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wings in dallas?

Bryan Street Tavern. Best wings in Dallas.

Where can I find good pizza in Dallas?

Not sure how Bryan Street Tavern hasn't been mentioned. Think Louie's but way better.

Sunday Guys Night Out (Dallas)

Thanks to everyone for the replies so far. Ghostbar's website says they are only open Weds-Sat, so I think that's out.

DD- I get your not so understated point of velvet ropes, etc. I live here and prefer the dives most of the time. However, they can get dives in the various places they are from. The over-the-top places like Fearings, 560, Ghost Bar, etc. are fun for those rare nights out with out-of-towners. That said, I do appreciate your recs.

Looking forward to hearing other thoughts as well.

DFW -- Best Breakfast Burrito

Give the Taco Joint a try. Corner of Peak and Gaston.

Sunday Guys Night Out (Dallas)

Ok, so here's the problem. I've got a number of guys coming in for the Cowboys Monday night game on 9/28. We're all well into our professional careers so we can afford to eat well, but they are all coming in on Sunday the 27th. I was considering drinks at 560, followed by another round at the Rattlesnake bar and then to Bob's for traditional Texas food (i.e. Steak). Turns out 560 and Bob's are closed on Sunday evenings, so those options are out. I've got some other ideas, but would appreciate any thoughts folks might have on some alternative high end spots, for both drinks and/or dinner.

Thanks much.

Park (the restaurant, not an actual park) on Henderson (DFW)

Anyone been? Any thoughts?

Dinner Party for 10- Caterer/Private Chef

Would like some suggestions for someone good in the Dallas area. I know about Trey Wilcox and he's truly wonderful, but this is a political fundraiser and he's just too expensive for that. Thanks in advance for any help!

May 13, 2008
itsjustme0770 in Texas

Greenville Avenue Seafood & Jazz, Dallas

Has anyone eaten here? Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.

Thanks much!

Jul 13, 2007
itsjustme0770 in Texas

(DFW) Replacement for Yamaguchis?

So has anyone eaten there? With the raiding of Teppo's sushi chef, I am very interested in hearing a review.

Jun 30, 2006
itsjustme0770 in Texas