, but I would categories it more as Modern Israeli/Mediterranean.

May 12, 2010
anchovy in Manhattan

Nanoosh - amazing middle eastern/organic style in midtown

Yes it was free but they gave me a receipt which was for $8.25 - and I took a third of it home! Interesting yours was bland - my chicken hummus had a lot of flavor with the sauteed onion, olive oil and I think it was paprika.
The Lebane Wrap had a spice that I grew up with - Z'atar - amazing flavor. But just my opinion!

May 12, 2010
anchovy in Manhattan

Nanoosh - amazing middle eastern/organic style in midtown

All I have to say is that I am so excited about this place! There is NOTHING good in midtown for regular lunches. I got into the opening of Nanoosh (I think because I showed up early) today with a friend and the place is amazing.
First of all the place is beautiful and definitely an environment I'd like to sit in versus most of the garbage in the area - first class! But not expensive. My lunch was under $10.
I had the Hummus with Chicken and my friend had the Lebane Wrap.
Honestly, I'm so excited to have this place near my office I don't even know what to comment on. Our food was really great. I happen to love that mediteranean style food but my friend didn't know as much about it and he loved the wrap.
I have to believe the place is going to get crowded but I hope not so crowded that I can't get in!!!

May 11, 2010
anchovy in Manhattan

Hudson River Hangouts: Sunset Cove and Tiki Bar

Definitely try the old Chart House - can't think of the new name - they did a great job...

New Haiku in White Plains

And what does she have to say?

Sweet Potato in Chinese Dish???

Thanks Kathryn - I just did some research - looks like there are a number of GS's in Manhattan - any one in particular??

Jul 29, 2009
anchovy in Manhattan

Sweet Potato in Chinese Dish???

At House of Nanking in SF they have a dish called Nanking Shrimp (or scallops, etc.) made with Sweet Potato's sliced up and stir fried in a slightly sweet sauce. Anything in NYC that this can be compared to???

Jul 29, 2009
anchovy in Manhattan

Anniversary dinner in White Plains

God no! Il Mulino is amazing and Mulino is really bad, tacky and overpriced...

The great Bronx sfogliatelle showdown (with photos)

Not sure if this was answered - the frozen sfogliatelle (from DeLillo's) are the best way to enjoy this item - i buy 10 or so evey major holiday and they are always the show stopper.. I've had them warm from street carts in Napoli and the above is the closest we can come. Don't forget to have the powdered sugar handy!

Mar 25, 2009
anchovy in Outer Boroughs


I just need to add - they gave is so much antipasto that both my wife and I said, 'what do they do with the left-overs? We were both thinking the same thing - they must recycle - they can't be throwing all of this food away - I'd like to know the REST OF THE STORY! Sorry, not many dining experiences actually upset me this way...


ok so i'm not crazy - thx Marge. yes it was full and we arrived at 9:00. i guess i'm so shocked because i heard from some normally reliable people that it was so great. we had the mussels and they were ok. i'd like to hear from some chowhounds who love this place...


Hi - my wife had the grilled swordfish - yes not bad. But I am reviewing the place on the whole. But, addicted to lunch, my linguine was in a soup bowl of sauce - if the place is RIGHTEOUS how can that happen? I had hi hopes i guess. Also to put a jarred roasted red pepper on the table is blastphemous. Listen, I saw the big salads - they looked great - if i went in for a salad (cut up fresh lettuce, veg, etc) and a grilled piece of fish (fresh fish put on grill) I could have had a decent meal - but I expect them to be able to cook also...


fillet di pomodoro usually includes some onion and prosciutto in addition to the tomato


I was soooo excited for my Spadaro dinner last night but what a let down. I've traveled through Italy many times and have eaten at most of the good recommended Italian restaurants around including NYC, Bklyn, Bronx and Westchester. I'm the guy who thinks Mulino's is WP is one of the worst.

Add to that I have no problem with the no-menu experience - but don't make feel like an idiot for not automatically knowing how that specific kitchen operates and what they offer as far as range. "Would you like to start off with a salad" - well I'm not sure are there ANY other options? Oh, I can have an antipasto? OK we'll have that - 12 plates come out - I swear the roasted red peppers came out of a jar - the asparagus was so woody I couldn't chew them AND IT'S FREAK'IN ASPARAGUS SEASON!!! Some had no taste and some were ok - we liked the slices of provolone. HELLO...

The wine selection experience was horrible. "Which one would you like from those wines over there?" Is there a list - no - ok - what is the price range? - oh they start at $32 but we have one for $28 - OK I'll take a $32 dealers choice - when she brought one over, just to test she had no clue - she told me it was a Merlot-Sangiovese blend - she searched the bottle but couldn't find the origin region - and yes she was searching the labels. It was fine.

I was quickly loosing my appetite so I figure a good test of a good italian place is the filetto di pomodoro. OK now the raves on this place is the AUTHENTICITY. The freak'in mushad pasta was SWIMMING IN A BOWL OF SAUCE. Have you ever even been to italy in order to get that accent?

All of the above the bill was $108 - too much for what we had but whatever. So people who like the place can now come out of the woodwork. But, you tell me this place is authentic and you bring me over-cooked linguine SWIMMING in a soup of red sauce? Sorry people - you don't know authentic.

Best olive oil to buy in Manhattan?

Look for a brand called MADRE SICILIA. The best I've bought locally and at a reasonable price...

Feb 06, 2009
anchovy in Manhattan

Onward...White Plains Primed to become America's Sienna, Paris, Bruges, etc.

wpfoodie - What is the 'Roberto's' you reference above??

Cannoli cookies

Can you describe them in great detail?? Would live to try to make - don't get to the island much. Thx!

PIASTRA granite cooking stone

I was intrigued by the Mario Batali PIASTRA granite cooking stone sold on Sur La Table and all over the web. The idea is that you use it on your grill and it conducts heat like cast iron etc etc... I personally leave a pizza stone in my oven pretty much regularly as i like that versatility - this sounds like a similar concept, yet for the grill. I wonder if i could just get a scrap granite piece from a local marble/tile vendor for a fraction of the cost?? Yes the batali piastra has the one flat side and one griddled side which is interesting - but any thoughts on this? Does anyone own a Piastra??

Nov 25, 2008
anchovy in Cookware

Rosie's Bistro

Doc, I don't think it was an off night. The place is GOOD as a Westchester NY based Bistro style Italian restaurant. If you compare it to Italy - there are rest stops on the Autostrada that would prefer over Rosie's!

Sal's Pizza, Mamaroneck

All I would like to add is that the lines that form are created by the staff on purpose. I was inside yesterday behind 4 patrons and it took 10 minutes to get my order in, however I was able to watch the act behind the counter. I won't bore with the details but is was quite obvious. If they chose to be efficient there would never be a line in this place.

Nessa - Port Chester

Hi Dolores - correct - she wouldn't take partial order and she said it was their policy.
I think the place is doing well - it does have a NYC vibe - but VEY loud accoustics.
Also they tried sticking us in this aweful back room but we passed on that.
We sat down a little after 9:00 p.m. and I requested that we not be rushed and we were not. My instinct tells me that if we were eating at 7:00 it would have been a rush job...

Nessa - Port Chester

Finally tried Nessa last night. I was armed and dangerous with regards to having the courses rushed so I planned on ordering apps first and then giving them our entree order later on - but the waitress would not take a partial order - YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! So we spent a few minutes considering whether or not to stick around and then we placed our order and I asked the waitress to please give us some time between courses. I asked in a nice way and she promised she would comply and she did ok with it. The food was good but the order policy is a joke and I would never spend my money at a place with such rules - if I say that I'd like to place some appetizers and think about my entree order for a while there is only one answer - 'of course sir, no problem, what can we get you'.

White Plains: Hito Asian Bistro & Sushi

Ate there last Thursday. Enjoyed the sushi and the chinese entrees were decent. However, I got a really bad headache an hour or so later. Giving it the benefit of the doubt, I had some leftovers the next night and same reaction. It has been a while since I have had to say, "no MSG". I wonder if anyone had a similar reaction?? I am rooting for the place to be good - I hope my headaches were from something else.

Review: Blue Hill @ Stone Barns - long

Had dinner for the first time last night - thought i'd add my two cents.

Overall we absolutely loved it. This will definitely be my go-to westchester splurge. I went on opentable this Thursday ad snagged a 2-top for 9:00 p.m. - that felt good.

There was like NO service in the bar so getting a drink while waiting was difficult and dealing with the bar staff was amateur city. I was afraid I was going to get angry about the place and remain negative but it got better as soon as we were seated.

The service we experienced was extremely professional, selfless (you could get anything from anyone walking buy) and knowledgeable. I usually hate asking for help with wine list expecting the aggressive push towards pricey wines but we got all the knowledge without any pressure - really nice.

I'll just say that we thought the food was great - with the exception of my wifes chicken entree which was extremely salty - and we like salt.

The room is perfect in every way - perfect spacing - comfortable - beautiful in an understated elegant way. The slightly over-choreographed plate service was, well, over-choreographed but diddn't bother me.

We did the 3-course at $78 or so plus a $45 bottle of wine. With 2 drints from the bar etc. the bill was $245 plus tip. I complied with the jacket dress-code but quite a few did not and that was unfortunate - the dress-code really does elevate the room and the experience so i wish other followed suit as well.

"Iron Tomato" White Plains

Where exactly on Mamaroneck Ave is it???

Lunch DATE near 47th & 6th???

Price not really a problem and don't want to be sitting RIGHT next to other people. Thought about Sea Grill, Cafe Un Deux Triox and Bond 45 but not loving any of them. Also thought about Sushiden but need to check on her sushi preference.

Mar 04, 2008
anchovy in Manhattan

Worst restaurants in Westchester

I had a good burger with sweet potato fries on my one visit to PorterHouse - however should it really be critiqued as a restaurant on a site like CH? I would characterize that and the 2-3 others on that strip as BARS that serve food.

White Plains Mexican - Roberto's

Had lunch there today based on the posts and we really enjoyed it. We were the ONLY english speaking clientele in the place - service was great - they really cared and were attentive. The food was really good for a local mexican lunch or I guess dinner. As for lack of business - the place was pretty much full the entire time - maybe one or two tables open at any one time.
We had some sweet tamales which were pretty good (even my finicky kids enjoyed) - some stuffed peppers (stuffed with mozzerella topped with a tomato sauce w/rice and beans), then we had some tacos (steak, tongue & chicken) all really good on soft taco 'shells'. I am not a Mexican fare afficianado but we really rnjoyed it and will be back - extensive menu and cheap.
Also, the place seemed VERY clean which is a good sign of a committed owner - seems family+ run. Enjoy!