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Juliano's Raw (review)

My wife and I went to Juliano's Raw tonight. I have been curious about the place for a while and, being on a diet, was in the mood for some punishment food. No punishment at all. My wife and I read this book analyzing longevity studies (not some hippie-dippie health book but a very boring academic work) and it basically said, eating a very reduced calorie diet of raw fruits, nuts, and veggies is the way to go. Obviously we love us some surf and turf, bacon, cheeseburgers and sushi so that's not gonna happen for us, but, having read the book, we were eager to find something on the menu we could tolerate every now and again. We tried a total of 11 different items on the menu (they have some samplers). All of the dishes had a name that references normal food such as a bacon double burger or pesto pizza, but none of the dishes remotely resembled the traditional form of the food. Just as well. They were all better than just tolerable. A couple were just ok but 9 out of 11 were between good and amazing. Despite the scariness of the menu, you can't really get into too much trouble. It's all tasty. The reviews on Chowhound are not so positive and I think that's because many expect the raw versions to imitate the traditional versions. Go and give it a try. You won't want to eat there every day, but it's worth working into regular rotation.

Feb 11, 2008
applebob in Los Angeles Area

ORTOLAN -- Presage to Review

Last night my fiancee and I had dinner at Ortolan. Going in I was skeptical, especially because of the postings here. The meal was so fantastic that, right there on the spot, my fiancee and I decided that we would have our wedding there! In a couple of days I will post a full review but for now, it's Sunday and I have to go to the office.... :(

Apr 29, 2007
applebob in Los Angeles Area

Prime Grill L.A. - personal review

Ahhhh. The rich meaty taste of your granmother's fresh ground back, exactly as it tasted in the '50s. Now that's what I crave.

Mar 23, 2007
applebob in Kosher

The Great Hot Chocolate Search

Traditional Hot Chocolate
CIty Bakery in the Brentwood Country Mart. Thick and rich. Super thick and super rich. Seriously, this hot chocolate is so thick and rich it is almost like a hot cup of chocolate frosting. Comes with a home made marshmallow on the top. One cup 'll do ya.

Mexican Hot Chocolate
El Sazon Oaxaqueno on Washington Place in Mar Vista for the best Mexican Hot chocolate you have ever had. They shave real mexican chocolate into a pot of milk that they stir on the stove. It's rich and has a hint of cinnamon.

Nov 29, 2006
applebob in Los Angeles Area

The Best but Least Expensive Tasting Menu?

2117 located at 2117 Sawtelle. Hands down the most impressive value around. Wild game, Fois Gras, etc. An amuse, three courses, AND desert. $35.

Nov 03, 2006
applebob in Los Angeles Area

Inn of the Seventh Ray

I love a woman who refers to lamb chops as "the freshest most tender sons of bitches i've ever had." Whoa!!!

Sep 11, 2006
applebob in Los Angeles Area

Can anyone recommend a chinese restaurant (not chain) comparale to PF Changs?

Try any place advertising on it's sign "$1 Chinese Food"

Jul 14, 2006
applebob in Los Angeles Area