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Healthy not over the top expensive (Vero Beach)

Hi! We're headed to Vero Beach in late July with two young teenaged girls. We eat pretty healthy, and don't want to go 4-star, but still would like to have a taste of fresh seafood, good veggies, and avoid the tourist traps. Any ideas would be appreciated - thanks!

May 26, 2012
mschf3 in Florida

St Louis restaurant - dressy, great food

My SO wants us to "hit the town" and get dressed to the nines for dinner one night soon. He's suggested Kemolls (I'm not really excited about that) because he thinks that the view must be spectacular. I've looked at the menu and it's really not making me want to go there anytime soon - not that it's bad, just not my style. My faves in the STL iarea include Mosaic, Erato on Main and Modesto. Would Niche, Sidney Street, or someplace else fit the bill as far as great food AND a dress code? I woudn't mind getting into something fabulous, but I've worn "dressy casual" to my favorites and haven't stood out at all. Thoughts?

Feb 01, 2010
mschf3 in Great Plains

Breckenridge CO eats?

Hi! I'm heading to Breckenridge to ski the week after Christmas. I've never been, and want to get a chance to get some great eats while I'm there. A bit of a pain, I am....gotta be healthy, no chains if possible, vegetarian or pescetarian is best. I can do a steak house as long as there's an option for me. Quality over quantity. Sushi is a fave. I'll go off the beaten path for a great dinner/cup of coffee...If you have any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!!!

Nov 14, 2009
mschf3 in Mountain States

One more NYE question

Thanks! We'll definitely need a walk after 8 hours or so in the car.

Dec 27, 2007
mschf3 in New Orleans

One more NYE question

Will do - thanks!

Dec 26, 2007
mschf3 in New Orleans

One more NYE question

Hi! My beau and I are heading to New Orleans for the New Year's weekend up until NYE. I already made reservations at Stella for the 30th. What's the best way to spend NYE in New Orleans? We'd like to spend some serious time listening to jazz and eating great seafood. A few places I've called only have prix fixe menus, and I don't do meat or chicken, so most of those are out. Is there anyplace for great food on that night that offers a menu to order off of? Also - we're going to get into town LATE on Sat (around 9pm) after a 10 hr drive. Any thoughts on a fun place to head for some small plates and a bottle of wine? We're staying at the Loew's in the CBD, but we're planning on spending time in the French Quarter, or anyplace else that's close. Thanks!

Dec 23, 2007
mschf3 in New Orleans