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Planning Portland/Willamette Valley Trip

I'll speak to Wine Country as I spend a ton of time down there. Here's my list in no particular order, it all depends what kind of mood you are in.

Thislte: In McMinnville, great food, my favorite spot there, go early for a cocktail, best bartender in the State!
Recipie: In Newberg, solid food, always consistent and delicious, great for lunch or dinner
Ruddick Wood: Newberg, New place, nice group of young guns started this place and just recently opened. They know their stuff and are doing great things. One of the few places opened late.
Dundee Bistro: Again consistent great food, killer wine list
Red Hills Market: Dundee. Great lunch spot also breakfast, great wood fired Pizza
Jory as mentioned above is about as gourmet as you can get in that area, good but honestly not one of my favorites, especially for the $$
Henry's in Carlton: Food cart with seriously awesome food, check their hours as they are open at different times depending on time of year. Best food and value in the valley and great guy in Joseph and great girl in Katie
Walnut City Kitchen, Communtity Plate both very good.
Lots of choices for two days, you will eat well and drink incredible wines, the 2012's will be out by then and they are killer!!

Jan 12, 2014
martyd in Metro Portland

The Contest

Agreed on the concept being somewhat limiting. Thanks for everyones thoughts, keep 'em coming. This is my kind of research!

Dec 26, 2013
martyd in Metro Portland

The Contest

My wife and I have a bet with 2 friends from Philly that PDX can out duel Philly in a restaurant contest. There are a few guidelines. 3 places, 1 Italian, 1 fish/seafood, so sushi works and 1 any cuisine. At this point I am thinking Ava Gene's for Italian, Roe or Hokusei for fish, and Le Pigeon or Little Bird for the general category. Price is not a consideration but bonus points for low price/great food combo. I am relatively new to Portland, so please any suggestions or critique my list. Thanks!

Dec 18, 2013
martyd in Metro Portland

Pignoli Cookies

Try Vace in Cleveland Park or the Italian Store in Arlington

Italian Store
3123 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22201

Do Forni as in DO NOT GO

We are traveling throughout Italy and had an absolute horrible experience at Do Forni in Venice. The restaurant was recommended by our concierge at The Bauer Il Palazzo, which is a 5 star hotel. We have had a few good meals in Venice, with one excellent meal at Testiere. Venice is not my favorite for food in Italy, so I always come with lowered expectations. Do Forni was the worst of our 2 week trip by far. The service at Do Forni was rude. The place is like a food factory. We were seated at a terrible table with several empty tables in the restaurant. The food was horrible and expensive. Raw vegetables with a pepper sauce for 10 Euros, was 2 carrots, 1 piece of celery, 2 pieces of fennel sticking out of a pile of ice, with oil and vinegar. Giant Scampi for 37Euros consisted of 2 spoons of scampi meat. Expensive wine list with no range of lowered and medium priced wines. I can't stress enough how bad our experience was.

Do Forni
Sestiere San Marco,457, Venice, Veneto 30124, IT

Nov 10, 2011
martyd in Italy

LA CHer coming to DC, critique my list please

In regards to your list:

Burgers/Sandwhiches: Four Seasons Lounge in Georgetown, Bourbon Steak, has the best burgers. Expensive but worth it. Palena Cafe is second. Italian Store is awesome.

Pizza: Pete's Pizza is my new favorite, Two Amy's is a close second.

Indian: My favorite restaurant in DC is Rasika, enough said. Same guy owns Bombay Club, if it's closed, it would be because of remodeling, he tends to do that often to his restaurants.

As far as Chinese or Thai, I haven't found much here worthy.

Vietnamese, best place is Present, not far from Eden Center, It's awesome.

Mexican: Oyamel is excellent, more creative mexican tapas, than straight Mexican

Chicken: Nandos is excellent and cheap, especially if you like spicy chicken

Afghan Food: Try the Kabob House on P St. in Dupont, new place, cheap and tasty.

Spanish: Estadio on 14th St, great spanish tapas

Greek: Cava on Capitol Hill

Italian: Posto on 14th St

Though not LA, DC is getting better, you are correct, it is expensive. I'm headed to LA tomorrow, bring your snowshoes...

3529 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

Two Amys
3715 Macomb St NW, Washington, DC 20016

Rasika Restaurant
633 D Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004

Bombay Club
815 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20006

Italian Store
3123 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22201

Place to watch Sunday football with good beer? (Near Dupont if possible)

Churchkey and Cleveland Park B&G are great choices but very different. For great beer and comfortable atmosphere Churchkey is great. Cleveland Park is a great and typical Sports Bar with great food, I go there for the food, even when there are no games to watch. Food at Cleveland Park is better and beer is better at Churchkey. Both have great TV viewing.

Wineries that will ship?

Most wineries will ship, if your state of destination permits. For Virginia wineries go to their websites and it's relatively self-explanatory. In Virginia, I always have liked Linden, and Barboursville,

Apr 05, 2010
martyd in Wine

georgetown restaurant for college kids

When the weather is this nice I would suggest Leopolds on Cadys Alley. One of the best outdoor seating venues in the District.

Palena, Corduroy or ???

I just took visitors from Paris to Rasika. They said it was the best Indian food they have had and they are serious foodies. I have never had anything but great food and service there.

Mochi (just mochi, not ice cream) in DC

Double-check, but I have been told that Mochi is available at Trader Joe's, which is not far from the Foggy Bottom Metro stop.

St. Michaels area for fine dining etc...

My wife and I are celebrating our anniversary in September. We are thinking of going to St. Michaels for the weekend. I'm looking for lunch and dinner places in the general area. Would like to have 2 fine dining experiences for dinner, if that is available in the area. Other more casual places for lunch would be fine. We've been to the Crab Claw, which was fine for lunch, but would like to try other places.

Le Pain Quotidien at Bethesda

I've been to the GT location at least 10 times. I think the food is actually very good. On several occasions I've had the server tell me that they have run out of chicken. How can a restaurant run out of chicken?!? The service has always been poor, it's a known factor in the neighborhood. If your local, don't even think about going during the weekend. I mostly carryout so that avoids the poor service. The basic issues are a lack of training and back of the house issues that need to be worked out on a corporate level so that the manager isn't sweating so much of the time.

dinner in georgetown

I would not go to Tackle Box, I've eaten there, the food is not good and expensive. Your price range is a challenge but I would try Pizza Paradiso, always a safe and tasty bet. If you want something near campus, I would try The Tombs. I think the food is very good and the price is decent. I second the gelatto at Dolcezza, I had some on Sunday, it's awesome. Thomas Sweet is pretty average as ice cream goes.

Tabard Inn or Old Ebbitt for dinner? Or M&S?

Tabard Inn by a mile, they have a great outdoor patio. Stay away from M&S, poor value and food quality.

Tackle Box

I disagree with all the positive posts. I went last week and was extremely disappointed. My wife and I each had the bluefish grilled, which was salty,dry and over cooked. Sides were a terrible corn bread that was dry and tasteless, grilled asparagus that was the only worthy item and a dirty dish water tasting sweet tea. The portions were very small and even though I'm not a big eater, I was still hungry after the meal. The prices are way out of line with the entire experience. The table set up probably seemed like a good idea at the time but just aren't practical as seating. The place looks inviting but that's about it. I like Hook very much and I think the TB concept is a good idea but is poorly executed. Hank's in Dupont blows TB away.

If I had a choice between paying 3x at Proof and the TB, I wouldn't blink twice and I would head to Proof.

special d.c. dinner/brunch

there is an article in today's weekend section of The Wash Post about used record stores. Best desserts in DC, in my opinion, are at Vidalia, dinner is also one of my favorites in town. Go to The Tabard Inn for brunch, especially if the weather is nice, the patio is wonderful.

D.C. Italian

Al Tiramisu would be my pick as my favorite DC Italian. I had a grilled fish there that was very good, I am married to a 2nd generation Italian and it is her pick as well.

a place for six this thursday in dupont

I would head over to either IL Tiramisu on P St, great Italian, I'm sure you veg party can find a great pasta dish and if they eat fish you can't miss there. My experiences at Tomate and Sette have been very poor, I wouldn't eat there again. I would eat at Bucca instead. If your party can eat fish I would also recommend Hank's Oyster Bar as well. Ditto on Elyssa above re. Mark and Orlando's as well.

Buck's Fishing & Camping

I had a very positive experience. The food was very much like gourmet comfort food, as if you went camping with a Chef. I love the interior, it's not your usual restaurant interior design, very creative and rustic feel. I had a whole grilled fish that was excellent I will go back.

From Columbus to DC, Vidalia?

I'm from Columbus as well and have lived in DC for 2 years. Vidalia is in my top 7 in DC and would be my #1 or #2 if it were in Columbus. Sorry but I can't recommend any one dish, you just can't go wrong with anything on the menu, I think the desserts are my favorite in the city. Relax and have fun, you'll love it. post your experience and let us know what you think.

Must Try - DC (Foggy Bottom)

I have to disagree strongly with this one. I've given them 2 shots and both were very average to bad. I think this is one the most over-rated places in town. I would stick with Jaleo or Cafe Atlantico in the mid-range, in that part of town.

West Coast Visitor--best meal in D.C?

Not to be a parrot but Joe H is right on the money. The only thing I would add is that I would put The Source a step above Vidalia and Palena. That said, Vidalia is still one of my favorites.

Roasted Oysters anywhere I can get it.

Hanks Oyster Bar in Dupont has great Oysters. Small place, call ahead for seating, they don't take reservations.

Dessert-centric Night Out- Suggestions?

my favorite desserts are at Vidalia, food of course is great also

Annapolis/Eastern Shore Restaraunts

My favorite Annapolis place is the Yin Yankee, 105 Main St. Great food, can't go wrong with any fish dish or specials. On par with several Center City Philly Restaurants I've been to. Also in Annapolis Joss Sushi, also on Main, walk towards the State House from Yin Yankee. Great Sushi in a casual atmosphere at a great price. Have fun!

Huevos Rancheros

Looking for good authentic Huevos Rancheros in the DC area. Any suggestions?

A good place for drinks??

Love the lobby at the Georgetown Ritz. There is a louge bar there that can be loud late night, but its in a separate room. Just hang in the lobby area where the huge fireplace is and someone will come and take your drink order. Also, a great bar to have a drink and hang out is at the basement bar at The Hay Adams Hotel. It's called Off the Record, a block north of The White House. Also the bar at the Blue Duck, in the west end. Cool interior and you can walk from the Palomar.

Bucks Fishing and Camping

Going to Bucks for the first time this weekend. Any recommendations?

Inexpensive dinner in/near Gtown

Martin's tavern for Buffalo Burgers, the rest of the food is ok. Not a big Cafe' Divan fan, Chicken I had was chewy. I agree with avoiding Sequoia, drink during the summer only. Le Pic is good but not cheap. Best affordable French in GT is Cafe La Rouche on 31st st and the Canal.