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Chow Lists Keep Breaking

I've been attempting to resume a list I started a few weeks ago, for the past two weeks, to no avail.
I click on "Lists" from my dashboard, then "CHOW Lists," and then when I click on the list I started (the name of the list AND the "Edit" link), I get the following error page:

There's been a slight problem...
Sorry, something's not working with this page. The CHOW team has been notified and will check it out.
If there's something else we can provide in the meantime, please try searching:

This has been occurring for the past two weeks. The latest attempt I made was right before making htis post. I really would like to use CHOW as a way to organize places I'd like to recommend to people, but it's been a hamper in my endeavors.

I'm using Chrome 14.0.835.202 on Mac OSX 10.6.8.

This also occurs on Chrome on my Windows Vista machine.

Oct 10, 2011
meloncollie in Site Talk

Best Frozen Yogurt For a Real Yogurt Snob?

Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll try my hand at these places and report back. :)

Jul 13, 2009
meloncollie in Los Angeles Area

Best Frozen Yogurt For a Real Yogurt Snob?

Thanks! I guess I'll only know by trying it out myself.
I actually do like Red Mango the most of the three--I've found Yogurtland's flavors to be ... less than stella? In my humblest opinion, of course.

I've heard that Twist is good too? (on Santa Monica and Colby)
What bout that Fro-go place on Wilshire?
These are merely places that I drive by, so I have no idea how they taste :D

Jul 10, 2009
meloncollie in Los Angeles Area

Best Frozen Yogurt For a Real Yogurt Snob?

Heh, I kind of knew that introducing myself as a Bay Area transplant would be seen as largely misrepresentative--maybe I should've gone with my hunch and edited accordingly.

Let me start over--I'm actually an LA-native-transferred-to-Bay-Area-transplanted-back-to-LA. And, no, I'm not from San Francisco--I've never lived in the city, so I could never have the pleasure of calling myself that. I don't associate myself with any cultures of California--I simply think of myself as purely Californian, since, guess what? I can see the good AND bad of both regions, and I love both for what they are. I think people who are strictly one or the other are the ones who need to re-center themselves.

Back to the topic that is actually relevant:
I was just asking for good frozen yogurt, stuff that isn't made from artificial ingredients. If no such thing exists, I'd have happily accepted a response of, "No such thing exists here," instead of, "Go back from whence you came, you elitist snob, you."

It's not like there ISN'T Pinkberry/Red Mango/Yogurtland in the Bay Are, either--there are just a lot of independently owned yogurt shops, and I know the same exists for LA. I am looking for pointers, here, people. I'm sure your frozen yogurt palates expand beyond just the Corporate Trifecta--and that is exactly what I seek.

And, way to be presumptious about my "palate," simply based on one post I made about (for crying out loud) frozen yogurt. I've never made mention of what I think of LA cuisine/food in general. Just because I crave frozen yogurt that was made from natural and organic ingredients, does not mean I don't adore bacon-wrapped hot dogs, street tacos, Persian delicacies, the abundance of brunch places, or the plethora of other food here--fine, street, and everything in between.

Jul 10, 2009
meloncollie in Los Angeles Area

Best Frozen Yogurt For a Real Yogurt Snob?

I'm a Bay Area transplant, home of delicious organic, local ingredients, natural, house-made frozen yogurt, and I have been terribly disappointed with my finds here. The biggest trends seem to be the Great Three: Pinkberry, Red Mango, and Yogurtland, but they all taste pretty artificial/too sweet to me. If I wanted something really sweet for dessert, I'd just have gelato or iced cream, thank you very much.

I find myself yearning for frozen yogurt that was like Fraiche in Palo Alto. It was the perfect amount of tart, sweet, and frozen, all rolled up into one, happy cultured ball. It was also great because their yogurt was organic and made only with natural ingredients--and, their topping selection rocked (a huge block of E. Guittard chocolate, shaved onto your order? Hell yeah).

I've been reading that sno:LA in Beverly Hills offers this kind of relief for a yogurt elitist like myself. How does this place fare? Do you guys have any other suggestions for a local yogurt parlor that doesn't taste like I just swallowed sweetened plastic/bucket-loads of Splenda?

Jul 10, 2009
meloncollie in Los Angeles Area

Best West/South Bay Bun Bo Hue?

I *love* BBH, and I also love BBH An Nam, but I think My Khe (specializes in Central Vietnamese food) down the street is pretty good (though it's a little bit more hole-in-the-wall than BBH An Nam). While I can't guarantee that you'll love it (since it's been awhile for me), it's at least another place to try :) If not, their appetizers are delicious.

Trieu Chau-style Noodles around Mountain View?

I think it's usually oxtail that's in the accompanying bowl of soup--or at least, I thought they were? I only assume it's beef because I remember eating the marrow, and bone marrow is usually a beef bone thing?

Trieu Chau in Santa Ana is the original Trieu Chau restaurant. It's really delicious--just make sure you get there before 5pm. They close exactly on time, and the lines are crazy long during lunch on the weekends. I haven't eaten at New Trieu Chau, but since I live so far from that area in general, if I'm going to make a trip out there for HTTC, I'm gonna eat at Trieu Chau :) You should try it though and report your thoughts, I'd be interested to know.

(Man, now I want to get some HTTC!)

Here's a picture of a bowl of HTTC from Trieu Chau:

Berkeley cafes - are any of them chow-worthy?

Haha, sorry, I had suspected that that's what you meant, but on a very slight technicality (La Note serving sandwiches and coffee! Good coffee, too), I decided to include it ... you know, just in case :)

Yes, the only good thing about Royal Grounds was the availability of seating for the studious. I remember getting a couple of their pastries and not being too impressed with them, if at all.

I'm curious to see how this thread grows. I'd be interested to know of a great coffee house in Berkeley as well.

Berkeley cafes - are any of them chow-worthy?

I don't know if La Note counts, but that's by far my favorite eatery in Berkeley for brunch/lunch. It's on Shattuck Ave. and is absolutely phenomenal. While I usually get breakfast there, I've had the ratatouille and a couple of their sandwiches. Their drinks are also great. The mocha is a nice, dark chocolate drink with espresso. Can't tell you exactly how they make it, but trust me--'tis good.

Here's the menu:

As far as strict coffee houses go, I used to study at Royal Grounds. Wouldn't recommend it for coffee. If memory serves me correctly, I found Caffe Strada to taste better than Milano if you're going to be hanging out on the Bancroft/south side of Berkeley.

La Note Restaurant Provencal
2377 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

Royal Ground Coffee House
2409 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

Caffe Strada
2300 College Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

Berkeley cafes - are any of them chow-worthy?

Brazil Cafe is on University at Shattuck (well, more like between Shattuck and Oxford). I don't think there are two locations, unless I'm remembering wrong.

It's also been years for me since I last went. I found it to be superb, though a little salty for my taste.

The Best Pad See Ew in LA

We tried out Swan Thai and found it to be absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for the recommendation. The tom yum noodle soup was fantastic. We also ordered the green curry rice, which I LOVE (even if it is a little bit spicy ;) )

Swan Restaurant
12728 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, CA 91605

Feb 15, 2009
meloncollie in Los Angeles Area

Great, Cheap-ish Sushi Rolls in LA?

I know I may be committing a heresy of some sort by asking for recommendations of good SUSHI ROLLS versus just plain sushi, but I have some friends craving that style sushi, and I am not too familiar with LA's less authentic offerings, so any good suggestions? I'm thinking of inexpensive, tasty rolls (in the style of "Catepillar" or "Lion King", etc etc).

We're in West LA, but are not necessarily restricted to just West LA (I LOVE Noshi Sushi and would drive out there to have it! But, I don't know if it's Americanized sushi-roll-esque enough).

Thanks :)

Feb 15, 2009
meloncollie in Los Angeles Area

The Blanket-Statement Best Dim Sum in the Bay Area?

Haha! I was looking for a thread like that. Evidently, I did not click through enough pages. And wow, that was posted on the 18th!

I guess that proved my point. I'd love to keep that thread referenced for future use. Thanks for finding it!

The Blanket-Statement Best Dim Sum in the Bay Area?

Disclaimer: I have had dim sum plenty of times, but I am coming at it from an entirely Vietnamese perspective (a.k.a. what Vietnamese people think is good).

I have had dim sum at:
ABC Restaurant (San Mateo + Milpitas, Weekend brunch);
China Village (Belmont, Weekday lunch);
Dynasty Seafood (San Jose, Weekend brunch);
Mayflower (Milpitas, both locations, weekend brunch);
Fu Lam Moon (Mountain View, weekday lunch);
A couple of places on Castro in Mountain View whose names have escaped me;

So, with that said, what is the best dim sum in the Bay Area? San Francisco, Oakland, Peninsula, South Bay, etc--what, in your opinion, is as good as it gets short of flying to Hong Kong?

I ask because I'm thoroughly confused by a lack of consensus on the subject. I feel like everyone has different taste when it comes to dim sum, so the idea that there could be a "bad" dim sum place is abundant, but what about the flip side? Please share your thoughts :)

(Funny enough, the best one to me was at the vegetarian place in Sunnyvale that is now closed, called Vegi Garden)

ABC Restaurant

A question: How well do you find ABC Restaurant faring? I'm not really sure if it's HK or not--I just know they speak Cantonese there. I've been to the one in San Mateo and in Milpitas, but only for dim sum.

While we're at it, what is your opinion on the food in general in that ABC Restaurant food court/plaza (next to the humongous 99 Ranch plaza), if you've been to any of those restaurants?

I ask only because I definitely do not have a developed taste or knowledge for HK/Chinese food in general, and I love reading this thread to find out more :)

ABC Sea Food Restaurant
782 Barber Ln, Milpitas, CA 95035

Chinese New Year Feasting at Fu Lam Mum in Mountain View

I actually think, given the area, that it's quite good. My favorites in general are hargow, shumai, minced beef congee, and I found them all to be tasty.

There seems to be many places on Castro for dim sum though. I can't say I possess the ability to tell you which ones are the best, but at the very least, FLM is decent :)

Trieu Chau-style Noodles around Mountain View?

Here are the ones I have found to come somewhat close *but no cigar*

F & D Yummy
I think it's just called Hu Tieu Trieu Chau here. It's pretty decent.

Thao Anh
Funny enough, even though the restaurant is called Com Tam Thao An, their best dish is the Hu Tieu Dac Biet (with Sot Den (black sauce)). It's at least tasty and reminiscent of what Hu Tieu Trieu Chau should be--but only reminiscent.

There used to be a place on 1st st. in downtown near Original Joe's ... but it shut down quite awhile ago. It was replaced by a Cambodian restaurant. Now I can't seem to find it :(

There is apparently a New Trieu Chau in San Jose, but I have no idea whatsoever if it's good or not. I may give it a try ...

New Trieu Chau
1688 Alum Rock Ave
San Jose, CA 95116
(yanked from Yelp since there's no Place defined here, but I don't want to define it because I don't know if it exists!)

And I'm hearing good reports for Nam Vang Restaurant ...

... which begs the question--is there a difference between Hu Tieu Nam Vang and Hu Tieu Trieu Chau???

Nam Vang
2477 Alvin Ave, San Jose, CA 95121

F & D Yummy Restaurant
1688 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA 95116

Thao An Restaurant
1924 Aborn Rd, San Jose, CA 95121

Need view of ocean

Agreed--but I replied to a thread that originated talking about the bay view from Berkeley.

Need view of ocean

There's also Skates on the Bay in Berkeley--though I don't remember the food being mind-blowing (but the water is literally below and all around you!)

Skates On the Bay
100 Seawall Drive, Berkeley, CA 94710

Chinese New Year Feasting at Fu Lam Mum in Mountain View

I have only ever come here for the dim sum. I should return for some entrees next time. Thank you for the review!

Trieu Chau-style Noodles around Mountain View?

I'm thinking about potential lunch destinations for today and I have the biggest craving for Hu Tieu Trieu Chau. I know the dish itself sounds elusive, but it's a Chinese-based noodle dish (from the Chiu Chow region). It's rice vermicelli served with duck, pork, and fish balls with a hoisin-based sauce, when served dry.

I've attached a photo for your reference :D

The best one I've ever had (and still holds true) is the Hu Tieu Trieu Chau in Santa Ana. But ... of course, that's in Santa Ana.

I've had it at F&D Yummy in San Jose--but that's much too far from my office.

TK Noodle does not count. I don't even think that that dish even qualifies to be called Hu Tieu Trieu Chau.

I've also tried it at the Vietnamese place in Downtown Sunnyvale--it was okay.

So! With that in mind, can anyone help a noodle-craving girl out, or am I doomed to eating mediocre Vietnamese food?

(Thank you so much in advance)

Trieu Chau
4401 W 1st St, Santa Ana, CA 92703

F & D Yummy Restaurant
1688 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA 95116

Best Pho in LA?

I agree wholeheartedly! As nasty as it sounds, this is a conclusion I arrived upon when I was a little kid :D

Feb 02, 2009
meloncollie in Los Angeles Area

Pinkberry in the Bay Area?

Pinkberry and Red Mango both just opened in San Jose--Santa Row and Valley Fair, respectively.

And! Funny enough, they both opened on the SAME DAY.

(Is it just me or is that comedic?)

In any case, I got in on the free Red Mango. It's good if you like your frozen yogurt a little creamier. I don't particularly care for Pinkberry--I find their flavor to be way too artificial-tasting.

I hate self-serve yogurt places because the yogurt themselves detract any semblance of good flavor, a la Yoswirl and Yogurtland, but if you don't care too much about the yogurt itself and would rather have the opportunity to go buckwild with the toppings and only be charged by oz, then go for it.

I am still a stickler for Fraiche, but it may be because I'm a yogurt Nazi and I love original flavor. I could seriously (and have) buy their original flavor frozen yogurt by the pint, without the toppings.

Taiyaki in San Mateo

I've had their cupcakes, and OH MY GOSH they are good!!

I have no idea how or what or why, but wow. I especially love the green tea ones.

The Best Pad See Ew in LA

And tom yum noodle soup.
It's sort of a tradition for my boyfriend and I to go around to different Thai places and try their pad see ew and tom yum noodle soup (although the latter dish isn't quite as universal). My boyfriend loves to get pad see ew and I love to get tom yum noodle soup. I like my soup somewhat spicy (more heat but not so much where I can no longer enjoy the broth), tangy, savory, with only a hint of sweetness. I don't like it when they crowd my bowl with a lot of unnecessary stuff (like overflow of meats and vegetables).

List away! We live in Brentwood, so suggestions around that area would be nice, though I know we're also down to driving for some bombass Thai :)

Jan 26, 2009
meloncollie in Los Angeles Area

Best Pho in LA?

What I can NOT recommend is Pho 99 on Wilshire by Brentwood/Santa Monica. It's so expensive. They charge you for getting your steak on the side instead of in the broth (so that you can cook it yourself and determine how cooked you want it to be). It was insane that between my boyfriend and I, we spent almost 25 bucks on two bowls of pho, and the worst part? It wasn't even that spectacular, not even close to justifying the price tag (except, I guess, for the fact that it's in Brentwood ...)

Pho Hoa is terrible. Hands down. The broth tastes like sweat socks. The noodles don't even taste right. I mean, it's a chain pho restaurant, but no matter which Pho Hoa I've gone to, it's all been equally craptastic (I love it when I go to one that definitely isn't run by Vietnamese people and try to order in Vietnamese). I have made a promise to myself to never resort to PH.

And Koreatown pho is not real pho, IMO. I've eaten at a couple places and have been both bewildered and somewhat amused at their interpretation of the dish. Unless, of course, you feel like Korean-style pho--then by all means, go for it! (I know I sometimes crave Del Taco taco over a taqueria taco--but only sometimes)

So, I'd have to go with the few voices here that recommend SGV. Or, if you're closer, I would say the Valley has some good pho ... I think. It's been awhile since I've gone, though. Pho So Mot (#1 Pho, ha ha) in Van Nuys and Reseda if the drive to SGV is that much worse.

And, who knows where Mr. Bigglesworth is now, but forks in a Vietnamese restaurant actually isn't uncommon--it's for plated rice dishes, such as com tam suong nuong (broken rice with pork chop), so seeing them in a Vietnamese restaurant shouldn't be cause for alert :)

Jan 26, 2009
meloncollie in Los Angeles Area

Brentwood/West LA Good Eats?

Actually, he is going to UCLA :) haha.
The few times I've been to Westwood Village, I've been largely unimpressed (save for the shack-style food stands near In-n-Out), though I'd love it if someone could give me reasons to believe otherwise :)

Sep 18, 2008
meloncollie in Los Angeles Area

Brentwood/West LA Good Eats?

I *love* Curry House. They opened one in Cupertino, not too far from where we currently reside, and make a note of taking a trip there for lunch every other week :)

I'm definitely considering trying out Sushi Zo some time, especially after having read the rave reviews here. Thank you!

Sep 11, 2008
meloncollie in Los Angeles Area

Brentwood/West LA Good Eats?

My boyfriend is moving from the SF Bay Area to Brentwood for school, and I noticed there were a lot of great places to eat around the area of his new residence (by Wilshire and San Vincente). I'm interested in trying out Sushi Sasabune someday, Nanbankan, and Amandine Patisserie. Any additional suggestions? Should I avoid these places?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Amandine Patissiere
12225 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Sushi Sasabune
12400 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Nanban-Kan Restaurant
11330 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Sep 11, 2008
meloncollie in Los Angeles Area

Downtown Seattle Recommendations, with CONDITIONS!

Need to add places, oops!

Crumpet Shop
1503 1st Ave, Seattle, WA

Flying Fish
2234 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

Mae Phim @ Pike Thai Cuisine
213 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101

Sep 11, 2008
meloncollie in Pacific Northwest