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Best Croissants in DC?

Any thoughts on what retail bakery sells the best croissants in DC? Thanks!

DC Restaurant Featuring Local, Seasonal Ingredients?

Thanks, Jeserf. Sounds perfect . . . and I've never been there . . . so I just made a reservation.

DC Restaurant Featuring Local, Seasonal Ingredients?

Anyone have a recommendation for a moderately-priced DC restaurant that features local, seasonal ingredients. I've been to some of the more expensive restaurants with this approach to food (e.g., Equinox), but I'm looking for something less expensive . . . something like St. Ex. Thanks, in advance, for any recommendations.

DC Food Itinerary - What am I missing?

I highly recommend you consider the Blue Duck Tavern. Its entrees begin at $17 and it may be a great gateway restaurant for your children . . . traditional rustic American fare . . . but unusal by today's standards. The portions of the sides are very large and the meals are served family style . . . making this a great place to dine for families that are willing to share. To be clear, it's pushing the upper end of your price range, but there are several entrees below $22 and, again, the portions are large. You can find a full review for the restaurant on my blog, Food Rockz

Also, though by no means fancy, you might consider a lunch at Ben's Chili Bowl. I doubt there's anything on the menu that your children haven't had before, but it's a DC institution.

Have fun!

Independent Coffee Shops Near Zoo and/or the National Mall

Thanks for all of your tips. I actually posed the question for a reader of my blog who emailed me. I'm not sure if he'll have a car or not, but I'll direct him to all of the great info you've provided here. Thanks!

Help Plan an NYC Foodie's DC Weekend

I'll echo the recommendations for Komi on the highbrow end . . . my favorite restaurant in DC . . . and it's a short walk from the Mayflower. I'll likewise echo the recommendations for Ben's Chili Bowl on the lowbrow end . . . it's a DC institution.

Independent Coffee Shops Near Zoo and/or the National Mall

Does anyone have recommendations for non-Starbucks independently owned coffee shops near either the Zoo or the Smithsonian Castle part of the National Mall? Thanks!

KOMI - Disappointed Me

Just goes to show how much of a factor personal taste is when it comes to food. Komi's at the top of my list of DC area restaurants . . . but I was underwhelmed by my experience at Eve in December.

Best Budget Brunch in Dupont/ Georgetown?

Funny . . . I was riding the bus home from NYC last Monday and the woman seated next to me brought this subject up. Specifically, she was wondering why (and annoyed that) DC doesn't have very many good inexpensive brunch options. In Brooklyn and throughout NYC there are countless great brunch deals for under $12. We both agree that Kramerbooks is overpriced and not particularly good. That's when I mentioned the place across the street . . . asking her if she'd ever been there. She hadn't and, in fact, was skeptical that there was a restaurant across the street. I hadn't been there and couldn't remember it's name . . . but I've sat at Kramers before wondering to myself whether that place across the street might be any good. And it's the Dupont Grill. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check it out.

Help! Business dinner near Ritz (22nd St)

Check out the Blue Duck Tavern at 24th and M, if you can get a reservation. I ate there a week and a half ago for the first time and wrote up a full review on my blog, Food Rockz. Entrees run in the range of $17 to $30, with most in the $20-$25 range amd they're served a la carte. The startes and sides run from about $7 to $17 and are very generously portioned . . . so plan on sharing. The wines are a little over-priced in my view, but the food is excellent.

Must Try - DC (Foggy Bottom)

I second the recommendation for the Blue Duck Tavern . . . I think it's 24th and M, a short walk from Foggy Bottom. I had dinner there last Friday for the first time and loved it. I gave a full review on my blog, FoodRockz.

What Should I Order at Corduroy??

I was there last night and was very favorably impressed . . . for all of the reasons mentioned in this thread . . . in short, great service and great food. I had the carpaccio of lobster as a starter . . . which was inventive and delicious. I had the pork belly as an entree and it was excellent. When finishing the entree I found myself thinking that it was a bit salty, but in all fairness to the Chef, I was practically licking the bowl at that point . . . if I had stopped just short of that, which I probably should have, I likely would not have noticed the salt. I had the kit kat for dessert . . . another inventive and delicious dish. My dining companion had the oysters as a starter, the tuna as an entree and the creme brulee for dessert. She's French and orders creme brulee as a test piece when she visits a new restaurant and she was impressed by Corduroy's take on it.

In short, I would recommend everything we ordered.

Dinner Sat. in DC not RW-related

No one's mentioned it yet in this thread, but Komi is my favorite restaurant in DC. I recommend you at least consider it. Also, I agree with others here who have recommended Hook in Georgetown and the Blue Duck Tavern, which is between Dupont and Georgetown in the West End neighborhood. I ate at the Blue Duck Tavern last Friday night for the first time and can't wait to go back. I gave it a full review on my blog, FoodRockz. Have fun!

Restaurant Eve - Not what I had hoped

A friend took me to Eve for my birthday in mid-December and I was profoundly disappointed. I gave a full review on my blog, so I won't repeated it here . . . but I went in expecting/hoping it would be one of the best meals of my life. It fell far short. I'll likely give it a shot again some day, but I'll be saving my pennies for some of DC's other restaurants first.

Brunch in DC

The Sunday brunch at the rooftop terrace restaurant at the Kennedy Center is quite good, in my opinion . . . expensive . . . $40-$50 per person incl. tip . . . but good. I view it as a special occasion place. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet with all the standards you'd expect to find at brunch, plus a very good cheese section, a raw bar . . . unlimited oysters on the half-shell, etc., a charcuterie section . . . a dessert room. I was there on Sunday for a friend's birthday and our group of 11 had a great time.

Visiting D.C. for first time 12/22-12/25

For the beer after dinner, I'll echo the recommendation that you check out the Brickskeller. They have the best beer list in DC, by a mile.

Exquisite Dinner, something innovative and special: Recommendations?

Count mine as another vote for Komi. I ate in Restaurant Eve's tasting room (Alexandria) for the first time last night and, though it was good, my two dining experiences at Komi were even better.