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Favorite Chocolate Bar

I got it; FIGARO!

Dec 07, 2013
MommyTwingle in General Topics

Favorite Chocolate Bar

Does anybody remember the name of a hazelnut chocolate bar that had 3 different layers of chocolate? I've heard it referred to as a truffle, but it is not what we typically think of when we think of "truffles." I want to say it starts with an "F" It was found in chocolate stores, not in a wrapper.

Dec 07, 2013
MommyTwingle in General Topics

Soy Paper

I just ordered soy paper online, but at almost $1.00 a sheet, I'm thinking somebody must have a better resource. Anyone?

Mar 10, 2013
MommyTwingle in Pennsylvania

Sunday Brunch in or around Nanuet

We are coming into Nanuet for a wedding in 2 weeks and would love to plan a brunch for the out of towners on Sunday morning; can any6body recommend anything reasonable?

Mooresville, NC- Recommendations

Epic Chophouse is probably the best restaurant in Mooresville, and we've been to them all!!!!

Oct 01, 2011
MommyTwingle in Southeast

Concord NC: Anything good?

As if it isn't hard enough to find a good restaurant in Concord, I have called Union St, Emmas, and Gianni's and they are all closed on Sundays. Max's Ally seems to be totally closed. Any other suggestions for a Sunday dinner in Concord?

Max's Ally
355 John Galt Way NW Ste 101, Concord, NC 28027

Dec 17, 2010
MommyTwingle in Southeast

Need Easter brunch suggestions in or very near Boynton Beach

Will be coming into town with my picky family to take my aunt to brunch for Easter Sunday. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Easter Brunch recommendationsin and around Boynton Beach

My family is coming down with 4 picky children to take my aunt to Easter Brunch. She lives in Boynton Beach, so we want to stay fairly close by. Any suggestions? thanks!

Cucina in Woodstock

Any reviews? Looks so cute.

Family friendly lunch around Danbury CT?

I was going to suggest Rosy Tomorrow's too. The food is good enough, and certainly family friendly.

Breakfast - 5 Towns area besides the diner

Check out the Woodrow; great Kosher food!

east side of Hudson Valley casual dinner

Oh goodness, no! It is awful

Restaurant at Rhinecliff Hotel

Finally made it there ourselves, and I'm pretty sure it will be the last time we dine there. It was lovely to sit outside with the view of the river and move inside to listen to the live weekend entertainment. The menu was very limited and food was average at best. Next time, we'll eat elsewhere and go there afterwards. There seemed to be a lot of people who had already figured that out.

Recommendations for a kid friendly restaurant in Toronto

Kids menu but good enough for the adults too!

Need a restaurant for a 9 yr old birthday dinner with 6 friends

You think Chuck-E-Cheese has good food?!

lunch recommendation in/near Dobbs Ferry?

I heard that Harvest actually opened a new place in Dobbs Ferry; sorry, don't know the name. Maybe there is something on Harvest's website, but yes, they are open for lunch.

ISO: Ridiculously Good Chinese (Poughkeepsie)

Where is Twisted Soul?

Meal Prep Franchises In Lake Norman

I am trying to find one of those meal prep franchises (Dream Dinners, Suppers Ready, etc.) in the Lake Norman area to give as a gift. I could swear there was one in Huntersville, but I can't find anything online. Is anybody aware of one? THANKS!

Italy comes to New Rochelle...

Just happened upon this gem for lunch today while venturing almost 2 hours to go to Home Depot Expo. Let's just say that Spadora was the highlight of our day. We're already planning an evening there with all of my Italians cousins. It will be just like home....only better. If you haven't yet, you must try it!!!!!!

Trevi - Lake Street - West Harrison

Wow, so great to hear. I think this used to be my Dad's place. It was called Arturo's and then was sold to Cassarella's.

Advise needed on crock pots

I saw that Elite, but I've never heard of the brand. I was wondering if anybody had any experience with it.

Feb 04, 2009
MommyTwingle in Cookware

Advise needed on crock pots

My Mom is looking for one larger than 6 quart; anybody know of one?

Feb 02, 2009
MommyTwingle in Cookware

Advice needed on a new dishwasher please!

I've not been at all satisfied with my Kitchenaid, and it was about $1000. Customer service has been awful too!

Feb 02, 2009
MommyTwingle in Cookware

Arielle in Rhinebeck?

Also agree that we wanted it to be wonderful, but unfortunately, that ends with the atmosphere. Pricey to boot.

Question re. Blue Hill at Stone Barns

We also went in the summer and after having dinner inside, were offered dessert on the outdoor patio. It was lovely, but extremely buggy and I was actually sorry that we hadn't stayed inside.

Basement Bistro - Earlton NY

I had an awful experience with the Basement Bistro. I bought a gift certificate for my parents last Christmas after reading the rave reviews on this site. I should have known there would be trouble when physically obtaining the certificate was no easy task. I did eventually get it and was very excited to present it to my parents. They called several times to obtain reservations and spoke to Terrence, evidently the only person who can make a reservation for you, and were not able to obtain a reservation.He did go on and tell them all about how wonderful the restaurant is, that they were working on a show for Food Network, and that there were only six tables which is why he couldn't get them in any time in the forseeable future to this chef owned place. I don't mean that the date they wanted was not available, but that Terrence had NO openings to offer them at all and told them he would call them back because they were trying to add a few new tables, but he never did. They left several additional messages on the restaurant answering machine, and none of those were answered. I finally emailed Elizabeth who responded and said she would talk to the reservations office. Still, they received no response. My mother made one last call and left yet another unanswered message. I was aware of her multiple attempts, and eventually made a call myself. I was lucky enough to get Damon himself on the phone who knew immediately who my parents were and told me he spoke to them personally himself. Strange since the ONLY person they ever spoke to was Terrence. I pleaded to Damon for his help and he told me he could not make reservations; that he would have to have the reservations office call me back. Odd that the chef/owner does not have the authority to make a reservation, and unfortunate that the only help he could offer was to leave yet another message for Terrence. Damon and Elizabeth pride themselves on running the entire restaurant by themselves yet are quick to push any difficulty off to some vague reservations office. Do remember this restaurant is in their home, but they behave as if it is some corporate office that only certain departments can deal with certain issues. To say the least, it was a very frustrating experience, and I suggested that they stop selling gift certificates if they can not accommodate those guests. I believe Elizabeth told me she would talk to the reservations office about that too. I'm glad you enjoyed the food and your experience; looks like my parents and I won't ever get to taste it. I requested my money back after a year, and reluctantly they sent it to me.

Need rolled cookie advice re: sticky dough

I find sugar cookies always take a lot more flour on the board, pin, etc. than you think. I dust some right on the dough that I'm rolling out.

Jan 03, 2009
MommyTwingle in Home Cooking

least terrible chains?

I think Macaroni Grill is excellent, and I come from one seriously Italian cooking family!

Jan 03, 2009
MommyTwingle in Chains

Quick meeting breakfast near Newark Airport

How bout the Marriot at the airport? It's ordinary hotel food, but I could not be more impressed with the service!

Misleading Advertising from Edible Arrangements

Oh, good idea. It's just the principle of it. Thanks!

Dec 28, 2008
MommyTwingle in Chains