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Talula's Table Alternative?

Hi PA Chowhounders-
Wondering if anyone has any ideas for alternatives to Talula's Table. My brother's 25th birthday is at the end of February and something like TT would be right up his alley for a special birthday dinner. He lives in the Fairmount neighborhood downtown but would be willing to travel a bit for the occassion!

Jan 05, 2010
EVchickadee in Pennsylvania

Drinks and Sides at Peter Luger

Hi CH- Making my first trip to Peter Luger this Friday. Wondering if anyone has suggestions on sides and drinks. My first thought is red wine with steak obviously but their dark beer sounds appealing. Also how are the German potatoes done? Are they much better than just regular fries?
Thank you!

Peter Luger Steak House
178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Sep 09, 2009
EVchickadee in Outer Boroughs

where to buy guanciale in nyc?

might be too late now but i'm pretty sure dean & deluca in soho has it. it might not be the cheapest place but they have a great selection of italian meats.

Feb 18, 2009
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Momofuku Ko recently?

Has anyone been in the past week or two? What's on the menu? Thinking of going sometime before Christmas (present to myself) but I've heard that the winter menu isn't as great as the spring/summer menu.

Dec 03, 2008
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Sticky Rice in Bamboo Leaves

pretty sure i've seen them being sold on E. Broadway at Forsyth (right near the chinatown buses) on the south side of the street.

Jan 23, 2008
EVchickadee in Manhattan

light lunch on the LES/East Village?

more casual than the other places listed but tiny's giant sandwich shop on rivington and norfolk is delicious and pretty cheap.

Jan 23, 2008
EVchickadee in Manhattan

turkey burger?

i love the turkey burgers at 7A (on 7th and A). i usually get the california style with mushrooms, jack cheese and pico de gallo. yum

Dec 14, 2007
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Everything Pumpkin

AH i love all pumpkin flavored things too. my recs would be: Double Rainbow pumpkin ice cream (can be found at trader joes), Au Bon Pain's harvest pumpkin soup, and pumpkin ravioli from Cucina Di Pesce on 4th st and 2nd ave (in a reallyyy good creamy pesto sauce). Also just bought a jar of trader joe's pumpkin butter - excited to try it out.

Nov 14, 2007
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Spitzer's Corner

oh noooo, that pork belly sandwich was one of the best sandos i've ever had. new menu sounds like overpriced diner food.

Oct 05, 2007
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Drinks with inlaws before or after 9pm Pylos (E, 7th) Reservations on Saturday

i'd recommend a drink at 10 degrees on st. marks between 1st and A - would be a good place (classy but still hip) for a drink with the older set

Sep 06, 2007
EVchickadee in Manhattan

East Village BYOB

There's an indian place on 1st ave between 5th and 6th that is BYOB and has a cool outdoor padio in the back. In that cluster of restaurants with all the chili and christmas lights it's the one down a couple of stairs on the left.

Aug 16, 2007
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Upscale brunch in East Village/LES tomorrow

did you end up having brunch at EU fatbuddha? looking for a place for brunch with the parents this weekend and have been dying to try EU. curious what you thought of their brunch!

Aug 09, 2007
EVchickadee in Manhattan

What to order at Stanton Social?

Have only been for dinner but I loved the lettuce squid wraps, though they might not be everyone's taste. Also good: the pizette with tomato and mozz, the lobster pasta and a second for the red snapper tacos.

Aug 07, 2007
EVchickadee in Manhattan

August for NYC restaurant week

Has anyone been? Going this Thursday and looking for recs!

Jul 23, 2007
EVchickadee in Manhattan

East Village Sandwich place

Chomp on 14th between 1st and 2nd (i think) makes really good sandwiches, paninis and wraps for around $6 each. I'm not sure if they do "made to order" or if you have to pick from their (extensive) list of sandwiches, but they have many many different options. Also good for breakfast.

Jul 19, 2007
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Best iced coffee?

this is sort of out of left field - but i really like McDonald's regular iced coffee. it's a similar situation to dunkin, in that if they mess it up it's terrible, but most of the time it's delish.

Jul 17, 2007
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Not super trendy restaurant for laid back girls night

I like Virage on 2nd and 7th. Reasonably priced wines by the bottle and good salads/sandwiches/pastas. If it's nice weather they have a bunch of outdoor tables.

Jul 05, 2007
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Good wine bar needed...

My new favorite is 10 degrees on st. marks between 1st and A. They have a pretty good selection of wines for around $9-10 a glass. The atmosphere is great.

Jul 05, 2007
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Saxelby and Shopsin-2 great tastes 2gether

Agreed - probably one of the best breakfast sandwiches i've ever had.
Essex market is open M-Sat 8am-6pm

Feb 18, 2007
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Moving to NY. Suggestions on where to reside based on chow?

oh but there is a killer cupcake place nearby! sugar sweet sunshine on rivington just east of essex (ave A south of houston) has, in my opinion, the best cupcakes in manhattan. their brownies are delicious too.
i also vote for the EV - there's a great mix of upscale (Heart, I coppi, bao 111) and dirt cheap (otafuku, nicky's, hummus place) and everything in between.

Feb 07, 2007
EVchickadee in Manhattan

moving to 5th & A...neighborhood recs?

not exactly close to you, though on the way back from the subway at astor place, but i find st. marks market (st. marks between 2nd and 3rd) to have decent produce - and not all that expensive

Nov 28, 2006
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Ordering in in East Village

paquitos on 1st between st marks and 9th has delish burritos. 7A has really solid burgers, etc. and i've had really good vinny vincenz pizza delivered before.

Oct 18, 2006
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Post-Movie Bite in East Village?

If you want ramen without the wait and fuss of Momofuku I'd recommend Minca, it's on 5th between A and B. Really good ramen and no attitude or wait (usually)

Sep 22, 2006
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Liquor Stores around 38th St & 6th Ave

there's a small liquor store on 6th ave on the east side of the street around 33rd or 32nd. nothing fancy and probably overpriced but it's all there is in that dead zone of a neighborhood.

Sep 22, 2006
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Birthday dinner with Mom on Sunday night

Coming home to Philadelphia from NYC for my mom's birthday this Sunday night and was hoping to go out somewhere nice for dinner. I had looked into Mandoline, Matyson and Pif but they're all closed on Sundays! Can anyone recommend something along the lines of those 3 restaurants (location, cuisine, price, but doesn't necessarily have to be BYO) that would be open on Sunday night? Thanks!

Sep 01, 2006
EVchickadee in Pennsylvania

Best cupcakes in the city?

perhaps a bit redundant but i have to give a huge vote to SSS. buttercup is alright if you're in midtown. but the last time i went to billy's everything was dry and the frosting was flavorless. ick.

Sep 01, 2006
EVchickadee in Manhattan

fresh watermellon juice in nyc

yep, downtown bakery on 1st between 4th and 5th has watermellon juice (and amazing mexican food as well)

Aug 28, 2006
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Brunch in the east village?

It's more Nolita than EV, but Public on Elizabeth has an amazing brunch. They also have a variation on the standard bloody mary called the bloody ceasar, made with clamato juice. yumm.
The wait can be a bit long, but shouldn't be too bad if you go before noon.

Aug 16, 2006
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Good, Reasonable Mexican/ Spanish Food in EV

oh yikes! i've only had their chicken burritos, quesadillas, etc so i can't comment on their seafood!
i usually go to the one on 2nd and 5th st. i'm partial to this location because i live nearby. i think it's also the only one with outdoor seating.

Aug 10, 2006
EVchickadee in Manhattan

Good, Reasonable Mexican/ Spanish Food in EV

I'd second Esperanto and recommend Maryann's for good Mexican (lots of options, including many vegetarian) and strong margaritas. Paquito's on 1st between St. Marks and 9th has yummy food and a really cute garden out back even though it doesn't look that nice from the storefront.
Have been wanting to try El Maguey also though.

Aug 09, 2006
EVchickadee in Manhattan