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PVD/RI * August '14 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Next July they are gone I think that's when their lease is up. Gtech owns the building. Very smart move on CG.They will do private parties on the deck in the summer for 200 plus the small inside room can easily seat 70ish more than likely the parking garage will be accessible. It will take a few months to figure who twill occupy their place but if its anything like the bar or burger place that area is lost.IMO.

PVD/RI * August '14 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Kiss Ruth Chris off in PVD. Welcome Capitol Grill. That whole block over there will be a ghost town. Some newb's also. It should hit soon. But too many high end places for such a small city. NY prices with the non NY bling.

Now Eating Vol 1: PVD/RI 8/14

Rhody its food handling not kitchen issues. When you looked there were two of them 2 weeks apart. Both were bad. DOH section is afraid of placing grading marks for food places.

Now Eating Vol 1: PVD/RI 8/14

I have heard some nice things about Cook and Brown.Before I went I checked their food handling. Pretty deplorable.Actually very bad.

baccaro or pane e vino for dinner with parents

BACARO hands.

Providence or Newport for birthday dinner

Please dont mention names and I dont scare people. Look at the Stats. Whats a little traffic to enjoy an evening. I went to the last day of Restaurant week at the Capitol Grill. That place was very busy the joint next door was empty and so was Luxe Burger meaning when water fire isnt going on the City is Nuked. I visit NP all the time and a little traffic isnt that bad. Plus this is my name not an Alias.

Providence or Newport for birthday dinner

Go to Newport. Both places are excellent thats not the issue. In Newport you can walk around by the ocean, hit the many shops, even stop for a late night drink. there are tons of people in Newport the night life does jump. the big plus its safe in Newport. Prov. after dinner its jump in the car and go.

Leon's KitchenWorx in Barrington, RI

You have to be kidding. I don't doubt what you wrote but in 40 years in the food business, this is a first. This is becoming a huge problem in the restaurants is the rudeness. But not to worry as the future is now and will be in grocery stores eating and having huge take out's. If you ever have been to Wegmans Super Market in Northboro Mass. Do your self a huge favor. When goofy Stop and Shop is in the in store dining watch out.

Fresh strawberries. Greater Providence.

Salisbury Farm
Sweet Berry Farm
Schartener Farm

I went yesterday the berry's are a bit tart though.3 weeks left and the heat will make them pop. California Berrys are good they are big but No flavor. Fl. has a pretty good crop if you can find them.

Newport, RI foodie restaurant suggestion

Fluke is excellent as mostly places in Newport. Red Parrot typical tourist place slam them in slam them out. Someone told me the menu is massive which means there isnt much of a clue whats going on. Plus on Thames Street area once to pay to park you can hit all the places to look at things Salado is good

Providence Weekend with Toddler - Hotel at the Airport - Want to still eat some good food!

Head down to Main St EG only a couple of miles away. Lots of places ranging from $ $$ $$$ Iron Works was gruesome I agree with Bob Greggs is old time copy cat of Dennys. Texas Road House is ok good family place. loud C/W music might be fun..

What to order on the menu?

Anthonys has nice fried seafoods
Fluke is nice
Bouchards is Special classic French not pretentious

Newport, RI foodie restaurant suggestion

The one's you chose are excellent there is simple and fun and elegant. But one more fun place is the Mission its just a late night Hot Dog Place. Just ask anyone in Newport. Home made fresh hotdogs excellent fries. KIS keep it simple.

Catered BBQ for grad party PVD RI

kit kats is closed. I more than sure

PVD/RI * March '14 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Fratellis is closed and was told Rogue Island is next hope not but the city has too many places and usually after 6pm it goes blank.

Late May Visit to Newport

The Spiced Pear right there is excellent
Pasta Beach--pretty nice pizza wood oven nice pastas
Clarke Cooke House
Inn at Castle Hill-- high end
The Mission-- home made hot dogs excellent
The Mooring excellent seafood

best corned beef to buy?

The Deckle has way too much fat for me plus its the cut always on sale because no one wants it. But the deckle is the best for Burnt Ends when smoking Brisket.

best corned beef to buy?

IMO Pearl is one of the best .BUt there isnt anything better than a home cured piece of brisket. It takes only 5 days to cute so the salt content can be controlled. Plus just go to Whole Foods and purchase a nice hunk of Flat Brisket its pricey but nothing tastes better.

Avenue N (Rumford RI) - am I missing something?

Ave. N.s food is simple, great taste, executed well served professionally and no leaves, dots of sauce that don't make one difference, Food that doesn't come from some foreign animal's part. Thats why there are still in business.

Looking for Caul Fat/ Crépinette in RI...

Yes. I used to purchase large ones by the foodd for things like Coppa now I use netting.

PVD/RI 2013 - Your Favorites?

I didn't realize Prov. was the only place that restaurants. I better get with it.

Looking for Caul Fat/ Crépinette in RI...

Give Westerly Packing a call. That's where I buy my assorted casings for curing meats. they might have it or can suggest to you something. they even carry the large bung casings for things like Coppa and Soppresatta Sausage. If not then you might have to buy the 10 pound piece. I use a lot of it in school and it comes in frozen in large chunks they we pack it in salt.

Cranston, RI: restaurants? Ethnic markets?

The best in Asian markets with a little of Latino items is Vmart Its a massive place and you will be in there all day reviewing the items. There are a couple of more Asian places but they can all fit into this one place and not even make a dent in the place. I have been to LaRosa and it isn't that bad actually. Antonio's is pretty good. Asian Restaurants I usually keep away so I cant help you there.

In RI, but open to wherever -- need Prime Rib Roast/Standing Rib Roast

Well in 2009 it was the Real one. Fatty or not it was excellent. I love a good discussion..

In RI, but open to wherever -- need Prime Rib Roast/Standing Rib Roast

First of all I didn't pay for it. in 2009 at the NRA show in Chicago I was privileged to be at the Japanese food booth where they had amounts of the beef for chefs to try both as a sushi type and using a shoulder clod was excellent. then they grilled a piece of sliced tri tip and you could cut it with a fork. The fat as we were told breaks down at about 78-80 degrees thus melting and tenderizing the meat. I would not pay $200.00 for a steak but when I was in Las Vegas last summer it was in selected places. The restaurant business does have its scams and the next biggie is the olive oil scam. Not naming places you have no idea who sells Cold Pressed Olive Oil which is cut slightly with Sunflower Oil. Never the less the Real Kobe was outstanding.

In RI, but open to wherever -- need Prime Rib Roast/Standing Rib Roast

1-800-kobe-beef a sirloin imported from Japan is about $200 for a 12 ounce steak

In RI, but open to wherever -- need Prime Rib Roast/Standing Rib Roast

A simple question on where to get a Rib Roast turned into a legal matter with LLC. ID, CAFO. You cant beat the humor here.

In RI, but open to wherever -- need Prime Rib Roast/Standing Rib Roast

CAB Means Certified Angus Beef.Meaning its grading is done by the USDA to say its heritage is Angus Beef. which is the best tasting beef IMO other than the imported Kobe beef.

In RI, but open to wherever -- need Prime Rib Roast/Standing Rib Roast

Both of those farms are excellent I have had both. But the beef has to be frozen to be sold to the public.

In RI, but open to wherever -- need Prime Rib Roast/Standing Rib Roast

Thats not true. First of all anyone can go in and buy they get a day pass. Its just a tax id you need. Now they obtain CAB, also some Prime beef as in Tenderloins although a prime tenderloin is a waste. The difference in prime and choice in minimal.I only purchase ribs and briskets from there I have bought one 109 and aged it and it was a CAB just like any store carrying CAB beef. Dave's has a great one also under the name of Creek stone Farm which is a premium beef meaning its raised all full Angus, raised in the USA only no hormones, like all beef grass fed then feed lot finish, and the humane style of raising.