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Authentic Sushi with Japanese Chef

Yeah, porker I agree completely. Those commenting don't seem to realize that sushi preparation is traditionally Japanese. Why wouldn't you want to find a Japanese chef? Does Montreal not have Japanese sushi chefs? The comments really seem lacking in understanding of sushi and its origins. Hopefully someone knows of a good sushi place with a Japanese expert, I am waiting!

Victoria Day Restaurant Closings?

I don't recall the name being changed from Victoria Day? Maybe the french canadians translate it into french.
My local grocer is advertising Victoria Day specials .


Thanks so much will report back if and where I find some!


Just heard that Wasabi is rare and what we get here is really just a mixture of horseradish, mustard and green food colouring! It apparently is very difficult to cultivate and expensive. Not often found outside of Japan. Wondering if any markets in Montreal carry the 'real' thing.

Mardi Gras, Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday!

Looking for a place that will be featuring a special Mardi Gras menu today.


The Willows Thanksgiving dinner(2 days) is filling up fast, book immediately!
We will be in Manhatten on Thanksgiving, fabulous. The turkey has been ordered! Due to a goodly number of Canadians living in New York fresh turkeys and all the trimmings are readily available for us.


The lovely Willows, on the shores of Lake of Two Mountains, in Hudson, will be serving what sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, Oct. 7th and Monday, Oct. 8 between 11:30 a.m. - 3:00 pm and 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm.($29.95). Hudson is a beautiful town less than an hour from Montreal.
Call for reservations: (450) 458-7006.


I thought Faubourg was reopened after the exterminators were supposedly successful in eradicating the cockroaches. Pity if it's still closed, miss Bangkok.

Montreal Food Questions.. Newbie

Agree with, montrealwaitress, had brunch at Griffintown quite recently and also was quite disappointed.

Canadian Thanksgiving in Montreal: Where and what to eat

Many French Canadians do celebrate Thanksgiving! I live in St. Lazare and was severely reprimanded by some of the "locals," when I suggested otherwise! I was told that I was probably speaking to the "snobs" in Montreal who wouldn't go near a turkey dinner, but, "in the countryside, we have big celebrations" Be that as it may, turkey for Thanksgiving is readily available in Montreal. I always buy a fresh turkey at Fernando's, 106 Roy E.(514) 843-6652, in Montreal.

Where to buy beef ribs

IGA (almost) always has beef rib bones at incredibly reasonable prices. If you don't see them ask, they are most accommodating in providing some.

Canadian Thanksgiving in Montreal: Where and what to eat

Really!? All of the above serve a Thanksgiving Dinner! The enquiry was about Thanksgiving Weekend, don't think any of the above offer a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner. Great for other times, though. Best to cook a turkey and all the trimmings at "home."

Canadian Thanksgiving in Montreal: Where and what to eat

Any day over the weekend is fine to celebrate Thanksgiving. Turkey and all the "trimmings," just like yours is traditional. As far as restaurants someone else may help, we always like to prepare our own at home. Many places will be closed, too. Usually I think, some hotels prepare the traditional dinner.

What does Montreal have to offer? June 30 - July 3

I agree regarding, "Cafe Griffintown", was there for brunch and the food was awful, also expensive and tiny portions. Was looking forward to it and so disappointed.

Heinz soups

I am sure I've seen Heinz soups at the British shop in Hudson, PQ (Clarence & Cripps).
You could give them a call. Hudson is lovely so worth the "short" trip!

Montreal to join rest of world and allow street food soon?

Food carts are especially wonderful when you are a tourist on a tight schedule, budget and travelling with young children. So nice to just walk up to a cart easily, take your items to a park, relax, let the kids run around, enjoy the scenery, etc. Wonderful and the season is not that short, please. Might I add, it's also nice for "locals" to feel like they are on a nice, casual holiday.

Five Guys Burgers - Coming to Montreal !

They indeed are expanding,(Five Guys)
one is open in my hometown of Regina, Sask. I now live in St. Lazare, close to the Vaudreuil location. Great!

Does anyone make nitrate/nitrite free smoked meat in Montreal?

Maple Leaf, Natural Selection meats are in the process of revising their labelling after a CBC Marketplace investigation. They advertised their new, natural selections meats as being nitrite/nitrate free, but celery powder was one of the ingredients.

Madame Benoit's curried rice

Super, lovely, thanks for this!

Mar 24, 2012
eatwell in Home Cooking

Madame Benoit's curried rice

Thank you so very much, Lotti, that's it! So great with chicken!

Mar 24, 2012
eatwell in Home Cooking

Madame Benoit's curried rice

Have lost my cookbook by Madame Benoit, "Encyclopedia of Canadian Cooking." I used to make a curried rice dish from that book. I remember it as being quite nice. Anyone have the recipe?

Mar 23, 2012
eatwell in Home Cooking

Rumors abound about the sale of Schwartz's

I heard a similar story through, "the grapevine", didn't pay much attention until I read your post, porker. The rumour I heard was that not necessarily franchises, but at least one more location has already been selected in Montreal. Will have to wait and see.

Grapenuts cereal in Montreal

I am from Saskatchewan, readily available there. Spotted it in Hawkesbury,(Ont.) too.

Haggis, tomorrow!

Suddenly it's Robbie Burns Day and Haggis is a top priority!
Where is the best in town? I do recall, Gryphon d'or having some glorious Haggis last year.
Sadly, it ran out quickly! Time the francophones learned to savour it!! Spread the joy!

Discount stores with food/grocery in Quebec?

I am sure that Polo is not joking around! Outside of Quebec, Shepherd's Pie is known But Pate "Chinois", never heard of it until I moved to Quebec. Racist, was my first reaction after hearing of the "so called origins." In Quebec, political correctness is pretty much non-existent, pity.

Saucisse de Morteau in montreal?

Please clarify in English! Never heard of, "saucisse de Morteau?"

Help tomorrow Galette des Rois!!

I can't believe I haven't had a response! Where to buy a Galette des Rois in Regina! Tomorrow is the big day! I am visiting in Regina, originally from here but now living in Montreal. I am sure there are a lot of good Catholic/Anglican folks in Regina who uphold the tradition. Help!

Jan 05, 2012
eatwell in Prairie Provinces

Galette des Rois

Best place to buy one in Regina(for Epiphany).

Jan 04, 2012
eatwell in Prairie Provinces

Layover Montreal

Oh for sure I know he is "vulgar" , I was just disappointed that it kind of(parts of it) cast Montreal in a bad light. The chefs came off looking not so much "vulgar" as just plain stupid. I guess in its defense, it wasn't meant as a tourist information video.

Dec 29, 2011
eatwell in Food Media & News

Layover Montreal

I thought it was very vulgar. Was going to recommend it to friends that will soon be visiting Montreal, glad I viewed it first! Very disappointing.

Dec 29, 2011
eatwell in Food Media & News