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any recommendations for Albany area?

I don't get to choose where I'm staying, but will be eating on my own most nights, which means that I can control my own destiny at least in that respect. You've all given me lots to go on. Thanks!

any recommendations for Albany area?

Hi --

I'll be in Albany for 10 days later this month on business, and am looking for suggestions for chowish places for dinner. Am open to anything, and price isn't an issue. I'll be staying at out by the airport, but have a car and will travel for good food. I've done a search, but not much is cropping up for Albany, so figured I'd ask.

Thanks for any help you can give me --

One night in Richmond --

Thanks for the recs. Had decided on Comfort, when I found myself trapped in the Philadelphia airport for hours on end. By the time I got to Richmond, it was very late, and I had to eat hotel food. I'm returning to the city in a few months, though, with time to get out and about, so will have a chance to explore. Thanks again!

Jul 12, 2007
toaster in General South Archive

One night in Richmond --


I'm a Maine 'hound, heading to Richmond on business tomorrow. I'll only be in town for one night, and am looking for advice on the one spot I should hit for dinner. I'm staying by the airport, but anywhere in cabbing distance is fine, and price isn't important. Any help would be much appreciated.


Jul 09, 2007
toaster in General South Archive

girls on the town

Hi --

Am coming to town for a dual purpose outing: business, coupled with extended stay to "celebrate" a divorce. Staying at the Drake, and planning to see Wicked and a show at Second City. Need suggestions for pre-show dining both evenings, as well as post-show drinks/snacks/dessert. Flexible on price, though Alinea and Trotters were cut as too expensive, so it isn't a "price is no object" splurge.


Sep 11, 2006
toaster in Chicago Area

long weekend with kids

Hi --

I'm coming to NYC from Maine in a couple of weeks, and am looking for chowish places that will work for my family of four. The kids are 8 and 10, and have very divergent tastes: the 8 year old has your typical kid-type palate, while the 10 year old will at least try anything and counts sushi as one of her favorite foods.

We're staying down in Battery Park City, but will be doing the whole tourist thing, and will travel for good food, especially stuff we can't get at home, like good ethnic food and real pizza.

I've done a search, but most of what I came up with focuses on younger kids. Any help would be much appreciated.

Aug 24, 2006
toaster in Manhattan

Portland, ME - any decent brewpubs?

I second the Gritty's nomination -- good beer, and the food is good pub-style stuff. I've found them to be very accommodating -- I went one day with a craving for grilled cheese, and they let me order it off the children's menu AND add bacon and tomato. Perfect with a pint!

Looking for good Breakfast Place in Portland

I'd suggest the Front Room, on Congress Street. It's a great neighborhood place, with a nice feel, helpful staff, and really good food. Biscuits and gravy side is a meal in and of itself, though I don't recommend stopping there. Prices are extremely reasonable, especially for the high quality of the food. Mmmmmmm . . . .

trip planning for October

I'm a 'hound from Maine, heading to Chicago for a conference in early October. I'm bringing along a couple close chowish girlfriends, and we're making a mini-vacation out of it. A few questions:

-- What should we eat that we can't get back east, and where do we get it? Suggestions for good ethnic food of all varieties would be welcome -- Maine's not exactly a hotbed of food diversity.
-- Fun bars (we're all in our mid-30s)?
-- Best choice for a total splurge?

Speaking of splurging, I realize this may be one of those "if you have to ask, you don't need to know" questions, but could someone tell me the current prices at trotter's? Their website doesn't have this info.

Thanks tons!

Jul 24, 2006
toaster in Chicago Area

I'm broke, and I'm going to Maine. Help!

I agree completely with rating Maple's the best of the best ice cream anywhere. If you're looking for a more substantial meal, try rounding out the ice cream with fresh spring rolls at the Vietnamese place in the strip mall next door -- don't let the domino's sign deter you, the food is great. A little further up the street is Heggarty's, a brit-indie place where you can get a great, filling lunch, including a drink, for $7. Good luck!