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Recommendations for Kuala Lumpur - 3 days

We'll spend three days in Kuala Lumpur and intend to do nothing but enjoying the hotel (we're staying at the Mandarin Oriental) and eating. :)

I've never been to KL but I heard it's wonderful for food. So.... where to go? We're game for anything - street stall to fine dining - as long as it's a great food experience.

I did some research on the blog, but one reader cautioned that the traffic is horrible and not worth braving for any kind of food. Is there good chow not too far from the Mandarin Oriental?

Pasta craving - lunch near 42nd and Madison

Help - I'm craving pasta for lunch, but the only place I can think of is Salute and I don't feel like spending $30 for lunch.

Any ideas?

Jan 11, 2008
Losothai in Manhattan

Montreal - nice cafés to hang out in

What are great cafés to while away an hour or two?

I'll be in Montreal for the weekend and right now I feel like spending most of that in cafés just hanging out and people watch.

It doesn't matter whether they serve coffee or tea - as long as they do it well. And if there's good snacks to munch on, my weekend won't be able to get any better.

Oh, if you have ideas, say what the draw of the place is: people watching, atmosphere, architecture, chow, etc.

Great food near Shea Stadium?

A friend from out of town wants to see a Mets game the weekend after next. I am no baseball fan, but I thought maybe we can combine it with some great food near Shea Stadium? Is there anything?? Either walking distance or anywhere on the way from Manhattan (we'll be taking the 7 train). I was thinking Sripraphai in Woodside because that's on the way, but I've just been so would like to scout out something else. Any type of cuisine really, as long as it's great chow.

Thanks so much!

Apr 07, 2007
Losothai in Outer Boroughs

Lunch places near 42nd and Madison

We are looking for new lunch places in walking distance from 42nd and Madison.

We don't really want to pay more than 20$ max (incl tip) or 30$ if it's really really good. This is where we've been for far:

- Szechwan Gourmet on 39 btw 5-6 Ave - good value for money
- Sakagura on maybe 43rd btw 2-3 Ave - like it, especially the strange office building location
- Chipotle on 42nd near Bryant Park - good for a quick lunch
- Madison Bistro on Madison and 38 maybe - pretty good
- Chez Laurance across from Madison Bistro - I like the moule, but otherwise selection is limited
- Asia de Cuba - Sometimes the Calamari salad can be very good, mostly disappointing otherwise
- Salute - on Madison and 40th - too expensive for what it is
- Oyster Bar in Grand Central - like it for atmosphere and if craving oysters
- Chikubu - on 44th btw Madison and 5 Ave - we like Sakagura better
- Bombay Grill - Lexington and 40th - OK, but not great
- Sukhadia's - 45th btw 5-6 Ave - not really good
- Two Japanase/Asian places on 41st btw Madison and 5 Ave - pretty good, but only for takeout really

We are especially looking for a good pasta place. But any recommendations are welcome!


Feb 28, 2007
Losothai in Manhattan

Alaskan giant crab legs

I've had Alaskan giant crab legs for the fist time last week in Chicago. Delicious!

Now my mom comes to town next month. As she really likes lobster I'm sure she'd love the giant crab legs. Can you get them in Manhattan anywhere? I don't want them as part of a dish, I just want them smack on a plate with melted butter to dip in.

Thanks for your help!


Jan 05, 2007
Losothai in Manhattan

Recommendations for good chow in Phuket?

So my Thailand vacation is coming up and I'm searching the web from restaurant tip on Phuket island.

Has anyone recently been and good things to report?

We will be staying at the Mai Khao Beach all the way up north close to the airport. But we'll have a rental car and as always are willing to travel for good food... :-)

Thanks for any help.

Bangkok - Khrua Rommai report

Oh, I'm glad you liked it. And I'm glad it's still there. Well, in April at least... I'm preparing for my next Thailand trip and am already looking forward to this place.

Danish (= hot dog lover) in search of best hot dog

I have a friend in town from Denmark. And (like many Danish) she looooves hot dogs.

So where is the best place to go?

Is it really Gray's Papaya? That all this board seemed be coming up with?

Thanks a ton

Sep 22, 2006
Losothai in Manhattan

Yasuda - worth it if sitting at a table?

We have a reservation for Yasuda tomorrow, but could only get a table. There were no more seats at the bar. Is it still worth it? We have never been before. Or should we postpone for some other time when we can sit at the bar?

If you find it worth it, any tips or suggestions?

Sep 16, 2006
Losothai in Manhattan

Mom in town - where to go for a nice dinner ($300 tops for 2)

My mom's in town and as usual we would like to go to a really nice dinner together. Preferably somewhere with a tasting menu, but that's not a must. Some nicer restaurants we have been to:

Le Bernadin - were underwhelmed - food was good, but we were not wowed and the atmosphere had something of a train station with about 20 waiters running around in such hectic that you had the feeling you needed to hold on to the table cloth that it doesn't fly away.

Bouley - liked it a lot - the food was very good and we liked the atmosphere. Would definitely go back.

WD-50 - interesting to do it once, but there was a lingering feeling that the cook was so excited about what he could do to the texture and look of ingredients that he forgot about taking it to the next level and making sure that it also is a great combination of tastes.

Veritas - it's been a while, so I only recollect that we liked the wine selection but were not too impressed with the food - but that might also have been because it was right after eating at Bouley the week before

Tabla - tasting menu - liked it - The Food was not consistently great. About 3 course were great, 3 were good and 2 were below par (overcooked, etc). Overall, we still found it worthwhile because it was definitely something different.

We've been to more place (I just can't come up with more right now), but maybe that helps as a guideline for suggestions?

In a way, we are looking for something that compares to Bouley and/or gives us a somehow "different" eating experience why not compromising on the food quality (too much). We like any type of cuisine.

Sep 14, 2006
Losothai in Manhattan

Best Turkish in Manhattan -- Pasha, Beyoglu, more?

I second Taksim. Very good food at great prices (for that neighborhood). The mixed grill platter for two @ 20$ is a bargain. Atmosphere is OK but it's not for a romantic dinner.

Sep 14, 2006
Losothai in Manhattan

Good Restaurants in a 10-block radius of 30th and 3rd

Benjamin's on 33rd and 2nd is my absolute favorite. It's where I go if I want to be sure that I have a nice meal in a nice atmosphere. It's a friendly place with a lot of regulars. I have yet to have a bad meal there.

I second Penelope for weekend brunch (but get there early, lines from quickly) and Ali Baba.

I live on Umi Sushi on 31 between Park and Lex for cheap take out sushi. To stay in it's OK, but lacking atmosphere.
There's good authentic Tibetan food at Tibetan kitchen at 31 and 3rd. A lot of tables in a small space though...

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Sep 01, 2006
Losothai in Manhattan

Mom's coming to town - where to go in walking distance from Lex and 30th

I would like to take her to somewhere new but don't have to many ideas. We want good food and a place where we can have a conversation. And we will want to go early (maybe 6 PM) because she'll be jetlagged.

Previous choices have been:

- Benjamin's (many times, that would be my fall back option)
- Tibetan kitchen
- Penelope
- Da Ciro
- Ethos
- Ali Baba
- Park Bistro
- Cafe Creme

Right now I'm considering Tabla Bread Bar, Phoenix Garden, Tamarind and Trio. Opinions or better suggestions?

Aug 16, 2006
Losothai in Manhattan

Fresh Filled Cannoli in Queens

I also just stumbled upon this place yesterday when I was doing a bike tour through Queens. I saw the handpainted sign, turned around and decided if someone was so bold to claim it was the "best" cannoli, it had to be tried out.

The cannoli delicious! I never understood much what the thing with cannolis was. But this was very different. The cream was to die for, rich but not too sweet. The waffle was very thin and not soggy at all since the cream is filled right before you eat it. She told me, that when they sell cannolis for take out they sell the necessary items individually, so that you can fill them just before you want to eat them. That's the only way Anna Mia would allow her canollis to be sold.
And the thing was huge. I had trouble finishing it. All for $3. I also took a danish pastry with apples. It was also excellent. Fresh apples, moist and not overcooked, the pastry was light and crisp, no hint of dryness.

Really good. It's a shame it's so far from everything.

Aug 13, 2006
Losothai in Outer Boroughs

Phoenix garden - what to order?

It's very close to the office so I thought to meet up with my mom there next week. I now had a look at the menue and am overwhelmed. Too many choices!!!

I've heard the salt and pepper shrimps are good, also the squab in lettuce wrap.

Anything else?

Thanks a lot!

Aug 11, 2006
Losothai in Manhattan

New York chowhound in D.C. for the weekend - good spots for solo dining

Hi there

I've just recently moved to New York from Switzerland. This weekend I'll to do my first ever trip to D.C.

Can you recommend a couple of places with great chow that are good for a woman dining solo? No restrictions on price or cuisine. Just good food and a nice and/or fun atmosphere.

I will be staying in the Jury Normandy Inn in Adams-Morgan, but for great places I'm willing to travel.

Thanks so much.