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Quiet dinner during Ravens game?

My friends are are really not into football. In fact, we want nothing to do with it today. We live in Canton/Fells. Where can we go for a quiet dinner and drinks where no one will be screaming at a television? Even Miss Irene's (which usually shows old movies on its flat-screens) was blasting the Ravens game last Saturday, and we were at a loss. (Ended up at One-Eyed Mike's, which had minimal screaming until the game was over and hysterical people started piling out of cabs and packing into the bar. We went home ASAP.)
Tonight, we were thinking Lebanese Taverna might be a good choice. Any other suggestions, or am the only one?

Hot dogs in Baltimore!

You guys are the best. It's definitely the Chili Man. My boyfriend, who is hot dog obsessed (and meatball obsessed, too) will be thrilled.
Thank you!!!!

Now I am panicked-last Baltimore request

Pazo is a kind of loungey, hip sort of place, isn't it?

Sunday lunch (brunch?) in Canton/Fells Pt Baltimore

The Waterfront Hotel on Thames (not the Waterfront Marriott) has a great, varied breakfast/lunch menu. I'm often in the mood for lunch options when everyone else wants breakfast, and I love going there for brunch. Plus, pitchers of mimosas! Yummmm.... But while we're at it, the Waterfront Marriott has a rather pricey brunch (maybe $22 a person?) in their gorgeous, window-lined restaurant. I can't remember what the restaurant's called, but the brunch buffet is amazing. FAR from your typical hotel brunch place. And it would be good for a special occasion.
And there's Mama's on the Half Shell in Canton. Known for their brunch and their amazing orange crush frozen cocktail. They have a very varied menu perfect for non-breakfast eaters and non-mammal eaters.

Hot dogs in Baltimore!

I need help, desperately. I know that at some point in the past week I read about a restaurant specializing in hot dogs in Baltimore, maybe in Towson. I cannot remember the name of it, or exactly where it was, or even where I read about it. Pathetic! I've heard about this Zack's Hot Dogs, but I don't believe that's what I'm thinking of. I feel like the place I read about served breakfast hot dogs with an egg on top.
If anyone knows what I might be thinking of, please advise.
And while we're at it, is Zack's Hot Dogs any good?
Thank you!!!

Jeans at Petit Louis?

I'm going to dinner at Petit Louis tonight. Can I wear jeans (dressed up with a nice top and high heeled boots)?