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Favorite food items at Disneyland (ex. Club 33)?

Always a fan of the giant pickle...would head for Main Street mercantile or Bear Country Jamboree for them, with a pitstop at Sunkist at some point in the day for a lemonade bar.

Jun 18, 2015
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Inexpensive catering ideas for picnic in Pasadena?

Dish in La Canada-Flintridge does catering,fits your price point...their food, though not particularly remarkable or inventive, might be acceptable for your needs - quantity trumps quality. Green Street in Pasadena also comes to mind.


May 11, 2015
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Scottish restaurants in LA?

Still a work-in-progress? but supposedly going vegan when (if) it does reopen...rumbledethumps anyone?

May 04, 2015
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Faith & Flower - anyone been yet?

Retirement luncheon for a coworker...8 of us, so we were able to share a few choices along with our entrees. Mustard seed and hops seasonal pickles were a disappointing cauliflower with pickled red onion- no distinctive mustard seed or even a hint of hops flavor. Fennel and citrus salad w/ more slivers of red onion, and the arugula and chicory salad w/manchego cheese, and, oh look..slivered red onion -all okay but nothing exciting about either and enough with the red onion. Blue lake beans were fresh and dressed w soy sauce and bay shrimp gremolata- alas, the soy sauce prevailed and if there was shrimp gremolata I'll need better evidence than what I had.
Steelhead got some thumbs up, along w jidori chicken, and a roast pork loin sandwich. My rock shrimp roll-shrimp were perfect and plentiful, but the roll was a bread slice folded and soggy and the whole thing lacked pizazz despite the schmeer of red pepper paste and the pickled red onion...yep, that red onion has job security at F&F. Cookies were great. Overall, décor is nice, plating is pretty, but the food is not particular worthy of another try. Must admit the bar area looked inviting.
Too bad on the food, cuz all of it looked so good on paper.

Apr 16, 2015
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Which ice cream sandwich do you recommend?

I generally get mine in a cup, as waffle cones are usually refabricated cardboard, but totally agree that Carmela's are in a class by themselves that are seriously good...alas, I am +1 -see Clyde's post (above) a day ago...

Mar 18, 2015
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Which ice cream sandwich do you recommend?

+1 for Carmela...Pasadena store. Haven't been to 3rd St.(yet).

Mar 18, 2015
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Monrovia to Long Beach for Breakfast on Sunday?

WildSwede - glad it worked out for you - on all counts! I like the vibe, unpretentious, and the folks who run the place clearly enjoy what they're doing. Check out photos on their FB page of the Shrimp & Grits and an orange breadpudding that look very tempting.

Feb 23, 2015
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What are some over-rated L.A. restaurants to you? Why, specifically? Only one each!

x'actly...over-hyped and an expectation of more wow factor. oh well.

Feb 23, 2015
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What are some over-rated L.A. restaurants to you? Why, specifically? Only one each!

Bottega Louie. my downtown work compadres raved about it. a must-go-to for lunch. so I finally went, and the food was only okay,...even if the food was better it was so insanely loud and obnoxious,...even more so on weekends. Veto.

Friends visiting from England and Italy- where to eat?

Akasha in Culver City comes to mind,for brunch or dinner tho it may be tight given your suggested price point... and beverages will definitely put you over. +1 Gjusta


Feb 21, 2015
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Monrovia to Long Beach for Breakfast on Sunday?

The Nest in Bellflower ...on Alondra a mile or so from the 605. I liked their egg scrambles, but friend inhaled the bacon waffle. They've got buttermilk pancakes as well as B&G and similar stuff...


Feb 19, 2015
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Need a great Sunday lunch place in Pasadena/Glendale/ Monrovia

Perhaps The Raymond (on So. Fair Oaks) has a nice brunch/lunch on Sundays...patio would be large enough to accommodate your size party.

Feb 13, 2015
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Bon Appétit’s Exec. Editor spends 3 days eating in LA

excellent..."the Stupid Version"...couldn't agree more. Like your FIL, I also disliked the layout modifications to Gourmet when they were implemented- the beginning of the end for me.

Feb 10, 2015
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What's the most overpriced menu item you've seen?

and it's still that way...overpriced and at best, mediocre. The Caesar salad-also in that range is a total ripoff. essentially you're paying a dollar a leaf (very small) for something that barely is a step above the caesar mix you can get out of a plastic bag from Ralphs. unlikely to return.

Jan 19, 2015
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Affordable wedding catering in Los Angeles

just a thought...maybe you have a favorite Ethiopian, Indian or Persian restaurant that might be able to cover this for you. I haven't eaten at Azla though some friends mentioned they liked it.

Dec 15, 2014
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L.A-Santa Ynez-Cambria -Big Sur Thanksgiving Turkey Trot (Long)

definitely agree re Cold Spring Tavern. We went fairly often when we were horse-camping at Rancho Oso...been a while, but always enjoyed their breakfast. We also like Sides (Hardware & Shoes)restaurant in Los Olivos.

Dec 02, 2014
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L.A-Santa Ynez-Cambria -Big Sur Thanksgiving Turkey Trot (Long)

Desperate for a true getaway- for the Thanksgiving holiday we headed up the coast, leaving L.A. on TG day, destination Big Sur.

We stopped in Cambria just before 1pm, glass of wine at the Wine:Taste on Burton Drive as a preamble to lunch at Robin's. At Robin's, we each had a cup of the signature salmon bisque, which was quite good, and shared a meze platter with homemade carrot hummus, babaganouj and tapenade...very tasty, nice ambiance, and great service. No rush. Spent some more time wandering thru the shops then headed on our way.

Once in Big Sur:

Fernwood Tavern- Thanksgiving Day evening, eclectic gathering...we didn't have their traditional dinner but sat at the tavern bar and had a Caesar salad with a sizeable piece of salmon filet that was actually pretty good. S.O. had the smoked wings, which were too smokey for him. I'm guessing their food ain't their strong suit, but we were satisfied. Definitely a locals hangout, place to catch the 49ers game, big fire place with leather couches to spread out on-and a polar opposite to the Nepenthe.

Big Sur Inn: Breakfast- predictable but nicely done 3-egg omelets, one with Canadian bacon...good, convenient, and readied us for a day of hiking. (They had an impressive buffet on Thanksgiving Day that we chose to avoid).

Nepenthe - late afternoon glass of wine/beer accompanied by crispy brussel sprouts with pancetta,etc. that were good and better once we doctored with a little lemon juice. We went with the intent to watch the sunset. Hadn't been there in 12 years. It's definitely a zoo on a holiday weekend with the tourists thrown in, but apparently a lot of the regulars were posing at the bar. I've had more satisfactory memories of sundowns spent there. They've morphed what use to be an open area with stair-step bench seating where you could all sit to watch the sun set together...it's now a reserved seating area/patio and while the other views are nice, there's no direct view of the ocean horizon. Meh. I won't make an effort to return.

Big Sur Bakery and Café - The name does not reflect the scope of their menu. Fabulous dinner. I started with a cup of black bean soup. Good, and not too rich- with some real depth to it. Also a plate of warmed olives-green and black-that were bathed in oil and essentially flavorless...think Lindsay (this was the only low point). We both had scallops for our main course ($33)that were excellent, nice size, and perfectly done- portion size was generous and made for great leftovers for me. Mains are partnered with a choice from four different vegetable medleys. S.O. went with beets, roasted with other schtuff (all good). I chose the braised mushrooms, with slivered salsify, cippolines, etc. that was terrific. A little salty, but it all worked. Chardonnay for me, Syrah for S.O.. Dessert- shared a seasonal pumpkin-something pie that I can't fully remember but we cleaned the plate, and a glass of dry Port and a another type of red afterdinner wine that was equally pleasant (?Comage?). Nice choice of wines btg and bottle...liked this place a lot. Went back for coffee and pastries in the morning, but the line was easily 20 people long, and woefully understaffed to handle, so we headed south. YMMV but our dinner, with wine before and after dinner, and tip - $175...there are definitely less expensive options on the menu but we found it to be a worthwhile splurge.

Ragged Point Inn- Late breakfast...good eggs, someone else's ranchero omelet looked amazing, marginal potatoes and toast but the Cinnamon French Toast got a thumbs-up.

Santa Ynez/Buellton: Our usual stopover to visit a retired four-legged friend-

Arrived at Avant Tapas&Wine around sunset for some light wine tasting and their cheese selection. The former chef was really good and with the changeover about a year ago, it's still okay, but just not the same attention to detail, and more of that "wings and poppers" stuff thrown in which seems the wrong direction to be taking for this place. oh well. You can get little snorts of a multitude of wines via their winecard dispensing machines; good and not-so-much wines produced by local vintners at very reasonable to are-you-serious prices/taste.

Solvang - Moved on in search of local music. Stopped for a light dinner - mediocre onion soup for me and a ginormous-sized red and golden beet salad for the S.O. that was pretty good - Solvang Brewing Company.

Finished the evening at The Good Life. Nice wine and craft beer cellar/bar, run by a couple who enjoy showcasing local small-scale producers. Very cozy inside -fireplace going on a cool night, cushy couches, and a resident canine who was very sweet. Interesting local talent(the advertised "blues band" was a one-man band with prerecorded lyrics and percussion...not bad, but unexpected, but appropriate for the size of this place).

Breakfast the next morning came with our room at the Marriott (Buellton). They do a nice breakfast buffet with emphasis on the omelet station, cooked to order with your choice of goodies. Always reasonable, and trumps the line at Paula's Pancake House.


Dec 02, 2014
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L.A. Dish of the Month, October 2014 -- Nominations


Sep 25, 2014
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Who do you follow on the Los Angeles board, and why?

Will Owen, bulavinaka, mc michael, ... their geography works for me, ...long time follower of their posts...appreciate their insightful, witty discussion, and always interesting anecdotes.

Special birthday dinner Pasadena or environs

He was at a place called Seta out in Whittier...their FB site shows that he's still there, tho' haven't confirmed...(tho he was noted as the creator of their Valentine's Day menu this past Feb.).

Mar 31, 2014
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What's your drink of choice to get at a bar/restaurant and what is it and where do you get it at ?


Dec 31, 2013
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What's your drink of choice to get at a bar/restaurant and what is it and where do you get it at ?

(my eyes are dim, I can not see, I have not brought my specs with me, I have not brought my specs with me!!!! )

Dec 31, 2013
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Los Angeles Lunch & Brunch Blues

Hungry Cat. And true, there's the ubiquitous crab benedict, but ignore it (tho it's pretty good!) lotsa other stuff including a lobster roll and their cobb salad.


Nov 23, 2013
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Late Thanksgiving dinner, cheapish?

Greenblatt's ...open til 2 a.m. ..."in Hollywood (next to the Laugh Factory) keeps the full deli and restaurant open, serving the same traditional hot turkey dinners they serve all year long for $11.95-14.95. No reservation necessary."

Haveadit ...I've never been there on Thanksgiving night, but might be interesting people watching. ;)

8017 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood CA 90046
(323) 656-0606

Nov 23, 2013
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SOUP - LA Dish of the Month (November 2013)

Pit stop on the way to see RT n' the 44s and Frank Fairfield in Long Beach yesterday...late lunch at El Pollo Imperial - their Aguadito Soup is addictive.

Nov 17, 2013
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LA Dish of the Month (November 2013) - Voting


Oct 30, 2013
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Indian Paradise and Rehab Burger Therapy

Indian Paradise on Hayden Rd. - Rule 1. Don't get restaurant recommendations from the hotel "Guest Information" notebook in your room. Rule 2. Ignore Rule 1 and trust Chowhound even if the last reviews you could find were circa 2009.

Granted, it looked a little questionable when we arrived around 8pm on Weds. night- located in a small, dark, minimall occupied by electronics stores and closed hair salons...once inside, the only others in the place were two guys lolling in a corner booth. (I wondered if I'd missed the "downhill alert" while scanning CH posts on my iPhone).

Cut to the chase, Indian Paradise was...very good...really good...eat-all-the-leftovers-for-Thurs. lunch-at-the-horseshow-good.

They brought complimentary papadam with mint, tamarind, and red pepper chutneys to nibble on while we looked over the menu. We ordered tandoor fish tikka (white fish w peppers, onions), vandaloo vegetables (potatoes, cauliflower, peas), and aloo paratha (stuffed with potato, spices and onion), medium heat. All of it tasted great, vandaloo had a healthy kick, and the paratha was fresh and great texture. Attentive service, along with friendly atmosphere - an extended family with a few young children, and a large party dressed for a night out also ended up sharing the room, with others arriving as we left.

Rehab Burger Therapy- Sunday noon, and we still had a few hours to kill before heading to Sky Harbor. After doing a quick look-see thru Taliesin West, north to Carefree, we then headed back to Old Town Scottsdale. There was a lot of Sunday football/fist-pounding music action going on at most places we walked by, but this place had seats left at the bar and we could still have a conversation. I had Shelby's Shpinach salad (Relapse size was more than adequate) with strawberries, blue cheese, avocado, candied pecans...yeah it all sounds familiar, but it was really quite a tasty combination. The S.O. had a mongo-sized portabello burger with these cute lil sweet potato-tots,...we ate slowly and finished it all (horse shows make you hungry). We'll go back...friendly bartenders, good drinks and service, and a good place to burn some time.


Oct 02, 2013
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LA Dish of the Month (September 2013) - Voting


Aug 26, 2013
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Twin Palms Pasadena? Again??


I went a few weeks ago to hear a friend's "upscale jazz, rhythm, and blues" band play....music was good.

edit: okay, to be fair, they've cleaned up the place nicely, but the overall ambiance still feels more "lounge-y" than restaurant to me...the prices are still on the higher end (drinks $12-15ish), and the appetizers we had were plated with too much effort on presentation for rather blah shellfish and meze type stuff. I didn't do the ordering or pay so cant speak to the full menu or pricing overall. I think they are still playing with the menu. At night, it feels like more Hollywood than Pasadena...maybe if they're open for brunch?

Aug 24, 2013
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SALADS - LA Dish of the Month (August 2013)

The Market on Holly in Pasadena...almost any of their salads in the deli case - fresh corn, couscous with currants, lemon vinaigrette ...and at the height of the tomato season, the heirloom tomato salad with burrata and herbed olive oil, some cracked pepper and a little sea salt. The spinach/arugala salad w pine nuts, and the lime-cilantro (sans chicken and kinda like Green Street's Arroyo, but less of a mashup) are my favorites.


Aug 03, 2013
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