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Is there some place in LA that will alter my opinion of Red Velvet Cake?

You really should try the red velvet cake at CARE collective in van nuys,I promise you will like it and they have other great treats there too.

May 14, 2010
RottenScott in Los Angeles Area

Albondigas Soup

thanks for kickin me back an answer bob and rainey,I guess im going to have to try them both,also bob,I found recipes both with and without from diana,she has a couple i guess.Tonight my lady is going to try one and we will see......THANKS Scott

Sep 15, 2009
RottenScott in Home Cooking

Albondigas Soup

Hello Chowhounds, I just have a quick question about the albondigas soup you get here in socal area at about any mexican restaurant (,chain or otherwise) I want to try my hand at making this soup but when i research the recipes there is two ways to make this,with mint in the meatballs or with combinations of cumin,cilantro,and i think oregeno or parsley. Huge difference i'm sure. Whats the right one for the soup we have here in the LA /Valley area ? Im not sure if this is the right forum for a recipe Q. but you guys know alot about food and i know you know the soup im talking about. THANK YOU

Sep 13, 2009
RottenScott in Home Cooking

Ring Bologna?

Misplaced Iowegian looking for ring bologna like you can get back home at any market. Anyone seen this in the valley area? Thanks )Merry Christmas(

Dec 21, 2007
RottenScott in Los Angeles Area